Dave caught this big 21" Walleye
Dave caught this big 21″ Walleye


Hopefully we’re at the beginning of the end of the warm winter. The nights are starting to get down into the teens and the days are in the twenties and low thirties. The lakes want to freeze. They will once the wind stops. Twenty and thirty mph winds have been common and gusts stronger than that. Many in the area were without power for Christmas and the weekend. Smaller lakes and ponds in the area have skim ice on them. One calm night would skim our lakes over. It will build from there. All we can do is wait.
Some are not waiting, Pike and Walleye anglers have been fishing from shore and a few in boats. Pike have been cooperative for bobber fishermen with minnows and casting Rapalas from shore in the shallows. The same technique is working for Walleyes but it’s best after dark, even on the grey overcast days.
There hasn’t been much interest in panfish, not sure why. If we had ice most would be fishing for Crappies and Gills.
The river rats are finding good action on the Manistee River. Boat and shore fishermen are catching Steelhead. Some are even bragging of the numbers they have on. Flies, Spawn, Beads and Jigs tipped with Waxworms have all been effective. As a bonus many Browns and the occasional late run Coho have been caught. The Betsie River has also been good for Steelhead.

Fishing Report 12/26/15


Lake Gogebic: Cautious ice anglers were venturing out after single digit temperatures over the weekend started the ice making process. There was ice on the north end of the lake off Bergland Bay. Catch rates for walleye and yellow perch were light. Anglers need to remember that first ice can be dangerous and unpredictable, so use extreme caution. Use the buddy system and wear a lifesaving vest or carry a throwable device. The Michigan Natural Resources Commission changed the walleye size limit which went into effect immediately. The new regulation will allow anglers the option of keeping two small walleyes from 13 to 15 inches within their five-fish daily possession limit.

Northeast Lower Peninsula Fishing Report
With no ice and warm weather, walleye anglers are taking fish on the inland lakes. Those pursuing rainbows on the inland streams reported moderate success.

Au Sable River: Those fly fishing have caught some steelhead and a few brown trout as open water fishing continues this late in the year.

Burt Lake: Anglers were catching some walleye.

Grand Lake: Was producing a few perch.

Thunder Bay River: Was still producing the occasional whitefish.

Au Sable River: Steelhead are moving upriver.

Au Gres River: Those fishing the East Branch are still taking the occasional steelhead when floating spawn.

Northwest Lower Peninsula Fishing Report

Hamlin Lake good bluegill with spikes working best

Portage Lake has been good for perch with minnows working best

There is no ice to report in the entire region. Most of those fishing can be found along the rivers.

Frankfort: Pier anglers have caught some steelhead.

Betsie River: Steelhead fishing is good for those still trying. The warmer weather is keeping the fish and the anglers around.

Manistee: Menominee whitefish have been caught off the pier. Those surfcasting have caught a fair number of steelhead. Coho were also caught recently.

Manistee River: Continues to produce good steelhead action. The water was stained after the rain. Anglers are casting or drifting with bright colored trout beads. Also try flies, wax worms, spawn or small spoons.

Ludington: Steelhead were caught by pier anglers and those surfcasting when the weather allows.
Pere Marquette River: Is still producing steelhead.