The Deer you’ll never forget – You’re First while hunting with Dad.
Gracie Porter happily shows off the 6 point she harvested during
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Walleye catches on Lakes Cadillac and Mitchell are improving. Trolling, casting and jigging are all working. Try crawlers or minnows on spinner rigs. Cast crankbaits for suspended fish. Bounce jigs tipped with live bait when they’re tight to the bottom. On the gray days, which are often, they can be caught in as little as five feet. Work the pockets near any green weeds.

Rain, rain. The salmon anglers want all they can get. Cool weather and high water levels is what brings salmon up the rivers to spawn. Many have already traveled the 32 miles to congregate at Tippy Dam on the Manistee River. Fish the gravels runs and deep pools.

The numbers are below expectations from past seasons, but it improves daily as more salmon travel up the river.

Michigan Fishing Report

Perch fishing

The salmon are just starting too come up the rivers as it has been slow so far this fall as great lakes still have warm water and we need a north wind to change the water temp.

Perch are starting to bite on many inland lakes with Lake Margrethe, fife Lake, Lake Leelanau, long Lake by TC, Houghton Lake, Higgins Lake, Mullet Lake and black lake having some success.

Northwest Lower Peninsula Fishing Report

Harbor Springs: Most are still fishing the Petoskey side of the bay. The few boats that were out were focusing inside of the Bay, in front of Wequetonsing.

Petoskey: The water now has a temperature break around 75 feet down. Salmon were caught 90 feet down and lake trout were caught 130 to 150 feet down. Try spoons and spin glows for lake trout or spoons for salmon. A few boats casting crank baits inside the breakwall caught a couple fish including a smallmouth bass that was 80 feet down. A few salmon were caught spoons and crank baits off the breakwall and the city dock. Those surfcasting near the river caught a few fish.

Bear River: Had a good run of fish with the high winds and rain but has since slowed. Anglers caught mainly chinook followed by steelhead below the dam. Most were using flies and spawn.

Charlevoix: Salmon were caught on spoons 60 to 80 feet down around North Point but more boats were fishing shallower near the Cement Plant while casting glow lures. Those trolling did well in 20 to 30 feet and out deeper near the Can. Spoons, plugs and crank baits caught fish. Pier anglers had limited success after dark and before sunrise at the end of the pier. Those wading were using spoons and crank baits. Anglers trolling for salmon have done well where Round Lake and Lake Charlevoix meet, especially near the Coast Guard boat. Angling pressure for smallmouth bass was down but some fish are still being caught on worms and leeches. A few salmon were caught in the Boyne River.

Traverse City: The East Bay has good lake trout fishing in 80 to 110 feet. Some are suspended and some are near the bottom. Salmon fishing was slow. Smallmouth bass were taken in 15 to 50 feet. In the West Bay, fish are being marked in “the hole” and are staging to go up river but the bite was slow. Lake trout fishing was good in 80 to 120 feet to the north and smallmouth fishing was good near the drop-offs.

Elk River: A few chinook can be found below the power dam, but fishing was slow.

Boardman River: Is producing a few salmon for those drifting skein under a bobber. Both coho and chinook were caught, but the fishing is still pretty slow.

Platte Bay: Had a new batch of coho showing up in the surf. Anglers were casting green and white squid. Anglers in the East Bay were not having the same luck as anglers in the West Bay. When the big lake was too rough, boat anglers caught fish in both Platte Lake and Loon Lake when trolling spoons or wiggle warts.

Platte River: Fishing was slow even though there are salmon in the river. Chinook and coho were backed up by the lower weir. Those using stream flies and rubber eggs have caught a few fish.

Frankfort: No big numbers yet but chinook salmon were caught in the harbor, around the piers and out in 130 to 450 feet. Hot lures were green and white J-plugs and body baits. Coho are hitting in the same areas and were caught off the pier in the early morning. The run is not over as anglers are still catching silver kings in the big lake.

Onekama: Pier anglers have caught coho in the early morning. Boat anglers also caught fish in 75 to 120 feet. Orange Cleo’s worked best.

Lakes Cadillac & Mitchell: Are producing bass, bluegill, crappie, and pike.

Lake Missaukee: Anglers are catching panfish and smallmouth bass.

Manistee: Boats trolling around the harbor reported slow catch rates. A few trout and salmon were found in the top 80 feet of waters 100 to 200 feet deep and were hitting on bright colored spoons or green flies. Pier anglers casting spoons also caught a few salmon.

Manistee River: Salmon runs are ongoing but not on fire by any means. Very few fish were reported at Tippy Dam. Pier fishing has also been hit or miss. A few kings are being caught, but it has not been on fire by any stretch.

Ludington: Fishing has been difficult because of the wind. Anglers caught salmon in the harbor when trolling chrome or glow plugs. Steelhead and salmon were caught in the top 60 feet of waters 150 to 300 feet deep on orange or green spoons. Those surfcasting at the State Park reported slow catch rates.

Pere Marquette River: Salmon are being caught but not in large numbers yet. Those fly fishing have caught brown trout.

Northeast Lower Peninsula Fishing Report

Rogers City: A few more salmon are beginning to show up around Swan Bay but they are coming in slow. Anglers are trolling shallow in 8 to 20 feet and high-lining with bombers and spoons. Those fishing out deeper caught a mix of young salmon, steelhead, lake trout, a few pink salmon and the occasional walleye. The key is to find baitfish. Best depths were 40 to 120 feet while fishing up and down the entire water column between Calcite Harbor and Adams Point, straight out of the marina or west towards the State Park and Forty Mile Point.

Alpena: Walleye were caught straight out from the marina in 30 to 35 feet and towards Sulphur Island. North Shore and North Point were also producing fish. Most are using crank baits. Lake trout can still be caught along the “Humps”. Look for young salmon and steelhead up high when fishing for lake trout.

Thunder Bay River: The salmon run hasn’t really started yet. Some fish were jumping but few were caught. Atlantic salmon should start showing up soon.

Harrisville: Dredging is still going on in the harbor. Anglers should have no problem launching boats and fishing from shore. Water temperatures have been up and down and even though fish are being marked they are not taking the bait. Stick with it as salmon, steelhead, lake trout and walleye will be moving into shallow waters soon. Try early morning or evening with lead core, long lines and downriggers with spoons, body baits or live bait in shallow waters.

Oscoda: Salmon are slowly starting to come in and around the mouth of the river. Steelhead were caught in 20 to 40 feet. Lake trout are moving in closer to shore. They are hitting on spoons and body baits in 30 to 80 feet. Hot colors were orange, black and silver or blue and silver. Walleye were caught off the pier.

Au Sable River: No reports yet of salmon in the river but walleye were caught on crawlers and body baits.

Lake Margrethe: Had a few 8 to 10 inch perch but catch rates were spotty.

Higgins Lake: Is producing good catches of rock bass. Perch were caught in 25 to 30 feet.

Houghton Lake: Was giving up some walleye and panfish.

Tawas River: A few anglers were casting for salmon and trout. None were caught however a few walleye were taken in the lower river.

Au Gres: Perch anglers caught a few fish in 15 to 25 feet off Pointe Au Gres. They caught some big perch up to 14 inches. Walleye anglers caught fish straight out from the mouth of the river and off Point Au Gres in 25 to 35 feet. Most are using crawler harnesses.

Au Gres River: At the Singing Bridge, anglers caught a couple steelhead when casting or still-fishing with spawn bags.

Upper Peninsula Fishing Report

Ontonagon: The last storm pushed mud from the river all the way out to 140 feet of water and there was a lot of debris in the harbor. The river still had a fast current.

Keweenaw Bay: The few anglers able to get out picked up a few lake trout from the South Portage Entry and a couple lake trout, splake and salmon in Keweenaw Bay. A few pink salmon and brown trout were spotted in the Fall’s River.

Lake Antoine: Was still producing a good number of perch, rock bass and bluegills but the fish were smaller. Anglers are drifting crawlers. A fair to good number of smallmouth bass were caught by those casting crank baits in the weeds.

Marquette: Those able to get out had poor results for salmon and lake trout. Surface water temperatures near shore were in the 50’s. One boater found a warm pocket of water about 20 feet down. Boat anglers need to watch for floating logs and debris when heading out.

Dead River: Had low angler pressure and no luck. The gates were open with all the rain but are now closed. No pink salmon were observed and they normally come in before the chinook and coho.

Carp River: Had a few shore anglers but no luck. Water levels are bank high with poor clarity. There will be ongoing construction on a city sewer project at the parking lot near the mouth for the next two months. Anglers will need to watch for construction equipment when using the parking lot.

Chocolay River: Angler pressure increased this past week. Water levels were bank high with a strong current. Boat and shore anglers fishing the mouth did catch a few brown trout but were frustrated because no coho were caught. Most are using crawlers or casting small spinners. With the higher water levels, boat anglers had a much easier time launching at the Chocolay Township Marina.

Little Bay De Noc: Walleye anglers had fair catches along the Second Reef, Third Reef and the Center Reed with crawler harnesses in 14 to 26 feet. Northern pike were caught throughout the Bay but Kipling was the hot spot. Try 8 to 14 feet with crawlers, crank baits, spinners or spoons. Catch rates for perch were slow with only a few fish taken in 8 to 10 feet near Garth Point or in 10 to 17 feet just west of the Center Reef with minnows and crawlers. Salmon are showing signs of staging at the rivers mouths but no significant numbers as of yet.

Big Bay De Noc: Had no walleye reports but a few perch were caught in 18 to 23 feet off Ansell’s Point with minnows or crawlers. Smallmouth bass anglers are starting to concentrate on fall fishing. Most are targeting 15 to 25 feet along the drop-off near Garden Bluff with minnows, crawlers or plastics. Large rock bass were caught by those drifting crawlers in 6 to 12 feet in Garden Bay.

Au Train: Gusty winds and several inches of rain hampered fishing efforts. Waves averaged 10 to 20 feet. Lake trout were suspended in 80 to 160 feet. Debris and water fleas were clogging lines and reels. A few small lake trout were taken on spoons out near Big Reef were surface temperatures were 48 degrees. The fish were still deep in 170 to 180 feet. Water levels were very high at the Rock River. A few shore anglers were out but had no luck. A strong current below the spillway is making fishing difficult. Boat anglers need to watch for floating logs and other debris.

Munising: Had an increase in fishing effort. Severe storms destroyed the Anna River fishing pier so anglers may want to consider shore fishing or bringing a small boat. Catch rates were slow. More anglers are trolling for coho within the bay or heading out to Trout Bay. Lake trout fishing was poor after the storms. Surface water temperatures dropped to the mid 50’s. Pier and shore anglers caught a fair number of splake but no coho.

Grand Marais: Lake trout anglers are fishing to the north and out to the shipping channel and 200 feet of water. Some are targeting coho but none were caught. A couple shore anglers caught the occasional coho.

St. Mary’s River: Atlantic and pink salmon are still being caught at the Glover Land Electric Power Plant on Portage Street. Atlantics can be caught on the discharge side using 3 to 4 inch crank baits drifted or trolled 4 to 6 feet below the surface. Best colors are black backs with a grey or chrome belly. On Lake George, catch rates for walleye were very good off Hay Point. Anglers have switched from bottom bouncers and crawler harnesses to perch colored crank baits. Most are trolling just off the weeds in 8 to 12 feet. Gem Island is producing some nice northern pike in the 26 to 30 inch range. Try chrome spoons with a red eye or black and yellow bucktail spinners in 6 to 12 feet. Yellow perch fishing was fair to good across from the Neebish Island Ferry Dock in 12 feet with worms and minnows. Target the weed beds near the shipping channel. Musky have started to bite around Tea Pot Island which is upstream and across from Conley’s Point. Try black and grey rubber bodied shad baits or black and white spotted bucktail spinners. Off Drummond, yellow perch were caught in 12 to 15 feet near Howard Island which is northeast of Yacht Haven Marina. Perch were also found along the south end of Grape Island and the west end of Maxton Bay. The better bite was early afternoon.

Detour: Is producing pink salmon, lake trout and chinook salmon. Walleye were harvested in Maud Bay, Raber Bay and Dix Point off Drummond Island. Combinations of green were popular colors. A few chinook salmon were reported by those trolling J-plugs out from the old coal dock about 3 miles from Detour Village.

Cedarville and Hessel: The Moscoe Channel, Middle Entrance and Musky Bay were fair for perch but excellent pike fishing continues in Hessel Bay, Middle Entrance, Musky Bay and Government Bay when still-fishing with chubs.

Carp River: Anglers are trying several locations but chinook were hard to catch. Some pink salmon were harvested on fresh spawn bags, or multi colored lures.

St. Ignace: Catch rates slowed but pier anglers have caught some yellow perch.

Southeast Lower Peninsula Fishing Report

Lake Erie: Surface water temperatures dropped to the 60’s which contributes to a more consistent perch bite. Some nice fish were caught straight out from Fermi and just south of Stony Point in 26 feet. Perch are starting to move into shallower waters and can be found about a mile and a half straight out from Toledo Beach as well as the E-Buoy. Both large and smallmouth bass were moving in and were caught near Bolles Harbor and the Dumping Grounds. Many are still waiting for the walleye to return to Michigan waters in good numbers.

Detroit River: Most anglers are targeting yellow perch. The south end of Grosse Ile has been a hot spot with 7 and 8 inch fish taken.

Washtenaw County: Fishing was slow. A few panfish were taken on Ford Lake and Belleville Lake.

Portage Chain-of-Lakes: Bluegill fishing improves each week. A few limit catches of 7 to 9 inch fish were taken in Strawberry Lake and good catches were reported in Little Portage Lake. Anglers are fishing both deep and shallow as the bigger panfish seem to be suspended about 10 feet down in 20 feet. Bass fishing has also improved in the canals and near the river mouths.

Lake St. Clair: Perch fishing remains spotty. Schools of fish seem to be scattered and on the move. Weed beds that produce a good catch one day seem to be vacant the next. Some good reports came from the Grosse Point Yacht Club and the shipping channel. Smallmouth bass fishing remains very good across the lake. Water temperatures are cooling down, so look for bigger fish to start moving into shallower waters.

St. Clair River: Walleye fishing remains slow for most of the river, but excellent reports continue to come in from Port Huron. Water temperature was 64 degrees at Algonac. Sturgeon fishing will continue to improve as temperatures drop. The harvest season ends on September 30th but the catch and immediate release season extends through November 30th.

Lexington & Port Sanilac: There was more fishing activity off Port Sanilac. Those trolling caught steelhead and lake trout 50 to 60 feet down in 60 to 90 feet. Pike, catfish and a few white bass were caught inside the harbor at Lexington.

Harbor Beach: Salmon and steelhead were caught north of the harbor in 70 to 100 feet. Try spoons off downriggers and also 2, 3, 5 and 10 color lines and offshore boards. Bright orange and black, silver and blue, black and white or green were good colors. It’s time to start putting out a few J-plugs for fall salmon. The fish are scattered so keep trolling until you find them. Lake trout were taken north and straight out of the harbor 90 to 120 feet down. Try dodgers with spin glows or clean spoons. For walleye, try crawler harnesses, small spoons or Hot-n-Tots in 70 to 100 feet. Hot colors were lime green, copper, mixed veggie, black and white, black and orange or glow. Shore anglers are casting off the north wall.

Port Austin: Had little activity. Pier anglers were taking a few walleye at night. Boat anglers were still getting some lake trout in 135 feet north of the Port Austin Reef.

Saginaw Bay: Not much was happening on the west side. Perch anglers going out of the Saginaw River mouth reported slow fishing. On the east side, perch anglers out of Quanicassee caught a few in 8 to 10 feet off the weed beds, in the Slot and in 16 feet off Sunset Bay Marina. Catch rates were still hit-or-miss. Anglers had trouble finding an active school of fish so it pays to move around. Fair walleye catches from the deep side of the Bar, the west side of the Slot off the islands and in 20 feet off Caseville. They are using mainly Hot-n-Tots in gold, orange and purple.

Southwest Lower Peninsula Fishing Report

St. Joseph: Pier fishing was slow. A few salmon were caught when casting spoons or spinners but overall the action was slow. Boat anglers caught salmon and lake trout in 80 to 100 feet. Perch fishing was slow.

St. Joseph River: Cooler weather and cold water near the piers pushed salmon and steelhead into the river system. The occasional salmon was caught in the lower river.

South Haven: Had good pier fishing for chinook and the occasional steelhead. Boat anglers had good success trolling spoons in waters up to 50 feet deep. Perch fishing was slow.

Kalamazoo River: Salmon and steelhead were caught near Calkins Dam.

Grand Haven: The salmon are scattered because of water temperatures. Boat anglers had better luck out deeper between 90 and 200 feet deep. The only consistency seems to be most fish were caught 30 to 45 feet down on spoons, flies or meat rigs. Try green spoons and flies with white or UV spinnies and meat rigs. Pier fishing was slow.

Grand River at Grand Rapids: Is producing some chinook, coho, brown trout and even a few lake trout. Anglers are using spawn bags, Cleo’s, fire-tiger thundersticks and spinners. Walleye have also been caught. Those fishing near the Fulton Street Bridge are back bouncing spawn or using Hot-n-Tots.

Grand River near Lansing: Anglers have caught suckers. No word yet on salmon this far up. A few pike were caught in the early morning near Jackson.

Maple River: Is producing some bass.

Muskegon: The fish are scattered. A few chinook and coho were caught when trolling around the piers with green, yellow or chrome J-plugs. Those fishing deeper did better. Try waters up to 200 feet deep with green spoons and flies or UV spinnies and meat rigs. Pier fishing was slow.

Muskegon Lake: Anglers are trolling and jigging but catch rates were slow.

Muskegon River: Has salmon but no big numbers yet. Those fly fishing caught trout. There is currently an ongoing blue winged olive and caddis hatch.

Northwest Lower Peninsula Fishing Report

Northwest Lower Peninsula Fishing Report


Perch fishing has been slow with no good reports from Glen Lake or Grand Traverse Bay.

Harbor Springs: Those fishing the Petoskey side of the bay did poorly with only one lake trout caught.

Petoskey: Had no thermocline. Fishing was better before the storms rolled in. Fish were being marked but none were caught. Earlier, salmon were caught 50 to 65 feet down in 90 to 115 feet and lake trout were 90 feet down in 130 to 150 feet. Boats were trolling fairly close to the breakwall with meat rigs and squid. Smallmouth bass were caught outside the breakwall during the day. Those casting off the end of the breakwall and the end of the clock dock after dark did manage to catch a few salmon on spoons or crank baits.

Bear River: Had more salmon and quite a few were caught at the dam. There was quite a bit of angling pressure but high water levels made landing any fish a challenge. Spawn and flies worked best. Anglers are reminded that there is a gear restriction of one single pointed, unweighted hook no larger than 3/8 inch from point to shank when fishing from the mouth to the Lake Street Dam.

Charlevoix: Lake trout fishing has dropped off. Most boats were still focusing on the area around the “Can” near the cement plant. Salmon were caught anywhere from 40 to 80 feet down in 75 to 130 feet. Meat rigs worked best but spoons also caught fish. Those moving in shallow were trying for the salmon staging near Medusa Creek. A few were caught 20 to 25 feet down. The weir in Medusa Creek is up and running. Fishing is closed in the creek as well as a radius of 100 feet off the mouth. Smallmouth bass are still being caught in the channel and some were keepers. A large northern pike was also caught in the channel. Pier anglers fishing after dark caught one or two salmon when casting spoons or crank baits.

Traverse City: The East Bay has good lake trout fishing 70 to 95 feet down in 90 to 120 feet. Salmon fishing was still hit-or-miss. Good smallmouth action in 10 to 30 feet. In the West Bay, lake trout were taken in 85 to 120 feet. Salmon anglers fishing near “the hole” had very limited success. Good smallmouth action for those using tube baits along the drop-offs.

Elk River: Smallmouth bass were caught on crawlers or tube baits. Salmon have not yet arrived in big numbers.

Boardman River: The weir is in place. A few chinook salmon were in the river and some actually jumped over the weir and continued upstream during high water. Those drifting skein under a bobber had limited success.

Platte Bay: The lake water is still cold and the river water at 70 degrees. Most fish are still in the East Bay off Peterson Road.

Platte River: Fishing was slow but should pick up soon. Coho were moving up into the river. The lower weir is in place and is holding back fish. There are fish all through the lower river.

Frankfort: Still has fresh chrome chinook and coho out front of the breakwalls. The better bite was in the early morning in 150 to 180 feet.

Betsie River: A large number of chinook salmon were heading upstream in a big rush. Very few were holding in the deeper holes along the way.

Onekama: Those fishing the “Barrel” caught coho and lake trout.

Portage Lake: Bass anglers are having a good year on the lake and in the channel. Both large and smallmouth have been caught.

Lakes Cadillac & Mitchell: Cooler temperatures will bring the bluegill, crappie and perch back into shallow waters. Those targeting bass continue to do well with largemouth caught in the shallows early morning or evening.

Manistee: Boat anglers found trout and salmon 80 to 120 feet down in 120 to 200 feet. Most are using green flies or meat rigs and glow plugs. Those trolling around the piers had minimal success.

Manistee River: Anglers are catching salmon but some of the fish are dark. More anglers are showing up at Tippy Dam. With the cooler temperatures, look for more fish to move into the river system.

Ludington: Anglers found a decent number of salmon and trout 50 to 100 feet down in 200 to 400 feet. Most are using orange or green spoons along with green or yellow meat rigs. Fishing around the pier was slow but should improve soon.

Pentwater: Was producing salmon in 70 to 110 feet in the early morning. Spoons and flies were the ticket. A few salmon were caught from the pier, Long Bridge on Pentwater Lake and from the marsh beyond Long Bridge at the mouth of Pentwater River. No real numbers as most of the mature fish are still out in the big lake. Pier anglers caught a couple nice pike when salmon fishing.




Crappie Angler, Doug Moore enjoys his time fishing Lake Cadillac,He’s holding a 13 1/2″, 1.12 pound Black Crappie.

The cool temperatures and rain bring some of the best fishing of the year. The fish are active and enjoy the falling water temperatures.

Bass fishing has been good. Many are fishing them for fun, but several boats are targeting them for that last tournament or coming championship. There’s plenty of large mouths in the 2/3 pound class. They’re also catching small mouths. They’ve been AWOL most of the Summer and have returned from their vacations. A few have been reported in the 4 pound plus range. The tournament Pro’s are searching for them.

Anyone fishing for bass will catch pike. It’s just automatic. If you lose a lure, it’s to a toothy critter. They’re hungry too.

The weeds have turned in many places on both lakes. Find patches of green, healthy weeds and you’ll find fish.

Brock Safronoff I will never forget you


Our friends Joel and Debbie Safronoff lost their son in 9/11 in the world trade center and I know this is a very sad day for them. He was a great kid with a bright future to be cut short at such a young age and I will always remember taking him fishing and he lost a huge king on East Bay. Then giving him a hard time that he really screwed up and him defending himself that dull hooks was the problem.


There was one passion that consumed Brock and it was his devotion to the Detroit Lions, which stemmed from his upbringing in Traverse City, Mich., and which required the strength to withstand continual heartbreak of the lions and I hope this year maybe he can smile with a winning season. (GO Lions)

Pilgrim Village 3rd Annual Free Fishing Contest ended

Pilgrim Village 3rd Annual Free Fishing Contest ended

Where has Summer gone? The Pilgrim Village 3rd Annual Free Fishing Contest ended September 8th. There were many entries. Often daily changes for the fish caught in all of the categories. All prizes will be awarded in the form of $50.00 Gift Certificates. Thank you to all that participated. It has been fun. Expect the 4th Summer Contest next year.

Large Mouth Bass 21 1/2″ 4.82 lb. Rich Ohlrich
Small Mouth Bass 20 1/4″ 4.60lb. Bob Whitaker
Northern Pike 39 1/2″ 12.78 lbs. Angela Parks
Walleye 27 1/4″ 5.73 lbs. Ryan Helmboldt
Bluegill 12″ 1.8 lb. Linda Hoesl
Sunfish 9 1/2″ .81 lb. Randy Johnson
Perch 12 1/8″ .63 Gordon Reed
Crappie 13 1/2″ 1.12lb. Doug Moore
Bullhead 14 1/2″ 1.56lb. Jim Gross
Dogfish 28 1/4″ 8.11lbs. David Bassett

Buc’s Michigan Fishing Report 9/5/14


Mitchell-Hamilton with a nice crappie from the Cadillac area

It’s that time of year when the salmon and trout start to move in closer to shore as they prepare for the annual fall spawning runs. Salmon are starting to trickle into the river systems but no big numbers yet. Those fishing the inland lakes are doing well for panfish, pike, bass and even catfish.

Fife Lake has been fair this week on nice perch, Higgins has been good also for perch.

Salmon have been slow on both the big lake and the rivers, but river fishing will pick up with rain and cooler weather.

It is now legal to use live wigglers.

Perch fishing has been slow on grand traverse bay, glen lake, platte lake, lake leelanau, and portage lake.

Lake Margrethe has been fair for panfish, also Houghton Lake has been good for panfish.

Pentwater Pier has been fair for bass, salmon, and walleye and familiar bite alewives has been working great

Smallmouth fishing has been great on skegemog, torch, bellaire, and east grand traverse bay

Northwest Lower Peninsula Fishing Report

Harbor Springs: Most boats are still fishing on the Petoskey side but the lake trout were too small. Those heading further into Little Traverse Bay caught some bigger fish in 40 to 60 feet.

Petoskey: Is still producing a good number of lake trout and the occasional salmon. Most were fishing about 50 feet down but a few salmon were taken 15 to 70 feet down in 80 to 130 feet. Try spoons, plugs, cut bait or a flasher/fly combo. Lake trout were between 40 and 120 feet down in 75 to 130 feet and hitting on spoons, peanuts, plugs and meat rigs. The thermocline dropped 25 feet in one day. Smallmouth bass were caught near the mouth of the river on worms or soft plastics. Pier anglers casting in the early morning caught a limited number of salmon.

Bear River: Recent rain did bring a couple small salmon runs up to the dam. Many anglers were out and most were using spawn.

Charlevoix: Salmon fishing is still hit-or-miss but a few were caught 55 to 70 feet down in 90 to 130 feet with downriggers and dipseys. They may be higher in the water column. Salmon and lake trout were caught on spoons and dodger/fly combos near the cement plant. Salmon may be starting up the channel into Lake Charlevoix and on their way to the Boyne River and the Jordan River. Sub-legal smallmouth bass are hitting in the channel but some caught keepers using crawlers or leeches on the bottom. A couple walleye were caught just before dark. Medusa Creek was blocked off last week. This means the creek is now closed to fishing within 100 feet of the mouth.

Traverse City: Salmon fishing was hit-or-miss in the East Bay. Try spoons or flies 50 to 70 feet down. Good lake trout fishing in 80 to 100 feet and smallmouth bass fishing was good in the shallows. In the West Bay, salmon were caught in the hole and northward. The majority of fish were hitting on spoons or flies 55 to 80 feet down. Lake trout were found in 85 to 100 feet and smallmouth bass were hitting on tube baits, crank baits and crawlers in the shallows.

Elk River: Smallmouth bass and panfish were caught below the power dam.

Boardman River: A couple steelhead were caught by those using spawn. Salmon were still not running in any numbers but anglers can expect to see them soon.

Platte Bay: Most of the coho run is in the East Bay. Warm water has pushed the fish below 60 feet. Try spoons and J-plugs in light blue or wonder bread.

Platte River: Fishing is still slow. Those using small dry flies up near the hatchery caught small rainbow trout.

Frankfort: Those trolling the harbor and between the piers caught chinook and coho on spoons and J-plugs. Pier and shore anglers caught salmon on spawn and glow spoons in the morning.

Betsie River: Is full of king salmon. Anglers reported lots of fish running up river with only a few holding in the holes.

Onekama: Those heading out to 120 feet and trolling 70 feet down have caught a few chinook in the mornings when using meat rigs and flies. Chinook, coho and lake trout were also caught in the Barrel.

Portage Lake: Bass anglers are landing some nice large and smallmouth but they are working hard to get them to bite. Panfish action was slow.

Manistee: Boats are targeting salmon 100 to 150 feet down in 100 to 200 feet with a flasher/fly combo or plugs. Those trolling around the pier caught a few chinook on plugs and pier anglers caught a few on glow spoons.

Manistee River: Is still producing summer steelhead for those using streamers, spinners and rapalas. Salmon are starting to show up but no big numbers yet.

Ludington: Boat anglers are targeting trout and salmon 40 to 100 feet down in 100 to 250 feet. The best bait was still green meat rigs and plugs. Pier anglers are catching a few salmon when casting glow spoons.

Pentwater: Anglers are catching chinook salmon on meat rigs in 60 to 80 feet. The fish seemed to be biting in 60 degree water. Catch rates were spotty as changing wind directions affected catch rates. Pier anglers using live bait caught a couple smallmouth bass.

Northeast Lower Peninsula Fishing Report

Cheboygan River: Anglers caught large and smallmouth bass near the mouth.

Rogers City: Is producing a mix of chinook, steelhead, lake trout, pink salmon and the occasional walleye. Start shallow early and then move out deeper. Run lines up and down the water column for best results. Spoons, J-plugs, and attractors with squid, flies and cut bait are working. Smaller fish were caught up by the lighthouse at Forty Mile Point. No big numbers yet but a few salmon were caught around Swan Bay.

Alpena: A few anglers heading out for walleye found fish when trolling crank baits in 30 to 35 feet near Grass Island, Sulphur Island and North Point. Good lake trout fishing with the occasional steelhead or pink salmon taken in the area known as the “Humps”.

Thunder Bay River: Is producing a few catfish and panfish. Anglers are using live bait such as crawlers and leeches.

Harrisville: Salmon should be in the area soon. Steelhead, lake trout and walleye have been moving closer to the harbor. Start shallow and head deeper. Fish were holding at 20 to 75 feet straight out and north of the harbor. Use dark colored baits.

Oscoda: Pier fishing was just starting to heat up as a few salmon and steelhead seem to be moving in closer. Pier anglers are using glow spoons or body baits. Boat anglers are fishing the upper half of the water column in 40 to 80 feet with spoons, dodgers and flies, squid and stick baits.

Au Sable River: Seems to have a good number of walleye between the mouth and the dam. They are hitting on crawlers, leeches and body baits. Early morning and late evening were best however don’t rule out the mid-day catch.

Tawas: Those trolling had to work a little harder to find walleye. A few fish were taken off Buoy #2, inside the bay near Buoys 4 and 6 and down near Alabaster.

Au Gres: : Walleye fishing slowed with only a fish or two taken per trip. Many were fishing in 25 to 40 feet south of Pointe Au Gres. Those trying for perch had little success.

Au Gres River: A couple catfish were caught in the lower river however dredging continues to hamper fishing.

Upper Peninsula Fishing Report

Keweenaw Bay: Anglers at all ports had good days and bad days. Lake trout were caught between Witz Marina and the Huron Islands in 50 to 90 feet. The occasional salmon was caught in the evening from Sand Point north to the Keweenaw Bay Red Rocks in 60 to 90 feet.

Lake Antoine: Anglers are still catching smaller bluegills, yellow perch, sunfish and rock bass when drifting crawlers. Bass anglers are taking a good number of fish when casting crank baits.

Marquette: The few anglers able to get out caught a few small chinook and lake trout out towards Shot Point and Granite Island. Those fishing the mouth of the Carp River had no luck when casting spoons or using spawn and crawlers. Water levels were high and turbid after all the rain.

Little Bay De Noc: Walleye fishing was pretty good considering the weather but perch fishing was the main target for many. Fair to good catches were reported in 12 feet off Garth Point and 8 to 17 feet around the Second and Third Reefs. Crawlers and minnows worked best. Pike were active throughout the Bay. Fish were caught in the Escanaba Yacht Harbor, mouth of the Escanaba River, at Kipling near the power plant and the Day’s River. Most are trolling or casting spoons, spinners and crank baits in 8 to 14 feet. Salmon anglers caught fish 40 feet down in 70 to 80 feet north of the Ford River Can.

Big Bay De Noc: Anglers targeting smallmouth bass had mixed results. Ogontz was fair to good for those using crawlers, crank baits or tube baits in 8 to 12 feet or 6 to 30 feet in Kate’s Bay and Garden Bluff. Catch rates for perch in Garden Bay slowed and most of the fish were too small. Pike action was fair to good in 8 to 16 feet from Kate’s Bay to Ansell’s Point. Those fishing off Fairport had fair to good catches of salmon 40 to 60 feet down in 80 to 110 feet near the “Gap” and 60 to 90 feet down in 120 to 150 feet south of Poverty Island.

Au Train: Those targeting lake trout had fair success as some reported five to ten fish in six hours of fishing off the Shelter Bay Flats and the Wood Island Reef. Try spoons within 20 feet off the bottom in 150 feet. No activity at the Rock River because of high water levels.

Munising: Boat anglers are targeting lake trout when they can get out but some are starting to shift toward salmon. Catch rates for lake trout were fair to good around Trout Bay, the Wood Island Reefs and east of Grand Portal. A few trolling for salmon and splake within the bay had no success. Pier fishing was very slow.

Grand Marais: Boats targeting lake trout were still heading north and west out to the shipping channels. They caught fish ranging between 2 and 5 pounds. Catch rates were good off the southwest bank near Caribou Island and some reported limit catches of 3 and 4 pound fish taken in 100 to 200 feet. No salmon to report. Some were still trying offshore at the Marina but had no luck.

St. Mary’s River: Pink salmon have arrived in good numbers and anglers did well trolling large pink spoons. Shore and pier anglers are also catching fish on the same spoons when casting near Valley Camp, the dock at the Locks boat tours and from the blue hand rail next to Clover Land Power Plant. Limit catches of Atlantic salmon were taken on the discharge side of the power plant when drifting brown or cream colored flies. Some bigger fish were caught on streamer type flies. A couple rainbow trout were caught above the power plant on Portage Street when drifting burgundy colored flat fish with a chrome belly. The whitefish bite slowed. Moving downstream to Lake Nicolet, walleye were caught off 4 and 6 Mile Roads when trolling bottom bouncers and crawler harnesses just off the shipping channel in 18 to 20 feet. A few yellow perch were taken at the lower end of the Rock-Cut near the red buoy in 8 to 14 feet. Pike were caught at the mouth of the Munuscong River where anglers are trolling dark colored bucktail spinners just off the weed beds in 6 to 8 feet. Good smallmouth action off the Raber launch and the pier. Most are still-fishing crawlers or casting tube jigs in 4 to 8 feet off the old dock pilings and rocks.

Detour: Anglers are catching lake trout and pink salmon however the harvest for chinook salmon was slow. They are trolling from the city launch to Frying Pan Island, to the #3 Green Can, around the lighthouse and to the #2 Red Can. Yellow perch were caught at Sweets Point and a few walleye were taken off Drummond Island near Dix’s Point.

Cedarville and Hessel: Perch fishing was good out of Hessel at the first cut in 10 to 12 feet and on the east side of the docks in 8 to 9 feet. Those targeting pike have done very well in Hessel Bay, Musky, Bay, Government Bay and the Middle Entrance when using chubs. Perch fishing in the Middle Entrance and the east end of Cedarville Bay was starting to pick up.

Carp River: Chinook salmon are starting to bite at the mouth.

St. Ignace: Anglers caught chinook, lake trout and pink salmon between the fuel tanks and the southwest corner of Mackinac Island. Most are using spoons. Green and gold, white with colored strips or silver and blue were the most popular colors.

Southeast Lower Peninsula Fishing Report

Lake Erie: Had some good perch numbers when conditions were right. Anglers were fishing straight out from Stony Point in 24 to 26 feet and about a half mile south. Fish were caught near the E-Buoy but many were small. Try using bigger minnows to avoid the small perch. Fish were also caught near the Raisin River Buoys and Turtle Island. A few remaining walleye could be found as shallow as 8 feet in the early morning or late at night in Brest Bay or in front of the Fermi Plant.

Detroit River: Anglers are still finding some perch near and south of Celeron Island. Try minnows in 12 to 14 feet. Walleye anglers were targeting the waters in the Trenton Channel.

Portage Chain-of-Lakes: Bass anglers are doing best in the areas with a current. In the morning, try the shallow flats and move deeper mid-day. Bluegills have been caught at various depths but the bigger ones seem to be suspended about halfway down in 15 to 20 feet. Try crickets and crawlers on small jigs.

Lake St. Clair: Smallmouth bass fishing has been very good in Anchor Bay and south of Huron Point with plastic baits or live minnows. Walleye fishing has been slow. Perch fishing was slowly improving with some decent catches coming from the Dumping Grounds and along the shipping channels. A few perch were also caught near the B-Marker in Anchor Bay.

St. Clair River: Walleye fishing remains very good after dark around Port Huron. Daytime fishing was spotty with a few fish taken on crawler harnesses or jigs. Sturgeon fishing has been good for those using worms. Try the North Channel between Decker’s Landing and Algonac.

Port Sanilac: Anglers caught chinook and steelhead 60 to 70 feet down in 75 to 90 feet of water with 5 and 10 color lead core and orange or metallic spoons. The better fishing seems to come with a west wind. Perch anglers were out but no fish were caught.

Harbor Beach: Was a hot spot with anglers trolling north of the harbor and up near Port Hope where they caught a mix of lake trout, steelhead and even some walleye in 80 to 115 feet. Lake trout were 70 to 80 feet down and the steelhead were 20 to 40 feet down. Try orange or copper and green spoons. Pier anglers caught smallmouth bass.

Port Austin: Windy weather made for difficult fishing however when boats can get out they did get some lake trout in 140 feet.

Saginaw Bay: A few walleye were taken in 11 to 14 feet off the Pinconning Bar and near the Black Hole but those trolling had to work hard to get them. They are still getting the occasional walleye out from the Slot in 12 to 14 feet. A few perch were caught however anglers will need to sort out the small ones. Catfish were caught from the Hot Pond and shore anglers are Essexville were still taking a few bass, catfish and freshwater drum.

Southwest Lower Peninsula Fishing Report

The inland lakes continue to provide good bluegill fishing in deeper waters. Anglers are using crickets, leaf worms, or a wax worm and fly combination.

St. Joseph: Salmon anglers have done well in 80 to 110 feet. The better fishing was early in the day and most were caught on spoons. A few perch were caught in 40 to 50 feet. Pier fishing was slow for trout and salmon however anglers caught freshwater drum and catfish.

South Haven: Was producing lake trout and salmon in 70 to 120 feet. Anglers are using spoons and meat rigs. Both perch fishing and pier fishing were slow.

Kalamazoo River: Has good smallmouth bass fishing in Marshall, Comstock, Kalamazoo, and Plainwell.

Port Sheldon: Chinook salmon fishing is picking up. A thermocline is finally setting up for the first time this summer. Fishing was good in 120 to 135 feet when using J-plugs, spoons and meat rigs.

Grand Haven: Anglers were fishing 60 to 110 feet down in 115 to 175 feet. Some had 300 feet of coppers working well for them but the best bite was on a spin/fly combo up high or a paddle/fly combo deeper. Hot colors were white and UV followed by green or green and white. Some are using anything that glows or meat rigs in any color. Pier fishing was slow.

Grand River near Lansing: The fish ladders are open which will allow the fall steelhead and salmon to migrate to the Moore’s Park Dam.

Muskegon: Pier anglers were casting or jigging for salmon but had no luck. Boat anglers were fishing 60 to 110 feet down in 120 to 170 feet with a spin/fly combo up high or paddle/fly combo down low. Those using meat rigs caught fish as well as those using anything that glows.

Muskegon River: Continues to provide good smallmouth bass fishing.

Whitehall: Anglers found fish 70 feet down in 150 to 200 feet. Meat rigs worked best. Downriggers may start working better as the fish were no long near the top of the water column. Pier anglers caught a couple salmon but no big numbers yet. Walleye action in the channel was good one day and cold the next.

White Lake: Was producing some large panfish.




Young Alazech Reed shows off a mixed bag of crappie and walleye.

The last Summer Holiday is history. The lakes are becoming peaceful with the absense of jet ski, skiers and power boats. No lines at the boat launch or parking. Boats ands docks will start to disappear. Some of the best fishing of the year is yet to come. September is the month of Master Angler and record breaking fish.

Bass fishing on Lakes Cadillac and Mitchell continues to be good. Catch a large mouth and chances are it’ll spitup crayfish,–one of their favorite foods. Hint! Hint! It’s not unusual to find marks on their noses where they’ve been digging for them in the rocks and gravel. The small mouths are still on vacation. There’s good numbers in both lakes but we’ve seen few. The tournament anglers will find them as the lakes cool.

Panfishermen are happy. Many have moved from the deeper East side to the shallower West Side of Cadillac. Good size crappie, gills and perch have been caught in the area between Kenwood Park and the canal. The water temperature is falling and now 6 to 10 foot appears to be the magic depth.

The main attraction for the fihermen are salmon. A few Kings are being caught all the way to Tippy Dam on the Big Manistee. Stories are starting from the Pere Marquette, Betsie, Boardman and both Manistees. Also the pier heads, Manistt Lake and Frankfort Harbor report catches. It’s just starting. Thundersticks are still the guides choice.

There’s a short period of time left for the Pilgrim Village 2014 Free Summer Fishing Contest. It ends September 8, 2014.

Strangely, there were no changes from last weeks standings although there were a couple of “almost” in the crappie and bass categories.

Large Mouth Bass 21 1/2″ 4.82 lb. Rich Ohlrich
Small Mouth Bass 20 1/4″ 4.60lb. Bob Whitaker
Northern Pike 39 1/2″ 12.78 lbs. Angela Jordan
Walleye 27 1/4″ 5.73 lbs. Ryan Helmboldt
Bluegill 12″ 1.8 lb. Linda Hoesl
Sunfish 9 1/2″ .81 lb. Randy Johnson
Perch 12 1/8″ .63 Gordon Reed
Crappie 13 1/2″ 1.12lb. Doug Moore
Bullhead 14 1/2″ 1.56lb. Jim Gross
Dogfish 28 1/4″ 8.11lbs. David Bassett