Great Bite on Houghton Lake

Lymans on the Lake reports Chip caught these fish yesterday on Leeches in 11 foot of water

Chip and his student Henry brought in a cooler full of fish...8 Walleyes
Chip and his student Henry brought in a cooler full of fish…8 Walleyes

Lyman’s On The Lake Reports

“What a great day for fishing!! Another HL legend and founding member of Game Hog Charters, Chip had an even better day than Clare. Chip and his student Henry brought in a cooler full of fish…8 Walleyes and an assortment of Bass, Pike and panfish. Well done, Chip!”

Clare with some Houghton Lake Walleyes

Clare with some Houghton Lake Walleyes
Clare with some Houghton Lake Walleyes

Bluegill Are Biting

Big Gills
Big Gills

Big Gills
Big Gills
Many reports of the gills biting and some are on the beds or shallow water when the weather is warm.

Jay Franks from Baldwin Bait and Tackle and Stacey caught these big gills in the Baldwin area lakes last week and no he will not give up what lake they were on.

Big Gills
Big Gills
Big Gills
Big Gills

There has been a good walleye bite on Lake Leelanau, Long Lake and Bear Lake with leeches working best.


A little damp but a great weekend. Most Fishermen and Mushroom Hunters all did well.

In last weeks Fish Report it stated that if you catch a fish that qualifies for Michigan’s Master Angler Award we would help with the application, photograph your catch and mail it in for you.

This week fishing and catching came together. Six fish that should qualify for the program were brought in.

Cecel Booth 14″ Bullhead Lake Cadillac
Andrew Ditmars 14 1/2″ Bullhead Lake Cadillac
Manny Fountain 14″ Crappie Lake Mitchell
Daniel A. Smith 40 1/4″ Northern Pike Lake Cadillac
Lily Brooks 22″ Red Horse Sucker Manistee River
Marissa Brooks 24″ Red Horse Sucker Manistee River
Fishing their Annual Pike Tounament among friends, Daniel Smith caught the Fish of the Week. His caught, the largest ever by the group measured 40 1/4 inchs. We do not know the weight. The fish measured, had a picture taken and released. Catch and Release isn’t only for Bass.

A great group of guys who caught plenty of pike and other species. They traditionaly keep a few just legel for a fish fry and release the rest. They are welcome anytime.

Saginaw Bay: Walleye were caught in 12 feet off the Pinconning Bar and Gambil’s Marina, 17 to 20 feet off Linwood and 21 to 24 feet near the Spark Plug. At Finn Road, walleye were caught shallow in 4 to 6 feet in the early morning but they move out deeper as the sun comes up. Crawler harnesses are working best at all locations. The hot spinner colors were chartreuse, purple, brass and pink. A few walleye along with a lot of white bass and freshwater drum were caught at the Hot Pond by those casting crank baits. At Quanicassee, some boats were skunked while others had limit catches along the Slot between Sunset Bay and the tip of Fish Point. At Bay Port, a decent number of walleye were caught in Wildfowl Bay. A few bass were caught in the marina basins and around the islands. Bass anglers were out but it appears that the late spring and cold water has delayed the spawn because the fish have not moved closer to shore in large numbers yet.

Tittabawassee River: Lots of white bass have been taken from the lower river near the Center Street launch in Saginaw Township. Some large pike and a few walleye were also caught. Fishing was slow up near Gordonville Road.

Northwest Lower Peninsula Fishing Report

The bass have started bedding but the bluegills had not quite gotten there yet. Pier and boat anglers on Lake Michigan are catching a mixed bag of chinook, lake trout, and brown trout.

Harbor Springs: The docks are in at the boat launch. Anglers should find some lake trout around Harbor Point. The water may still be a bit cold for smallmouth.

Petoskey: Boat pressure was light but some did catch lake trout near the bottom in 80 to 100 feet around Bay Harbor. Try spoons and spin-glows. Surface water temperatures were 43 degrees and climbing. Smallmouth bass, pike and carp were reported between the mouth of the river and the breakwall. A couple brown trout were still being caught off the breakwall in the morning.

Bear River: Was low and slow. A couple steelhead were taken on spawn bags.

Charlevoix: Had very good lake trout fishing with limit catches reported. Most anglers are focusing around North Point in 25 to 50 feet with spoons, spin-glows, and flasher/fly combos. Fish were also caught off the end of the piers in the early morning and evening. Try spoons and jigs with soft plastics. Walleye are still being caught in the channel after dark. Try jigs with soft plastics and crank baits. There is a large midge hatch going on right now.

Lake Charlevoix: Catch rates for smallmouth bass varied. Some reported fish on the bottom in 18 to 20 feet while others did well fishing in 4 to 5 feet. The South Arm seemed to have the warmest surface temperature at 57 degrees.

Elk River: A couple steelhead and brown trout were caught on spawn bags below the power dam. Smallmouth bass fishing was fair.

Traverse City: Lake trout were caught by those trolling in 90 to 115 feet in the East Bay. Cisco were caught by those jigging in 40 to 60 feet. Smallmouth fishing was slow for most but there was some pre-spawn activity in the shallows especially near mouth of the creeks. In the West Bay, lake trout were caught at a variety of depths. Try the breaks in 10 to 40 feet or all the way out to waters 90 to 110 feet. Cisco were caught by those jigging in 60 to 80 feet. A few perch were taken along the southwest end of the bay. Walleye were spotted in the harbor in Northport.

Boardman River: Still has some fallback steelhead. A decent number of carp and smallmouth bass are showing up near the Union Street Dam. Those fishing the upper stretches near Two Forks have caught brook trout and brown trout on spinners.

Frankfort: Brown trout were hitting black and silver jointed body baits between the piers after 9am. Chinook salmon were also caught. Lake trout are hitting on cowbells in Platte Bay and around the Herring Hole. The alewife moved in and anglers are taking advantage of it.

Onekama: Those trolling 70 to 90 feet down in 100 to 125 feet caught a few chinook salmon in the early morning.

Portage Lake: Bass are moving onto the beds but anglers have to work hard to hook them. Water temperatures are still on the cool side for panfish.

Lakes Cadillac & Mitchell: Anglers are still catching crappie, northern pike and a few walleye.

Manistee: Boat anglers caught a few trout and salmon in 80 to 160 feet with orange or green spoons. Pier anglers caught a few brown trout while casting spoons or still-fishing with alewife.

Ludington: Salmon fishing has been slow. A few were caught in 50 to 100 feet by those using orange, green and chartreuse spoons. Pier fishing is slow.

Pentwater: The salmon are still scattered and water temperatures vary dramatically by location. Some anglers reported surface waters at 39 degrees. Lake trout were reported in 40 feet while salmon were 40 feet down in 100 feet. When boats got out to 160 feet they stopped marking fish.

Pentwater Lake: Action was slow. A few anglers caught small perch, large rock bass, large and smallmouth bass.

Northeast Lower Peninsula Fishing Report

Rogers City: Lake trout fishing is picking up between Calcite and Adams Point. Fish were caught in 60 to 70 feet. Fish were also caught off Forty Mile Point and the State Park. Pier anglers are still getting the occasional walleye when casting body baits.

East & West Twin Lakes: In Montmorency County had slow walleye fishing in both lakes. East Twin had fish averaging 17 to 24 inches and West Twin had fish ranging 15 to 18 inches. Bass fishing was really good on West Twin. Anglers caught smallmouth bass and rock bass.

Alpena: Lake trout were caught 10 feet off the bottom in 30 to 80 feet straight out and towards Thunder Bay Island with dodgers or cowbells with spin-glows in blue or green. A few walleye were caught by those trolling body baits around North Point and by those casting off the wall at night.

Thunder Bay River: Should still have some steelhead as we near the peak of the run. Try drifting spawn bags on the bottom or under a bobber near the 9th Street Dam. Artificial egg or fly patterns also caught fish. Anglers report good smallmouth action for those using body baits and tube baits.

Harrisville: Fishing has picked up. Trout, salmon and walleye were caught but the fish are scattered from the Sturgeon Point Light to Greenbush. Lake trout, salmon and steelhead are being caught in 80 to 120 feet with spoons, flies, and cut bait off downriggers, lead core and planer boards. Walleye are in shallow in the early morning and evening but move to deeper water throughout the day.

Oscoda: Had very good fishing. Boat and shore anglers have come in with limit catches. Good numbers of salmon, steelhead, lake trout and walleye are in the area. Most were caught in 80 to 100 feet. The fish seem to be from the top to the bottom so spread your bait throughout the water column. Spoons, body baits, cut baits and flies are all taking fish. Pier anglers have done well for walleye in the early morning or late evening when drifting crawlers and leeches under a slip bobber or casting small spoons, body baits and stick baits.

Au Sable River: Steelhead are still being caught. Those fly fishing have done well but fish were also caught on crawlers, wax worms, and small spoons.

Higgins Lake: A few lake trout have been caught but not many anglers are going out and targeting them yet. A few perch were taken on minnows and wax worms around the Sunken Island and the Main Island. Rock bass should also be hitting.

Houghton Lake: Anglers caught walleye along the weed line in 8 to 9 feet. Most are jigging a leech over the side of the boat. Bluegills were caught in 6 feet and crappie were hitting in 8 to 12 feet.

Tawas: Boat anglers are taking some lake trout, steelhead and a couple walleye in 50 feet. A few walleye were caught from the weed beds off Jerry’s Marina.

Tawas River: Bass and pike were caught in the lower river.

Au Gres: Walleye fishing picked up straight out in 25 to 30 feet but the better fishing was to the south near the Pine River and Catfish Hole in 15 to 20 feet and out near Buoys 1 & 2.

Upper Peninsula Fishing Report

Keweenaw Bay: The salmon bite has been up and down over the last week. Those trolling caught a mix of chinook, coho, rainbow trout, brown trout and splake 15 to 40 feet down in 30 to 60 feet. Most were going from the head of the bay to Sand Point but a few ventured further north of Old Mission Road. Trolling speeds were 1.9 to 2.4 mph with spoons in a variety of colors. Those jigging for lake trout caught a few in 180 to 240 feet off the Whirl-I-Gig and Jentoff’s Dock. At the South Portage Entry, those trolling did well for lake trout in 100 to 150 feet along the Mud Banks, Farmers Reef and Newton’s Reef. The green dolphin was a very good lure.

Menominee River: Musky anglers had some impressive catches with fish over 50 inches caught around the Interstate Bridge down past the Turn Basin. Walleye anglers had success trolling and jigging from Stephenson Island to the mouth. They are using jigs with minnows or crawlers along the breaks or trolling purple and fire-tiger stick baits in the evening. Smallmouth bass are being caught in good numbers.

Little Bay De Noc: Walleye catches were down as high winds have kept angler participation down. Most were fishing the northern bay between Garth Point and the Second Reef. The better catches were in 18 feet when using crawlers with harnesses. Those fishing down near the Ford River caught walleye when trolling stick baits and crawler harnesses in 10 to 16 feet. Fair to good smallmouth action was reported near the mouth of the river when using crank baits, spinners and plastics or between Strawberry Island and Garth Point when casting crank baits and plastics in 3 to 8 feet. It appears the fish are just starting to spawn.

Big Bay De Noc: The best walleye catches were still just south of the Ogontz River when using reef runners in 8 feet. The bass opener was fair to good near Ogontz, Fish Dam River, Porcupine Point, Kates Bay, Garden Bay and in Puffy Bay. Ogontz and Puffy Bay reported the best action when using spinners or crank baits in 3 to 8 feet. Northern pike were active in Ogontz and the area of South River however most of the catches were incidental by bass anglers.

Marquette: Surface water temperatures have started to rise and were about 40 degrees near shore. Warmer water and better catches can be found near the mouth of the Carp River and the Chocolay River and east to Shot Point. Anglers caught chinook and coho. Some caught lake trout using dipseys and downriggers with spoons in assorted colors. More anglers are heading out for lake trout which were caught east towards the “Sand-Hole”, north of the white rocks or towards Shot Point in 200 feet. Some are using spoons and flies with cut bait.

Au Train Lake: Anglers caught several undersize pike and walleye. Many were drifting a jig with a crawler or leech but a few were using small spinners and crank baits. Smallmouth bass fishing was slow. No anglers were specifically targeting perch. Fly hatches were observed.

Munising: Catch rates were slow with only a few chinook and coho caught by those trolling in 20 to 60 feet near Sand Point and Trout Bay. Fresh spawn was the bait of choice for splake and whitefish off the dock of the Anna River for those trolling or still-fishing. The warmest water in the area was 41 degrees.

Grand Marais: Many are still fishing off the end of the pier or trolling around West Bay. Catch rates for whitefish have slowed with only a few fish caught on a single egg. A couple coho were caught on worms. Those trolling were in 15 to 40 feet near the Sucker River. Most were using small spoons or rapalas. Surface water temperatures were in the high 30’s.

South Manistique Lake: Walleye fishing has been hit-or-miss. Most fish were caught in shallow water in the bays. Pike have been plentiful and were hitting on both artificial and natural baits. Large and smallmouth bass were reported in shallow waters in Wolf Bay.

Two Hearted River: Has steelhead but the bite has been slow.

Newberry: Anglers have done well on some of the walleye lakes in the area. Most are using leeches.

DeTour: Is producing some Atlantic salmon. Anglers are trolling orange and chrome colored spoons 12 to 25 feet down in 50 feet from the DeTour Lighthouse northwest to the green buoy. Two miles straight south of the lighthouse has been successful for lake trout. Anglers are trolling shiny chrome spoons over the shelf in 80 feet.

Drummond Island: Those targeting walleye in Scott Bay were fishing from Paw Point to Peck Island in 4 to 6 feet. They are long lining crawler harnesses with orange blades 20 feet behind the boat. For deeper walleye, black and chrome crank baits caught a few fish in 12 feet over the rocky ledges around Ashman Island and Peck Island. The smallmouth action was good for those casting and jigging chartreuse colored tube baits in 2 to 4 feet off Bruce Point in the north end of Scott Bay. When it’s too windy, try the south end of James Island for smallmouth bass.

Cedarville and Hessel: Pike fishing has slowed some. Those fishing off the pier in Hessel reported fair to good catch rates for pike. The Hessel Marina still has perch and splake.

Southeast Lower Peninsula Fishing Report

Lake Erie: Walleye fishing picked up as anglers reported limit catches by those out trolling crawler harnesses in 20 to 22 feet around Bolles Harbor, the River Raisin Buoys and near the Edison Plant. It is still a bit early for perch but anglers will find lots of white bass and freshwater drum. With water temperatures about 60 degrees and warming, the walleye will be moving to deeper water in the coming weeks.

Lenawee County: On Devils Lake, the bluegills are starting to bed along the shoreline. Crickets and crawlers have worked best. Bass anglers have done well when casting soft plastics and spinners along the weed beds in the shallows. On Lake Hudson, those targeting bluegills have done well along the shoreline and the canals. Bass anglers have done well throughout the lake. No musky to report.

Detroit River: Better walleye catches were from the northern half of the Canadian side in the early morning or at sunset. Those fishing the southern half on the Michigan side had difficulty getting their bait to the bottom because of all the white bass. Water clarity was good on the Michigan side and more anglers are bottom bouncing with crawler harnesses. A few limit catches were reported on the Canadian side near the casino, the salt mines and the Ambassador Bridge. Fish were also caught on the Michigan side near Grosse Ile, Great Lakes Steel, Mud Island and Fighting Island. Average size was 2 to 3 pounds but some were in the 6 pound range. White bass fishing has been very good throughout the entire river. Anglers have also caught smallmouth bass, musky, suckers and freshwater drum. Water temperatures were 58 degrees.

Lake St. Clair: Bass fishing has been good. The fish seem to be moving into deeper waters where some good reports were coming from 8 to 10 feet off the Mile Roads. White bass were hitting off 9 Mile Road.

St. Clair River: Water temperatures were 48 to 50 degrees. Night fishing for walleye has been better than daytime fishing although a few fish were still caught by those using jigs and crawler harnesses.

Lexington: Trout and salmon fishing was good at all depths. Boat anglers trolling 60 to 80 feet did well for lake trout, steelhead and the occasional chinook. They are fishing the bottom for lake trout and 20 to 30 feet down for steelhead and salmon. Orange spoons worked best. Smallmouth bass fishing was slow but should pick up as the waters warm.

Port Sanilac: Boat anglers are getting trout and salmon. Fish the bottom for lake trout or 20 to 30 feet down for steelhead and salmon. Orange spoons worked best. Inside the harbor, smallmouth fishing was still slow. A couple coho were caught by those casting spoons.

Harbor Beach: Walleye are being caught off the breakwall at night. Salmon and steelhead are hitting straight out and north of the harbor. Try spoons 30 to 60 feet down in 50 to 95 feet. Hot colors were black and orange, yellow and white, green or blue. Try spoons on 3, 5, and 10 color lines with offshore boards. Some caught limits of lake trout 65 to 110 feet down in 70 to 110 feet of water. Use dodgers with spin-glows or clean spoons.

Sanford Lake: In Midland County had a good bass opener. A good number of pike were also caught. Crappie anglers did well in the cuts and canals

Southwest Lower Peninsula Fishing Report

St. Joseph: Salmon fishing was a bit slow for boat anglers but a few fish were taken in 60 to 100 feet. Pier anglers continue to do well for freshwater drum and catfish when using live bait on the bottom. A few reports of perch came in but not many anglers are targeting them.

St. Joseph River: Had good smallmouth action for those using tube baits and crawlers. Catfish are hitting on crawlers, bluegills and cut bait.

South Haven: Salmon are being caught in 80 to 100 feet. Fishing is a little on the slow side but most anglers are catching a few. Some are targeting perch but catch rates were not good. Pier fishing for all species was slow.

Grand Haven: Catch rates have been on the slow side as the water is still cold and if the fish are there, they are scattered. Boat anglers are fishing 30 to 50 feet down in 100 to 200 feet. The further out the more kings were caught but many were 12 to 14 inches. Try spoons and meat rigs. Pier fishing was slow and no perch were caught.

Grand River at Grand Rapids: Several steelhead and walleye have been caught over the past week by those drifting yarn, flies, and spawn at the 6th Street Dam. Smallmouth bass and redhorse suckers continue to dominate the catch. Those fishing of the wall took catfish on crawlers, small bluegills and liver. Pike were caught at Riverside Park.

Grand River at Lansing: Catfish are being caught below any of the major dams. Try crawlers on the bottom, bluegills, cut bait or liver.

Sessions Lake: Is producing crappie and bluegills. Anglers are working to find them but when they do, some good size fish were caught.

Muskegon: Catch rates were slow. A few bigger fish were caught close to shore but most were taken in waters 200 feet and deeper. Spoons and meat rigs are the ticket.

Muskegon River: Is producing some steelhead. Fly hatches have started and those fly fishing are taking fish on the gravel.

Whitehall: Had no pier action. The only boat anglers that appeared to be successful were running lines in the top 60 feet of waters 250 feet deep. They caught a fair number of two year old salmon.

White Lake: Anglers caught good numbers of panfish in 12 to 15 feet.

UP Opener on May 15

Dan from Jack's Sport Shop with a laker from Torch Lake
Dan from Jack’s Sport Shop with a laker from Torch Lake

Dan from Jack’s Sport Shop with a nice laker from Torch Lake.

Walleye, pike and muskellunge season for the Upper Peninsula inland waters, Great Lakes and the St. Mary’s River will open on Friday May 15th. Cooler temperatures may slow catch rates.

The cold nasty weather has put the great bite we had last week to a standstill the last few days.

Pappy’s at Wellston reports great fishing below Tippy Dam with fresh steelhead, some browns and a occasional walleye and no fisherman . Also some are seeing sturgeon below the dam also.

Elk River the steelhead fishing has been fair.

Crappie still biting in Houghton Lake, Wixom Lake and Sanford Lake.

Northwest Lower Peninsula Fishing Report

Harbor Springs: The ice in Little Traverse Bay is finally gone. The dock was not in yet at the boat launch.

Petoskey: Anglers continue to pick up steelhead when using spawn bags in the early morning. Those surfcasting with spawn have also caught fish. Reports say the lake trout are as shallow as 10 to 15 feet in front of the marina and out deeper in 100 to 120 feet. Look for pike and smallmouth bass around the breakwall.

Bear River: Steelhead fishing picked up at the end of last week and continued to be good as rain does seem to bring more fish in. Water levels were fairly high. A good number of big fish have been caught on spawn bags, flies and rubber eggs. A few suckers are still in the river.

Charlevoix: Angler pressure is still low with only a few people trying the channel during daylight hours. A couple boats out for lake trout have picked up a few fish. More anglers are going out after dark and targeting walleye in the channel. Walleye fishing is still slow, but anglers have been picking up a few lake trout on crank baits and soft plastics after dark.

Elk River: Fishing has improved but is still relatively slow. Steelhead and the occasional Atlantic salmon or brown trout have been caught on spawn bags below the power dam.

Traverse City: Those fishing the East Bay caught cisco when jigging in 80 to 90 feet. Lake trout were also caught by those jigging out deeper in 150 feet or when trolling in shallow waters 10 to 40 feet along the first drop. Smallmouth bass have been caught near the mouth of the creeks where the water is warmer. In the West Bay, lake trout were caught by those trolling long lines in 8 to 35 feet but those jigging were much deeper. A couple small ciscos were caught by those jigging near the brush grounds in 40 to 60 feet.

Boardman River: A variety of species can be found below the Union Street Dam including steelhead, northern pike, smallmouth bass, walleye, carp, and suckers. Anglers are reminded that it is catch and immediate release on bass until May 23rd. Most anglers are targeting steelhead with spawn bags. Lake trout are being caught at the mouth. Mayflies have started to hatch along the river.

Frankfort: Boats trolling in between the piers caught some brown trout and a couple drop back steelhead. Small jointed body baits were the ticket and the hot color was black with gold or silver.

Onekama: Pier anglers caught brown trout when casting small spoons and body baits.

Portage Lake: Bass anglers have picked up a few large and smallmouth but water temperatures were still on the cool side. Perch anglers say the number and the size is down this year. A few were caught near the mouth of the canal.

Lake Cadillac: Is producing some bluegills, crappie and bullhead. Bass anglers are practicing catch and immediate release.

Lake Mitchell: Is also producing panfish and bass.

Manistee: Anglers are catching a few brown trout, lake trout, and chinook salmon when trolling orange spoons along the shoreline. Pier fishing is slow for perch and brown trout.

Manistee River: Steelhead are still being caught but in lower numbers. Anglers are getting brown trout and a couple walleye.

Ludington: Boat anglers reported hit-or-miss for chinook, brown trout and lake trout. Most are trolling orange spoons or body baits. Pier fishing is slow.

Pere Marquette River: Some fly hatches are just getting started. Anglers are still catching brown trout and the occasional steelhead.

Northeast Lower Peninsula Fishing Report

Walleye fishermen had success shortly after the opener and reported good success for about a week but catch rates have slowed on most of the inland lakes. Suckers are still in the rivers but the numbers are dropping.

Rogers City: Water temperatures reached 40 degrees near shore but were colder out deep. A few more lake trout were caught between Calcite Harbor and Adams Point in 40 to 60 feet however those trolling higher in the water column in waters as shallow as 20 feet also caught fish. Run lures within 10 feet of the bottom for lake trout and higher for Atlantic salmon and lake trout that are suspended. Use cowbells or dodgers with spin-glows. Hot colors were orange and silver, blue and silver, green or fire-tiger. Pier anglers casting small spoons or body baits caught a couple walleye. The midge hatch is not too bad right now but once they start look for Atlantic salmon.

Alpena: Anglers are heading out for lake trout, chinook, Atlantic salmon, steelhead and walleye. Most are trolling spoons and body baits close to the harbor, behind the cement plant or towards Thunder Bay Island and North Point for lake trout and Atlantic salmon. Use bright colors in the stained water and basic green, blue, silver and orange in clean water. The lake trout are both close to the bottom and suspended. Walleye haven’t moved into the area but anglers willing to take a long boat ride may be able to pick up a couple towards South Point and Scarecrow Island when trolling body baits. The breakwall in the channel or by the Yacht Club has been descent for walleye in the late evening. Try large body baits that look like smelt.

Thunder Bay River: Anglers are catching the occasional steelhead up at the dam when drifting spawn bags or artificial fly patterns that imitate fish eggs. Walleye fishing in the river is very slow right now. For those interested in the early catch and immediate release bass season, the smallmouth action has been great in the river and the marina. Try casting tube baits or body baits.

Harrisville: Dredging has begun in the harbor. Work will be concentrated on the south side of the harbor around the city docks and channel leading to them. The pumping hardware is well marked with floating drums and buoys marking the channel. Fishing in and around the harbor is picking up for walleye, lake trout, steelhead and a few Atlantic salmon. A good number of walleye seem to be in and around the harbor where anglers are trolling or casting small spoons and body baits. Lake trout were caught in 40 to 60 feet with spoons off downriggers, planer boards and lead core. Atlantic salmon were caught on small spoons in the harbor.

Oscoda: Pier fishing picked up with a good number of walleye entering the river. Try floating crawlers or casting body baits and twister tails. A couple lake trout were caught off the pier however they will be moving out to deeper water.

Au Sable River: Steelhead are still making their way up to Foote Dam. Anglers are still seeing fish on the beds. Try spawn, wax worms, spinners or small spoons.

Tawas: Those trolling caught walleye, lake trout, steelhead or brown trout out past Buoy #2. Most are using spoons or crank baits. A few boats were working the waters around Buoys 4 and 6 near the reef. Pier anglers caught a few walleye and the rare Atlantic salmon. Those casting artificial baits caught and released bass.

Tawas River: Did not have much to report.

Au Gres: Walleye fishing was slow. Those heading north and fishing deeper in 30 to 50 feet off Point Lookout were getting a few with crank baits and bottom bouncers but most were heading south and fishing Buoys 1 and 2 in the shipping channel or to the Saganing Bar off the Pine River and fishing in 8 to 10 feet.

Upper Peninsula Fishing Report

Keweenaw Bay: The bite did pick up over the last week and those trolling did ok between the Baraga Marina and the L’Anse Marina when trolling 15 to 40 feet down in 20 to 60 feet. They caught chinook, coho, steelhead and the occasional splake.

Lake Antoine: Was producing some decent size perch. Bass anglers were starting to target largemouth around the weed beds.

Menominee River: Was producing steelhead and a good number of crappie.

Little Bay De Noc: Fishing was slow except for the smallmouth bass anglers. Perch anglers had mixed results with most reporting few fish being caught. They are fishing the head of the bay from the Day’s River south to the Third Reef. The better catches were in 24 to 35 feet with minnows or crawlers. Bass fishing was good at both ends of the bay including 4 to 10 feet off Garth Point when casting crank baits or plastics and near the Ford River for boat and shore anglers casting crank baits, spinners or plastics in 3 to 12 feet. The catch and keep bass season opens on Saturday May 23rd. The walleye opener is May 15th and both look to be good. Good areas to fish are usually the mouth of the Whitefish River, the Center and Third Reefs, the “Narrows”, the mouth of the Escanaba River and between the Ford River and Breezy Point. Trout fishing on the Escanaba River has been slow up near Boney Falls.

Big Bay De Noc: The perch catches in Garden Bay have tapered off. The perch do stay in the area and those willing to spend the time to find them will be rewarded. Those smallmouth bass fishing in Ogontz Bay caught good numbers of fish. Up near the Fish Dam River should also be good for smallmouth.

Marquette: Salmon anglers reported mixed results with a few taking one or two coho and chinook. Best areas have been outside the Lower Harbor and trolling to the Carp River in about 60 feet. Slightly better catch rates were reported towards the Sand River and Shot Point where anglers caught chinook and lake trout in 60 to 80 feet and in the Upper Harbor north of the white rocks, towards Little Presque Isle and east of Marquette in 150 feet. Shore fishing was slow with a few fish caught on crawlers near the mouth of the Carp River. Shore fishing has been somewhat restricted due to road construction on the Carp River Bridge.

Munising: The ice is finally gone! Catch rates for coho were fair for those trolling in 20 to 60 feet in Trout Bay and near Sand Point. Those using fresh spawn off the Anna River dock caught a variety of fish. Catch rates were poor for splake and whitefish. A few smelt have shown up in area rivers but catch rates were very low.

Grand Marais: No longer has ice. Anglers are trolling around West Bay or still-fishing off the pier. Catch rates for steelhead were low but whitefish have shown up and catch rates were excellent for those using a single egg or worm. Others are trolling in 15 to 40 feet near the mouth of the Sucker River with small spoons and rapalas. Limits of coho and whitefish were taken off the pier. The whitefish range 11 to 20 inches and the coho were 15 to 19 inches.

Two Hearted River: Steelhead fishing has been slow.

Detour: All the docks and buoys are in the water now. A couple Atlantic salmon and one lake trout were caught using sliders with blue and silver fly type baits in 45 feet.

Drummond Island: The spring run for yellow perch is just about done however anglers are still catching the occasional 7 to 9 inch fish in 3 to 5 feet off Sportsmen’s Club Point when using spreaders with a piece of worm or minnows. A couple pike measuring 28 to 30 inches were caught in Maxton Bay however pike season does not open until Friday May 15th. As water temperatures warm up bullhead and pumpkinseed will begin moving into the shallows to spawn.

Cedarville and Hessel: Perch fishing remains good in the Hessel Marina off the pier and the finger docks. Splake fishing remains excellent when trolling stick baits and spoons or casting off the pier.

Carp River: Anglers are targeting steelhead at the mouth and upstream to the bridge and the McDonald Rapids. They are using spawn bags, green and pink yarn, or casting with lures.

Southeast Lower Peninsula Fishing Report

Lake Erie: Is producing some walleye and white bass.

Lenawee County: A majority of anglers on Lake Hudson are targeting crappie and musky however success was limited. Perch and a few catfish were caught along the peninsula and campground. Live bait is the ticket. On Devils Lake, those targeting panfish have done well with minnows and wax worms along the weed beds in 4 to 10 feet. Anglers did well trolling and casting for pike and bass.

Detroit River: Walleye anglers reported that the morning bite was slowing down around 10 AM. Most of the better catches this past week came from waters in the northern half on the Canadian side. Catch rates were variable though some reported limit catches. Those fishing the waters in the southern half had more difficulty getting their bait to the bottom because of all the white bass. Most are still walleye fishing near the casino, the salt mines and “Cow Pasture” on the Canadian side, the Ambassador Bridge and up near Lake St. Clair. Some catches were reported on the Michigan side around Grosse Ile, Belle Isle and near Great Lakes Steel. Average size was 2 or 3 pounds. Good white bass fishing from the River Rouge down through the Trenton Channel. Smallmouth bass, musky, pike, suckers and freshwater drum were also caught. Water temperatures were 55 degrees.

Lake St. Clair: Clear water has dominated the lake, especially in the Anchor Bay area. Bass fishing has been good off the Mile Roads and the west side of Anchor Bay. DNR trap nets near the Salt River have been catching good numbers of legal-sized northern pike. A few walleye have been caught between Huron Point and the 400 Club. Water temperatures in Anchor Bay have been in the low to mid 50’s.

St. Clair River: Walleye fishing has been good near Marine City and Algonac. Schools of walleye are moving through the area and best fishing locations can change quickly. Jigging and whipping have been producing good catches. Water temperatures have been in the mid-40’s and extremely clear.

Lexington: Has steelhead in the harbor. Boat anglers working 40 to 100 feet have caught steelhead and chinook salmon on spoons in the top 20 feet. Lake trout are at the bottom and hitting on dodgers and spin-glows.

Port Sanilac: Steelhead have moved into the harbor.

Harbor Beach: Salmon and steelhead were caught in 70 to 100 feet north of the harbor when using spoons off downriggers and also on 2,3, 5, and 10 color lines with offshore boards. Hot colors were orange and black, white and black, blue and silver or green. Lake trout were north or straight out in 70 to 120 feet. Try dodgers with spin-glows or clean spoons. Steelhead are in the harbor.

Saginaw Bay: Weather has been the limiting factor. Walleye anglers are fishing crawler harnesses off Linwood in 18 to 22 feet, Gambil’s in 12 to 14 feet and around Spoils Island in 17 feet. Walleye fishing was fair between Quanicassee and Caseville. Fish were caught on crawler harnesses and body baits at Bay Port and Wildfowl Bay. Those fishing the Slot did well in 14 to 18 feet with crawler harnesses and crank baits. Good colors were purple, brass or pink. Channel catfish and white bass have also been caught. At Sebewaing, catfish were hitting on crawlers in the channel. At Port Austin, a few walleye were caught by pier anglers at night. The minnows were in and so were the steelhead and coho.

Tittabawassee River: The walleye run is winding down. A few are still being caught by those trolling near the Center Launch Train Bridge and Imerman Park. They are starting to catch white bass near the Train Bridge and Green Point Nature Center when casting or trolling artificial lures near shore. Gold was a good color. Those fishing down from the Dow Dam caught white bass or smallmouth bass.

Saginaw River: Walleye fishing slowed as the river was muddy.

Mott Lake: In Genesee County had high angler pressure for crappie but catch rates have slowed. They are using crawlers and minnows. A couple sub-legal walleye were caught on artificial baits. Catch and release fishing for large and smallmouth bass has been good.

Flint River: Activity has been slow on the river and its tributaries. Walleye fishing is down as most of the fish caught were undersize.

Southwest Lower Peninsula Fishing Report

St. Joseph: Fishing has slowed. Pier anglers are catching a few freshwater drum and catfish when using crawlers on the bottom. Boat anglers are catching a few trout and salmon but the fish are scattered in 40 to 180 feet.

St. Joseph River: Is producing crappie and the occasional walleye.

South Haven: Pier fishing was slow for all species. Boat anglers are still catching lake trout in waters 60 feet and deeper.

Grand Haven: Fishing has slowed. The water is cold and fishing pressure has been slow because of the weather. Pier anglers are casting spawn for steelhead and brown trout. Some are throwing cast nets for alewife to use as bait however few were caught. Boat anglers were trolling in 25 to 75 feet of water with short coppers and lead core with small spoons in orange or gold. Perch fishing has slowed as the fish are beginning to spawn. Try the 60 foot holes with spikes, wigglers and minnows.

Grand River at Grand Rapids: The steelhead run has slowed however the fish run off and on during the spring depending on water temperatures. Smallmouth bass and suckers are dominating the daily catch. More catfish are being caught as well. No reports of any walleye caught at the 6th Street Dam.

Lake Lansing: Is producing some crappie.

Jackson County: Many anglers are catch and release bass fishing. Panfish activity picks up with the warmer weather and some anglers were getting near limit catches.

Clinton County: Lake Ovid is producing some crappie. A few catfish are being caught in the Maple River.

Muskegon: Very few anglers have been fishing the piers. Boat anglers reported slow catch rates as the water is too cold. Most are trolling between the piers with small spoons. No perch to report.

Muskegon River: The steelhead run is starting to come to a close but the brown trout fishing has picked up. Small walleye have been caught right along with a fair to good number of

Happy Mother’s Day From Buc’s

1st Lady 1





SUNDAY, MAY 10, 2015

The Farmers, Gardeners and Mushroom Hunters have been praying for rain. Their prayers have been answered. The trees are budding. Everything green is growing. This also includes morel mushrooms. Hunters are finding good numbers of blacks. A few grays have been reported mixed in. Soon the yellows will pop as the weather warms. It was a slow start but now the hunt is on.

Bullheads are moving into the shallows at night. Lots of them.There’s no size or possession limit on bullheads. They’re easy to catch and are really fun. No fancy equipment, no boat or electronics. Just cast a crawlers and let it lay on the bottom. Lakes Cadillac and Mitchell have all three species, Black, Brown and yellow bellies. If you ever want to catch a Master Angler now is the time. It only takes 14″ to qualify. No more weighing or hassel. Catch 10 and the odds are one will be over 14 inches. Bring them to the Pilgrim Village and we’ll do the paper work and send it in for you.

Panfishermen have been catching crappies on a regular basis. Favorite spots like the Causeway on Lake Cadillac have been disappointing. One day they catch a few. The next 3 or 4 nothing happens. We have heard of several pike caught there. They must be scaring the crappie away. Hint. Hint. Pike are one of our favorites. Most we’ve seen are in the 24 to 28 inch range. The pike are still in the shallow water.

Bluegill catches are just starting, no evidence of spawning. Those caught have been in the shallows during the warmest part of the day–late afternoon.

There’s no shortage of Big Bass. Catch and Immediate realese Season is underway. This is the perfect time to sharpen your skills before Tournament Season begins. It will never be easier then now.

Mark your calendar, The 4th Annual Catchin Crappies to Cure Cancer Crappie Tournament is Saturday May 23, 2015. We ‘re catching them now–nail down your spot.

TURKEY HUNTERS: There are lots of turkey left in our area. The 234 Hunt opens May 4th thru the 31st. Licenses are available.

BEAR HUNTERS: Apply now. Applications for your bear license or point started May 1st through June 1st.

ELK HUNTERS: same as the bear, May 1st-June 1, 2015.

Bluegills Are Biting

Bluegill Fishing
Bluegill Fishing

Having lots of reports this week of bluegill are in the shallows and fisherman are getting limit catches. Around Traverse Lake Dubonnet, Spider Lake, Arbutus Lake, Green Lake have been good, Harrison area has been good for gills and crappie also.

Bluegill Tips
Bluegill Tips

Bluegill Tips

In the springtime, a bluegill is not particularly fussy about what it will attack and consume. Among the best baits for bluegill are night crawlers and earthworms, as well as leeches and red worms. Wax worms will also entice a bluegill to bite, as will crickets, corn and even bits of bacon. Artificial lures should have small hooks due to the smallish size of a bluegill’s mouth. Smaller spinning baits, artificial flies, tiny crank baits, poppers and jigs will all work when the bluegills are spawning. For the ultimate bluegill experience, use the lightest possible tackle, such as an ultralight spinning rod rigged with 2 to 4 lb. monofilament line. Keep hooks small to accommodate the bluegill’s mouth.

Bluegill Tactics
To catch bluegill one right after the other, hook your live bait, such as wax worms or night crawlers, on the hook underneath a small-sized bobber. Cast out and wait for the bobber to indicate a bite before setting the hook. A bluegill gives as good a fight as any freshwater fish, and it is imperative that you steer it clear of any structure in the water, such as branches or stumps, or you risk the line becoming tangled. Artificial lures such as jigs can be tipped with a small chunk of a worm or with wax worms to get the bluegills to bite.

Most small lakes in Northern Michigan have been producing with the warm weather.

In the East Bay, lake trout have been caught along the first drop-off in 15 to 35 feet or out deeper in 90 to 120 feet. Those jigging caught cisco. Some have started to target smallmouth bass in the shallows. Try locating baitfish and areas of warmer water and you should do well. In the West Bay, lake trout were caught by those trolling in waters as shallow as 10 feet and by those jigging out deeper in 185 feet. Pier anglers caught the occasional fish on minnows or spawn bags.

Boardman River: Steelhead fishing has been very slow due to dry weather and a low number of fish. There are plenty of suckers in the river as well as the occasional walleye or smallmouth bass.

Houghton Lake the crappie and gill fishing is great, with Reedsburg and Burkus creek reporting bluegills.

Wixom and Sanford Lake have a great crappie run with fatheads working best.

Portage Lake has perch bite but lots of small ones. Manistee seems to have bigger perch

Fishing continues to pick up as the weather improves. Inland lakes are starting to produce more bluegill, crappie, perch, walleye, pike and bass. Walleye and pike season on the Michigan-Wisconsin Boundary waters opened on May 2nd.

Tittabawassee River: Is still producing some walleye including a few limit catches even as the action slows. Most of the fish caught were males. Anglers did well upstream of the Center Road launch, the Railroad Bridge, Coty’s Landing and Imerman Park when using body baits or jigs and crawlers with light line.

Northwest Lower Peninsula Fishing Report

Trout streams were low and clear which makes it easier to wade but the fish are not as eager to bite. Inland lakes are producing crappie, bluegill, walleye, pike and bass.

Petoskey: The boat launch area in the marina still had ice and the docks are not in. Windy conditions blew the ice to the east end of the bay which opened up the breakwall and the clock dock. Pier anglers continue to pick up a few fish. They caught steelhead, brown trout or lake trout on spawn bags.

Bear River: Steelhead fishing is still slow as water levels are low. The few caught were taken on spawn bags. A couple brown trout were hooked up near the dam. The river is full of suckers.

Charlevoix: Fishing was slow. Boat anglers heading out for perch had no luck but a few lake trout were caught in shallow waters south of the port.

Elk River: Still has some steelhead below the dam along with plenty of suckers and a few smallmouth bass. Those using spawn bags had limited success for steelhead.

Frankfort: Those trolling the harbor and the outside walls caught brown trout on spoons and small body baits. Black, gold and orange were good colors. Steelhead are still in the area and chrome fish have been caught.

Onekama: Anglers casting spoons off the north pier caught brown trout and the occasional lake trout. Walleye were reported around the rocks.

Portage Lake: The perch are biting though anglers are sorting through the small ones to find keepers. The fish are hitting on minnows and wigglers in the early morning. The perch bite will only last 4 or 5 days so anglers need to get out there. Walleye anglers trolling crawler harnesses have also caught a few perch.

Lake Cadillac: Anglers are starting to catch panfish and the occasional walleye. Catch and release bass fishing should be good soon.

Lake Mitchell: Those fishing in Big Cove were catching crappie.

Manistee: Boats trolling the shoreline with orange body baits and spoons are catching brown trout and lake trout. Pier anglers caught a few perch on wigglers. Those casting spoons or floating minnows caught the occasional brown trout.

Ludington: Brown trout and lake trout have been caught by boat anglers trolling the shoreline. Orange spoons and body baits were the ticket. Pier fishing was slow.

Pentwater: Lake trout along with the occasional brown trout have been caught in 30 to 40 feet. Anglers ventured a good distance north and south of the piers. Green flies and blue or watermelon spoons worked best.

Northeast Lower Peninsula Fishing Report

Ocqueoc River: Anglers reported empty beds as it seems the last rain must have brought some fish in, they spawned and left. The few being caught are stragglers. Try drifting spawn bags or flies and jigs in the holes.

Rogers City: Water temperatures are still very cold. Those out trolling are targeting lake trout south towards Calcite Harbor, Swan Bay and Adams Point. Try shallow waters out to about 60 feet and fish just off the bottom when using cowbells with spin glows or dodgers. Try spoons or body baits up high for Atlantic salmon.

Alpena: Boat anglers are trolling spoons and body baits for Atlantic salmon, lake trout and walleye near the mouth of the river, the cement plant and around the island. Pier anglers casting at night have caught the occasional walleye, lake trout or Atlantic salmon.

Thunder Bay River: Is still being overrun with suckers. A few more steelhead entered the river but the numbers are way down and most likely due to little or no run off this spring. Most are drifting artificial flies or egg patterns up at the 9th Street Dam.

Harrisville: Lake trout are being caught near the harbor. Those trolling for walleye with planer boards and body baits or spoons are picking up lake trout. Walleye are in the area but seem to have lockjaw which might be because the surface water temperature is only 48 degrees.

Oscoda: Pier fishing has started to bring in a mix of steelhead, lake trout, walleye and suckers. Anglers are using body baits, spoons, jigs and worms. Walleye are starting to come in, in good numbers and fish are being caught at all times of the day and night.

Au Sable River: Look for steelhead to be up on the beds. Over the last week fish have started to move up river and look very fresh.

Houghton Lake: Fishing continues to be slow most likely because of temperatures dropping at night. A couple bluegill and crappie were caught but the fish appear to have lockjaw for now.

Tawas: Those trolling have caught Atlantic salmon, brown trout and walleye when using husky jerks and rapalas in 20 to 40 feet. Pier anglers reported no minnows so no perch. A few walleye and Atlantic salmon were caught in the evening.

Tawas River: Was slow with only the occasional walleye, sucker or catch and release smallmouth bass reported.

Au Gres: Had lots of boating activity. Some caught walleye in 15 to 40 feet off Pinconning or Palmer Road when trolling husky jerks, bottom bouncers and crawler harnesses.

Au Gres River: Those fishing near the Singing Bridge were casting for the steelhead and walleye.

Upper Peninsula Fishing Report

Keweenaw Bay: The bite has been slow but those trolling at the South Portage Entry caught some nice lake trout on spoons in a variety of colors in 120 to 150 feet. Those jigging caught lake trout in 130 to 150 feet between Farmers Reef and the Mud Banks. In Traverse Bay, lake trout were caught by those trolling in 120 to 160 feet and those jigging in 140 to 180 feet near Big Louie’s Point. Steelhead were caught in the Falls River in L’Anse.

Menominee River: Walleye are being caught in the Turn Basin by those using jig heads and live bait. Those trolling at the mouth and beyond are getting some walleye and brown trout.

Marquette: Catch rates picked up slightly with a few more coho caught by boat and shore anglers. Most are targeting salmon and steelhead and some caught one or two lake trout. Boat anglers trolling in 40 to 60 feet outside the Lower Harbor and up to the Carp River caught salmon and the occasional steelhead or brown trout. Shore anglers at the mouth of the Carp River had little success when using crawlers or spawn. Surface temperatures are still in the 30’s but were upper 30’s to 40 degrees near the mouth of the Carp River and the Chocolay River.

Au Train Lake: The dock at the public launch was not in yet.

Munising: Depending on wind direction, ice still remains and is being pushed around in some areas. Boat anglers were targeting coho in 15 to 30 feet near the mouth of the Anna River when the ice was absent. Most were using worms. Those still-fishing or jigging from small boats caught coho on spawn and worms. Only a few splake and whitefish were caught and steelhead fishing was minimal. Smelt were in some of the rivers but catch rates were low. Rain by the weekend could help.

Grand Marais: Still has some ice moving around in the bay and is very unpredictable. Anglers need to pay close attention to wind direction. The pier is not safe due to mounds of ice still covering it so anglers are fishing off the wall near the parking lots. Mounds of ice about 5 feet high remain near the mouth of the Sucker River. Catch rates exploded over the last week for boat anglers trolling in 15 to 40 feet near the mouth of the Sucker River. Small spoons and rapalas were the ticket. Limit catches were reported with fish ranging 15 to 23 inches. Coho were caught in the Sucker River.

Detour: The ice is off the St. Mary’s River at Detour Village. All the access sites are open and clear of ice however the docks may not be in yet. As the smelt run begins Atlantic salmon should be available so target the rocky points and feeder creeks. A chrome colored crank bait with a blue back should work well for Atlantic salmon.

Drummond Island: The yellow perch run has started in Maxton Bay. Anglers were catching fish 7 to 9.5 inches with the occasional 11 or 12 inch fish. They were drifting minnows with red beaded spreaders in 6 to 8 feet off the Sportsman’s Club.

Cedarville and Hessel: Splake season is open and anglers were doing well off the marina pier at Hessel when using minnows or smelt. Harvest from boats is a bit slower than the pier, with anglers fishing Hessel Bay and Wilderness Bay. A few perch were caught inside the marina.

Southeast Lower Peninsula Fishing Report

Lake Erie: Walleye anglers are trolling crawler harnesses in Brest Bay. Boat anglers trolling or jigging in Ohio waters reported fair to good catches. Perch anglers are targeting the Dumping Grounds and Brest Bay. Bass anglers are fishing the shallows and the weed beds.

Lenawee County: Lake Hudson is producing a few perch and crappie. A couple musky were caught and released. Devils Lake was producing pike and bass along the drop-offs. A few limit catches of crappie were reported. Surface water temperatures were between 59 and 62 degrees.

Detroit River: While catch rates were variable, limit catches were reported. Most are targeting walleye but activity has also increased for white bass. Good catches still remain near Great Lakes Steel, the salt mines and the “Cow Pasture” on the Canadian side, near the Ambassador Bridge and up near Lake St. Clair. Average size continues to fall below 3 pounds but a few were up around 6 pounds. Anglers had some luck at most access sites. Several white bass were caught between Trenton and Wyandotte. Some caught the occasional smallmouth bass, musky, northern pike and suckers. Water temperatures were near 50 degrees.

Lake St. Clair: Had some good bass fishing reports coming from the Mile Roads. Anglers caught good numbers of crappie and sunfish in the canals and marinas. Rock bass are hitting in the Clinton River. Water temperatures in Anchor Bay ranged 52 to 55 degrees.

St. Clair River: Water temperatures were in the mid-40’s. Walleye fishing is picking up in the Algonac area and should improve further north as water temperatures rise. A couple steelhead and brown trout were caught.

Lexington: Those trolling caught a mix of steelhead and coho in waters between 8 and 50 feet deep. Pier anglers caught fish when casting small Cleo’s with minnows.

Port Sanilac: Those trolling for coho north of the port in 12 feet were getting the occasional walleye or lake trout. Most are using planer boards and rapalas.

Harbor Beach: Boat anglers caught steelhead and Atlantic salmon in various depths. There were rumors of chinook salmon caught as well but no word on size.

Saginaw Bay: Walleye were caught off Linwood in16 to 18 feet, Gambils in 17 feet, the Spark Plug in 17 to 20 feet, Spoils Island in 17 feet and off Jones Road in 6 feet. Some are still jigging while others are switching to crawler harnesses. When the winds allowed, walleye fishing was very good off Quanicassee with limit catches reported in 7 to 9 feet in the morning or in 12 feet on the Coryeon Reef and 15 feet in the Slot. Sebewaing had no boat activity but shore anglers at both Caseville and Sebewaing caught the occasional walleye, catfish, freshwater drum or smallmouth bass. At Port Austin, catch rates were slow for those trolling. Pier anglers caught a few Atlantic and one coho when casting Cleo’s. Smallmouth bass were caught and released. At Grindstone City, a few lake trout were caught on cut bait in 50 feet.

Tittabawassee River: Is still producing some walleye including a few limit catches even as the action slows. Most of the fish caught were males. Anglers did well upstream of the Center Road launch, the Railroad Bridge, Coty’s Landing and Imerman Park when using body baits or jigs and crawlers with light line.

Mott Lake: In Genesee County has boat anglers trolling for walleye but catch rates were slow. For crappie, anglers are bobber fishing in the shallows. Shore anglers are using minnows.

Southwest Lower Peninsula Fishing Report

St. Joseph: Fish are still being caught in 20 to 40 feet but in fewer numbers. Pier fishing has slowed with only a couple brown trout and coho caught by those fishing spawn on the bottom.

St. Joseph River: Walleye fishing was slow. Anglers are still getting the occasional steelhead and some suckers.

South Haven: Boat anglers have done well for lake trout when using spin-glows in 60 feet. Pier fishing has slowed.

Black River: Walleye fishing was slow.

Grand Haven: Pier angling slowed for steelhead and brown trout. Anglers are using spawn or casting spoons. Perch fishing is getting better, but not every boat is getting limit catches. They are fishing all 3 holes south of the pier and not one seems to be out fishing the other. Use minnows, wigglers or spikes and look for all the boats. Anglers caught chinook, lake trout, brown trout and steelhead when trolling between the shoreline and 100 feet of water when using short coppers and lead core with jointed body baits and small lures in spring colors.

Grand River at Grand Rapids: Steelhead continue to be caught but in fewer numbers. Most are drifting spawn below the 6th Street Dam. Catch rates for walleye and catfish were still slow but lots of suckers and more smallmouth bass have been caught.

Muskegon: Pier and shore fishing slowed. Spawn is still the bait of choice. Those trolling caught salmon and trout along the shoreline and in between the north and south piers with short lead core and coppers with spoons in blue veggie, UV, orange or gold. No perch to report.

Muskegon River: Continues to produce some chrome colored steelhead. Try spawn, artificial eggs or a piece of crawler.

Whitehall: Pier anglers caught northern pike and walleye in the early morning hours. The occasional brown trout was caught on minnows. Water temperatures are still cold so anglers should still find fair catches in the shallows.

The Texas rig

The Texas rig
The Texas rig

Texas Rig

What is it?
The Texas rig is a versatile rig that can be used both weighted and unweighted. It’s a simple hook and works in many applications.

What does it do?
Unweighted the texas rig is perfect for top-fishing or for incredibly slow presentation. Weighted the Texas rig jigs and bobs at the bottom presenting itself well.

Perch are in Portage Lake

Portage Lake Perch
Portage Lake Perch

The perch moved into Portage Lake from Lake Michigan Saturday with guys catching perch the last two day finally Call Osborn’s Sport at 231-889-3775

also perch at Manistee Pier and in the mouth of the river call Don’s @ 231-723-5028

SUNDAY, MAY 3, 2015

The lakes are warming. The birds are cherping and the mushrooms are popping. It’s truly Spring and everything is happening outdoors.

The bite has picked up since the opener. If you’re a panfisherman the West side of Lake Mitchell is the place to start. Bluegill and Crapppies have been staging in the Big and Small Coves. Neither appear to be spawning yet but are enjoying the warmer water and fresh growth of weeds. The Pike and Bass prowl the same weed cover feeding on them.

The Boat Launches on Lake Cadillac are filling. The words out on the crappie catches. No boat is necessary at the City Dock and the fishing has been good. Stingers of crappie are normal, but lately several Northerns have been caught. Small crappie rigs account for accidental catches of up to 30 inch pike. Only a few actually target them.

On both lakes the walleye are out deeper until dark. It’s too early for any hot spots or which lake is better. Same for baits, both live and artificials are working. Those casting artificials do best with a slow retrieve. Minnow type lures are effective, especially Rapala Husky Jerks and Jointed Rapalas.

Randy Johnson.  Fishing before dark on the City Dock he landed a 31 5/8 inch, 18.7 pound carp
Randy Johnson. Fishing before dark on the City Dock he landed a 31 5/8 inch, 18.7 pound carp

The Fish of the week was caught by Randy Johnson. Fishing before dark on the City Dock he landed a 31 5/8 inch, 18.7 pound carp. Those of us who have lived here any length of time have never seen or caught carp in our lakes. Hopefully this Master Angler was a loaner. Per our local DNR Fish Biologist, “If any other carp are caught they shoud not be returned to the lake.”