Gary Townsend from Prudenville bagged this monster 14-point
Gary Townsend from Prudenville bagged this monster 14-point





HUGE BUCK!! Gary Townsend from Prudenville bagged this monster 14-point with a 20″ spread. He was hunting on private property in Clare county. Awesome job, Gary!!

Baitman Slow Fishing Report 11/17/16











Good Luck to everybody and be safe in the woods.

Things are slow this week with just a handful guys heading to the water as most  in the woods on this warm opener.

Walleye fishing has picked up and a few guys are using suckers and catching nice smallmouth. Perch fishing has slowed as many report lots of sorting this week.

They have been catching walleye off the pier at Whitehall, Hesperia has been fair for steelhead


Northwest Lower Peninsula Fishing Report

The rivers are low and clear which makes steelhead fishing more difficult. Despite that, a few were still caught in local rivers such as the Betsie, Manistee, Little Manistee and the Pere Marquette. The better action right now was pier and surf fishing at Frankfort, Manistee and Ludington.

Lake Leelanau: Boat anglers using shiners picked up a few perch. For walleye, try trolling, drifting or jigging in the south lake.

Traverse City: Continues to produce lake herring for boat anglers fishing in the East Bay off Elk Rapids.

Portage Lake: Boat anglers were taking some perch but also sorting out the small ones. Try 12 to 18 feet off Portage Point or Crescent Beach.

Manistee: The few boats still heading out have caught steelhead. Pier anglers and those surfcasting should find fish in the early morning or late evening.

Manistee Lake: Those trolling have caught a couple good size coho and steelhead. Most were trolling body baits like flatfish. Those same anglers have also caught the occasional pike but most were too small.

Big Manistee River: Water clarity has increased throughout the lower section. Steelhead were hitting in the early morning but were skittish when the sun comes out. Anglers drifting spawn were hard pressed and those casting crank baits said catch rates were hit-or-miss. Flies and beads seemed to be the most consistent.

Upper Peninsula Fishing Report

Little Bay De Noc: Water temperatures remain in the high 40’s to low 50’s. Walleye action picked up some with morning anglers fairing the best. Catches varied but the best action was in and around 10 feet between the Third and the Center Reefs when trolling stick baits. Some were also caught in 18 to 24 feet. Perch catches were down with only a few fish reported around the Day’s River and south to the reefs. Walleye anglers were catching northern pike but many were undersize.

Two Hearted River: Has some steelhead with more fresh fish moving in. Anglers should anticipate more fish with the upcoming colder temperatures. This time of year can be a very good time to fish as many anglers are out hunting.

Tahquamenon River: Had good musky fishing.


Northeast Lower Peninsula Fishing Report

Mullett Lake: Windy conditions have kept boat anglers off the lake. The docks have been pulled out at both of the DNR launches. Surface water temperatures were near 50 degrees. Those targeting bass have caught fish.

Alpena: With colder weather moving in this weekend, whitefish could start moving into the shallows.

Au Sable River: Steelhead have been caught from the mouth up to Foote Dam.

Tawas: Did not have much angler activity. A couple pier anglers have caught the occasional whitefish however it was still too warm and the fish will not come into the shallows to spawn.


Southeast Lower Peninsula Fishing Report

Lake Erie: Those targeting yellow perch were still taking fish especially around Brest Bay, Stony Point and near the Raisin River Channel. White bass are still being caught as well.

Detroit River: Walleye anglers are still taking fish especially on the Canadian side when jigging or hand-lining.

Lake St. Clair: Continues to produce yellow perch, musky and bass.

St. Clair River: A few walleye were still being caught near Marine City and just north of the launch at Algonac. Some did better in Canadian waters. Catch and release sturgeon fishing has also been good.

Saginaw Bay: Boat anglers were still taking a good number of yellow perch throughout the bay. Most were targeting 6 to 12 feet. Walleye anglers reported slow fishing.

Saginaw River: Walleye anglers found some fish in the lower river.

Southwest Lower Peninsula Fishing Report

St. Joseph River: Anglers should find some steelhead all the up to the Berrien Springs Dam. Try spawn and beads, flies or small spoons and rapalas.

Kalamazoo River: Is producing steelhead below the Allegan Dam. Those fishing early morning or late evening caught the occasional walleye.

Grand Haven: Pier anglers and those surfcasting have caught steelhead on spawn. A few whitefish were caught on a small minnow or wax worm.

Grand River at Grand Rapids: Had reports of a good number of steelhead seen from the bridge and up near the Sixth Street Dam. Spawn and beads were catching fish. Catch rates should be good by the weekend with rain and snow in the forecast.

Grand River at Lansing: Pike and smallmouth bass are still being caught near the North Lansing Dam and near Grand Ledge.

Looking Glass River: Is a good place to target pike. Anglers can try Babcock’s Landing off Round Lake Road or downtown Dewitt.

Granger Pond: Near Lansing in Granger Meadows Park was producing some bluegills. This would be a good place to take the kids fishing.

Muskegon River: Water levels were low and clear. Anglers are getting some nice steelhead all the way up to Croton Dam and the fishing will only get better as temperatures drop and rain moves in. A few brown trout were also caught.

Baitman Fishing Report 11/10/2016

Portage Lake Whooper Perch
Portage Lake Whooper Perch



Lake Margrethe has been hot this week for perch and they have been good size also. Call Skip’s Sport for the latest report 989-348-7111

Portage Lake has been good this week for perch  but more sorting this week.



ciscoes from Grand Traverse East Bay
ciscoes from Grand Traverse East Bay

Ciscoes fishing has been awesome this week on Grand Traverse East Bay out of Elk Rapids

Long Lake has been fair but more small fish the last few days.

Glen Lake and Lake Leelanau the perch bite has been good with Big Glen for a couple days was awesome with jumbo perch biting on shiners and wigglers.

Burt and Mullet have been fair for perch this week


Tippy Dam has been good for steelhead with waxworks working best



Northwest Lower Peninsula Fishing Report

Salmon are pretty much done and steelhead fishing is the main game in this area of the state however we need more rain. The rivers are all low and clear, which makes fishing more difficult.

Traverse City: Boat anglers fishing the East Bay have caught a few lake herring between Elk Rapids and the Bluffs. Try Swedish pimples.

Frankfort: Surf and pier fishing for steelhead should be good.

Portage Lake: Boat anglers were doing well for yellow perch when using shiners. Try the west side of the lake near the channel in 12 to 18 feet. Many were smaller but some found fish up to 14 inches.

Lakes Cadillac and Mitchell: A few anglers were out enjoying the nice weather. Most were targeting bass and walleye. Some bluegills were also caught.

Manistee: Surf and pier fishing for steelhead should be good.

Manistee Lake: Continues to produce some steelhead and coho between the Stronach Launch and the Packaging Corporation. Out in the open portions of the lake anglers managed to catch a couple coho here and there.

Big Manistee River: Anglers were hooking up on a steady stream of steelhead from Bear Creek down to the M-55 Bridge. Artificial baits including beads and flies continue to take more fish than spawn. Up at Tippy Dam, those chasing steelhead have caught fish but the numbers were low. Casting above the coffer dam yielded better results but anglers were putting in their time. Water above the coffer dam is a deeper pool and typically holds a lot of fish. Flies and wax worms were the ticket for fish up river.

Ludington: Surf and pier fishing for steelhead should be good. Boat anglers just outside the piers found fish in the top 30 feet when using very small spoons.


Northeast Lower Peninsula Fishing Report

Mullett Lake: Perch fishing was still slow near the Indian River. Most were lucky to get 10 to 20 keepers per trip. Bass anglers were blaming the unseasonably warm water temperatures for the slow fishing.

Alpena: If boats can get out, try fishing the reefs for whitefish. Colder weather is needed before the whitefish will come into the shallows to spawn.

Thunder Bay River: With the warmer temperatures, look for steelhead in the deeper holes. The better fishing is usually early morning or late evening.

Oscoda: The better walleye fishing was after dark for both boat and pier anglers.

Au Sable River: Steelhead fishing slowed with the warm weather. Those finding fish were targeting the deeper holes with spawn, spinners, flies or wax worms.

Houghton Lake: Again had few anglers but a couple boats were out for walleye. Catch rates were very slow during the day so try fishing at night. Even the panfish bite was slow with only a couple small bluegills and crappie caught.


Upper Peninsula Fishing Report

Lake Gogebic: Was producing a few walleye. The better fishing was after dark with minnows.

Menominee River: Walleye, brown trout and whitefish were still being caught from the Hattie Street Dam to Stephenson Island. Anglers are using a jig tipped with a minnow or piece of crawler, stick baits, flies and spoons. The walleye bite seems to be best during periods of low light.

Little Bay De Noc: The warm weather is keeping the water temperatures warmer than they should be for this time of year. Walleye anglers have mostly fished the northern Bay from the First Reef to the Day’s River. Catch rates were fair at best during the day and a little better at night. Day anglers were trolling crawler harnesses in deeper water 18 to 35 feet while the night anglers were trolling crank baits or stick baits along the reefs in 10 to 24 feet. Perch anglers reported fair to good catches but the bite slowed. Most were using minnows in 10 to 28 feet along the north end of the Bay. Northern pike remain active throughout and were caught by walleye anglers.

Tahquamenon River: Those trolling have caught a few musky.


Southeast Lower Peninsula Fishing Report

Lake Erie: Yellow perch fishing was good in Brest Bay. Those fishing in 20 to 25 feet around Stony Point and the Raisin River Channel were getting some limit catches when using spreaders with minnows on the bottom. Good size white bass were plentiful.

Huron River: Steelhead fishing up near Flat Rock slowed with the warmer temperatures.

Detroit River: Walleye fishing was good in the Trenton Channel. A few fish were also caught by those hand-lining or jigging in Canadian waters.

Lake St. Clair: Had good perch fishing at Grosse Pointe, Fair Haven and the area around Grassy Island. Those trolling or casting for musky have done well. Bluegill, crappie and pumpkinseed fishing continues to be productive in the canals and shallows.

St. Clair River: The few anglers still out targeting walleye are doing well with limit catches during the day for those jigging. Good reports came from Marine City, Algonac, Harsens Island and Decker’s Landing. Those targeting sturgeon are also doing well. The catch-and-release hook and line fishing for lake sturgeon continues through November 30th.

Lexington: Had a fair to good number of Atlantic salmon in the harbor. Those trolling small spoons caught fish.

Saginaw Bay: Boat anglers should still find some yellow perch in 6 to 15 feet.

Southwest Lower Peninsula Fishing Report

St. Joseph River: Should have some steelhead. Try up near the Berrien Springs Dam with spawn. Fish will move through the ladders until water temperatures are consistently below 45 degrees.

Kalamazoo River: Steelhead fishing slowed but those targeting the deeper holes did find some fish. A couple walleye were taken up near the Allegan Dam.

Holland: Pier anglers and those surfcasting have caught some steelhead.

Grand Haven: Pier anglers and those surfcasting have caught steelhead on spawn. Some have caught a few Menominee whitefish when still-fishing with a minnow.

Grand River at Grand Rapids: Some steelhead were caught up near the Sixth Street Dam. We need rain to push more fish up into the system. Those fishing the backwaters found some bluegills and crappie.

Grand River at Lansing: Had very good smallmouth bass action near the North Lansing Dam. Fish 16 inches and longer weighing 2 to 3 pounds have been caught on tube jigs, spec minnows and shiners. Good northern pike action as well for those using pike minnows and cut-up bluegills.

Muskegon River: Water levels were down just a bit but anglers are still getting some steelhead on spawn, egg flies and trout beads. Try bright flashy colors because of all the leaves in the river.

Perch are Still on the Bite


Portage Lake seems to be the hotspot for perch still as bait shops around the lake are selling lots of perch shiners for this time of year. Seventy degrees today and guys are getting there boats out for one more try.

Long Lake and Lake leelanau are producing perch on minnows and wigglers but lots of sorting.

Skegemog and Crystal lake perch are reported small perch.

Lake Margrethe, Higgins, Mullet and Burt have a perch bite with quite a few guys fishing Burt’s Maple Bay.

Ciscoes are biting on East Bay between Elk Rapids and the Bluffs.




Northeast Lower Peninsula Fishing Report

Cheboygan River: Has some smaller steelhead. Rain and cooler temperatures will bring more fish into the river system.

Ocqueoc River: Should have some steelhead in the lower river.

Mullett Lake: Perch fishing slowed but those fishing in front of the Indian River were getting 10 to 20 per trip. Smallmouth bass anglers were taking around 5 fish per trip. Walleye and bass were caught near the mouth of the Cheboygan River.

Thunder Bay River: Has had a small but steady collection of anglers up at the Ninth Street Dam. Most are targeting steelhead but could also be getting the odd chinook salmon. Water temperatures are still on the warm side but runoff from recent rains will usually trigger the steelhead runs.

Oscoda: Still had decent walleye fishing around the pier heads.

Au Sable River: Anglers were getting some nice brown trout. Steelhead anglers were getting fish all the way up to Foote Dam. Try spawn, spoons, spinners, flies or wax worms.

Higgins Lake: Lake trout are still being caught by those vertical jigging in 80 to 100 feet. A few rainbow trout were caught by shore anglers. Perch were caught in 35 to 45 feet.

Houghton Lake: Had very few anglers but those heading out have caught a couple walleye just before dark. Most are using minnows.

Tawas: Look for more perch moving into the harbor as they are chasing the baitfish. Pier anglers casting at night are getting some walleye and a few pike during the day.

Au Gres: Anglers should still find some good perch fishing. Target waters 35 to 50 feet deep off the Gravelly Shoals, near the NOAA weather buoy and the end of the shipping channel. Perch can also be found between the Saganing and the Pinconning Bars.

Northwest Lower Peninsula Fishing Report

Salmon are on the downslide in all area rivers. Most of the remaining chinook are dark and deteriorating. Walleye fishing should be good on the inland lakes with the lower water temperatures. Anglers will want to try casting or trolling body baits in the shallows during low-light periods.

Lake Leelanau: Had fair to good yellow perch fishing and walleye were caught in the shallows.

Bear River: Still has some steelhead, lake trout and a few coho being caught.

Boardman River: Fishing was slower here. Try early morning or late evening for steelhead, brown trout and lake trout.

Frankfort: Steelhead have been caught by those trolling, pier anglers and by those surfcasting.

Manistee: When they can get out, those trolling have caught steelhead. Try orange spoons. Pier anglers have caught fish on spawn. Those surfcasting caught fish on small spoons or spawn.

Manistee Lake: Was producing coho and steelhead near the mouth of the Little Manistee River. Anglers were bouncing jigs and spinners off the bottom in the deeper areas.

Big Manistee River: Some fresh coho were caught. Steelhead numbers are decent especially for boat anglers fishing from High Bridge down. Beads, flies and crank baits were producing in the early morning. Spawn was not doing as well as artificial baits but anglers are still catching fish when drifting smaller sacs on the bottom. A few more lake trout were caught up near Tippy Dam when drifting beads.

Little Manistee River: Also had some fresh coho being caught.

Ludington: When the winds allow, those surfcasting caught steelhead on small spoons or spawn. Pier anglers also found fish when floating spawn. Boat anglers were few but those able to get out did find some fish in 100 to 125 feet. Most were fishing the top 50 feet.

Pere Marquette River: Continues to produce some steelhead. Try spawn and beads.

Upper Peninsula Fishing Report

Menominee River: Is producing catches of walleye and brown trout from the Hattie Street Dam to the mouth. Stephenson Island and the Fishermen’s Walkway at Hattie Street were the hot spots. Stick baits and spoons have been working well along with flies and live bait. Whitefish are starting to show up.

Little Bay De Noc: Walleye anglers reported fair catches from the Second Reef to the Center Reef when trolling stick baits in 18 to 25 feet. The best catches were taken at night. The Kipling Flats reported a few day catches when trolling the same in and around 30 feet. Perch anglers reported fair catches in and around the Day’s River with minnows in 10 to 18 feet. Northern pike remain active throughout the Bay and were caught by those trolling crank baits in 20 feet or less.

Escanaba River: Shore anglers were still targeting salmon up at the 1st Dam but only a few catches were reported.

Big Bay De Noc: Had a handful of smallmouth anglers. Most were fishing minnows or plastics in 15 to 25 feet between Fayette and Burnt Bluff. The big fish were found along the break in 25 feet.

Two Hearted River: Water levels have dropped considerably following the recent rainfall. Steelhead are now in the river and anglers are catching them near the mouth and the Reed and Green Bridge. The salmon are pretty much done as the fish being caught are very dark.