We are Ice Fishing but still be careful!


Jeff got this big walleye today on a sucker on Lake Missaukee by Lake City with a tip up caught on bait from Miller’s corner they are fully stocked call Casey to find out where to go

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ICE UPDATE From Armstrong’s Bait on White Lake!

We still have 4″ of ice at the end of our docks and the shanty town is still thriving over at the old Wesley’s Marina. However there is open water where the current cuts through the harbor. Keep your spud and spikes handy. We expect a slow melt to continue through the next couple days.
There’s a lot of activity around Tannery Bay as the pike have been biting well. The two pictured were pulled from there yesterday afternoon(26″ and 38″). We also just got a delivery of spearing decoys in for those of you that are putting out your spearing shanties this weekend. Happy Fishing!

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Guys are getting out ice fishing but be careful


Ice update! Lake Mitchell and Lake Cadillac 12/28/16. What a difference a couple of days makes. All of the snow is melted off the top and refroze. There seems to be a good 4″ to 7″ of ice near all the public access sites. I checked over by Thirsty’s gas station, Big cove, Kenwood Park and the city boat launch.

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Ice fishing is fairly solid here in the Ludington area. Jeff took this 32″ pike with a spear yesterday evening. Ice off of Wilson Hill is about 6″.

Tight lines,

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Buc’s Fishing Report



Lake Missaukee  

There’s a SOLID 6″ of ice on Missaukee. Miller’s Corner  good friend Jason checked the ice out today for us & he even rode his quad. Please still use caution & be safe. Opening at 7am. Fish on! Call Miller’s Corner @ 231-839-0440 for latest info

Cadillac and Mitchell- Ice update! Lake Mitchell and Lake Cadillac 12/28/16. What a difference a couple of days makes. All of the snow is melted off the top and refroze. There seems to be a good 4″ to 7″ of ice near all the public access sites. I checked over by Thirsty’s gas station, Big cove, Kenwood Park and the city boat launch. Call Pilgrim Village for the latest update

Houghton Lake has 5 to 7 inches of ice and pike and walleye,  and panfish have been biting,  Lyman’s on the Lake 989-422-3231., Four Season Party Store 989-422-5230 and  H&H Fireworks (989) 366-0126, Papa’s Bait 989-429-5780

Around Traverse City Green, Duck and Long are  froze but nobody has been out very far on the lake. Spider Lake, Arbutus, Ellis Lake, Lake Dubonnet(mud Lake) also have 5 to 7 inches

Fife Lake is froze and pike have been biting on the smaller lakes  call Kathy’s Lakeside Party Store 231-879-4346 for latest info

Hamlin Lake has ice and guys are just starting to fish Ice off of Wilson Hill is about 6″. Call  Captain Chucks@ 231-843-4458 or Lower Hamlin Grocery @ (231) 425-4420

Lake Leelanau report from Leelanau Narrows bait shop owner Greg Alsip his cell# (231) 624-6201 and he has ice fishing charters his web site is  http://www.lakeeffectcharters.com

North lake Leelanau is open water still, south lake is very iffy…no one has really fished it yet

The northern half of the south lake has more ice, further south the thinner is gets

Most ice I’ve heard of on the south lake was about 3-4″

We are open 7 days a week at the lake Leelanau narrows resort for live bait and tackle!

They are fishing little glen and catching pike and perch. Call leelanau narrows@ (231) 994-2108 or Empire Outdoors@ (231) 326-5433

Portage Lake is froze with 4 to 6 inches with a few going out, Bear Lake has been fair for walleye this week Call Osborn’s @ 231-889-3775 or Dewey @ Don’s Sport Shop 231-735-5028  Manistee Lake just froze and there hoping by the weekend things should get started

Otsego Lake has 5 to 7 inches some are fishing Chub lake also and a great perch bite this week ice Call Northern Sports @ 989-448-2014 Brian Derminer’s Party Store 989-705-7051 Tony @ Otsego Corner Store 989-7321-8664 for latest info

Higgins Lake is wide open. Call Sports Barn @ 989-821-9511 or Higgins Lake Hardware Call Brian @ 989-821-6677  Also Evergreen Park is handling bait call them @ 989-821-5425

Lake St. Helen has 5 to 7 inches and pike, walleye, and panfish have been biting. Call Mike @ Saint Helen Bait Shop 989-808-1814

Lake Margarethe is froze with 5 to 7 inches and  a few guys going out and pike and walleye have been fair. Bluegill bite has been good this week. Call Skip’s Sport Shop @ 989-348-7111

Crystal Lake is open. Call Stapleton’s Corner for latest info 790 Michigan Ave, Benzonia, MI 49616 Phone:(231) 882-4342


Munuscong Bay: Dan’s Resort reports It has tightened up a lot. four wheelers are going out as far as the birches and Gull. I’ll be testing/fishing today and will give a report later today.Call Dan’s Resort for latest info@ (906) 647-8753 or 906-647-8120

Lewiston Report that west Twin has 4 to 6 inches. Call Midlakes Party @ (989) 786-3227 for latest info

Fletcher Floodwater has ice 5 to 7 inches Call A1 Party Store for the latest info @ (989) 742-4112

Black Bass Bay has ok ice on Grand Lake. Call Adrian’s Sport for the latest ice update @ (989) 734-2303

Long Lake and Grand Lake has ice call Buck’s Bait and Tackle @ (989) 595-2121 for latest ice info

Black Lake is froze and some pike walleye and perch are being caught Call Parrots Outpost@ (989) 733-2472 Address: 20628 State St, Onaway, MI 49765

Burt Lake is froze but no reports yet

Leroy reports  lakes are froze Call Craig Eyes Have it @ (231) 768-5653 for latest info

Pentwater Lake, has ice but few are fishing.  Call Pentwater angler info 231-869-5357

White Lake is froze and the pike fishing has been great also gills in the marina  Call Armstrong’s on White Lake (231) 894-6753 or Johnson’s Outdoors for the latest fishing info @ 231-893-6688 

Lake Skegemog has ice from 5 to 8 inches guys were heading out today so have not got any reports. ., Manistee lake is 4 to 7 inches and has a fair bite  call Jack’s Sport@ 231-258-8892

Hesperia Sport reports that the smaller lakes have ice lots of guys heading to Fremont lake and guys are going out and but fishing has been slow  call 231-854-3965

Harrison Has ice and a few  guys are getting out call Ken’s Landing@ (989) 539-3700 and  Mike’s Quick Stop@  (989) 539-1435 Sharps Market (989) 539-9862

Baldwin area some of the guys are getting out but the ice is 4-6 inches

Wixom, Sanford, Sugar Springs, wiggins, Pratt Lake and Secord have ice but be careful and the bite has been good for pike and panfish. call Sanford Sport @ 989-687-5161  Chappel Dam Grocery (989) 426-7503   Big R’s Party  (989) 435-2517

Saginaw Bay:  the ice was not safe.

Saginaw River: Open water


Walleye Pro Mark Martin is holding an Ice Fishing Vacation/School on Houghton Lake January 8th-11th! Mark and his pro staff are outstanding teachers and his students have a lot of fun. Mark still has a few spots left, but they won’t last. 

Contact Mark Martin by e-mail: origchamp1990@comcast.net, 
phone 231-744-0330 or 231-740-6427. Tell him “Lyman’s sent you”


Warm Weather helps Lakes as Snow is Gone and ice will form fast

The warm up helped the ice in most places as taking down the 2 feet of snow we had on most lakes and many are trying there luck today on the shallow bays and canals. Pike and bass have been biting good on many of the shallow lakes. Wixom Lake has been great for gills and pike. Lake Saint Helen has walkable ice with pike, walleye and a few panfish being caught. Armstrong’s on White Lake reports a good 4 inches on White Lake with lots of gills and pike being caught.

Houghton Lake Ice Report 12/27/2016. The warm weather and rain yesterday helped the ice. We measured 6″ to 8″ near the shoreline behind Lyman’s. The ice thins out to about 4″ at 250 yards out. There are still some slush-covered spots where the ice is only 2″ thick with a 2″ layer of water/slush on top that should freeze up within the next couple of days. Still not recommending quads, but you can get to more places by foot now.


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It was slushy day on the bay today. There is an average of 4 inches of ice and quite a bit of slush. A snowmobile went out, but most people are walking out a few hundred yards. We expect conditions to change as colder weather moves in late tonight. Big perch are biting. #munuscongbay #fishon

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Good evening everyone, this is Mitch. As you know, my mom is normally the one that does all the posts on Facebook. (And does a mighty fine job if I do say so.) I would like to thank everyone for making Johnson’s Great Outdoors a success this year. A new thing that we will be doing is posting a ice report and a fishing report every other day ,and as we approach the new year we will be adding some new inventory! I’m also waiting for our federal firearm license to arrive so stay tuned and I will keep you up to date as soon as it get’s here ! Merry Christmas and be blessed from the Johnson family ! 

Lake City’s Missaukee ice is not good yet reports Casey Miller at  Millers Corner but will check tomorrow after a good freeze tonight.
Cadillac and Mitchell have walkable ice now that the snow is off and see a couple shanties off the causeway.

Wixom Lake seems to be the hotspot with walking ice.



Hopefully we will soon be out on Lake Cadillac catching big ones like this
Hopefully we will soon be out on Lake Cadillac catching big ones like this



Wixom Lake had many fisherman on it today on the shallow bays and canals as they were doing good on gills and pike with spikes, waxworms for the panfish, golden for the pike. All the bait shops were busy today with fisherman out trying their luck.

Houghton Lake off of Lyman’s is not safe but on the north end off of Harvey’s and Songer’s they are reporting better ice with 4 to 7 inches and good pike fishing, also some walleye being caught.

Lake MIssaukee Current ice conditions as of 12:30pm today- 2″ of ice, 1″ of water, 2″ of foamy ice. 75 yards out, 2 blows with a spud goes through. It is worse in the areas where the snow is sitting. Again, this is not safe! If you choose to go, please use extreme caution.

Fife Lake has ice and snowmobiles were on it but did not see any fisherman on the lake, Fife Lake Party store has live bait in.

Manistee Lake by Kalkaska had a few guys out but good ice is spotty with all the snow.

The Eyes Have It in Leroy reports they are fishing around him on the smaller lakes but has not posted any thing the last couple of days.

Saw a few guys off the causeway on Lake Cadillac also a few off of thirsty’s on Mitchell.

Around Interlochen, Green, duck and Long are froze but ice is not safe. Lake Doubenet a has had some guys out doing good on bass and a few pike.


I have not Found Safe Ice in Northern Michigan


Ice Thickness Chart
Ice Thickness Chart








I have been all around the state and have found lakes that go from 5 inches down to 1 inch  in a few feet, the snow really hurt the ice but this warm up should help get the snow down so it can freeze.  Have heard of many people falling though trying to get out, a few are fishing but is it worth the risk. There was a rumor that Higgins had ice and it is wide open so you need a boat to fish it.

White Lake by Whitehall was the only lake I saw shanties on as the snow missed there so they had ice but the warm weather will make it questionable.

The Upper got hammered even worse with snow and most reports are slush and unsafe ice.

They have been fishing on Wixom and Sanford lake in the shallow bays and Canals with gills and crappie biting. Muddy Bay has been hit hard as it is shallow also they do not have the snow like many other places.


Chappel Dam Grocery by Gladwin says  a few have been out on Wiggins and Pratt with 3 to 5 inches.

Black Bass Bay by Roger City had 3 to 5 inches but the last snow seem to screw the ice up last weekend be careful

Houghton Lake Ice Report 12.21.16. The ice is being stubborn and unpredictable. Ice thickness ranges from 8″ to 2″. There are guys fishing, but they have been staying fairly close to shore. The south shore weed bed can be fished to about 200 – 300 yards out, but you need to check as you go. Areas of east bay, north shore by Flint Rd and in the canals can be fished. No one is traveling by quad or sled yet.

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Current ice conditions on Lake Missaukee as of 12:30pm today- 2″ of ice, 1″ of water, 2″ of foamy ice. 75 yards out, 2 blows with a spud goes through. It is worse in the areas where the snow is sitting. 

Again, this is not safe! If you choose to go, please use extreme caution. 

~Casey Miller


Conditions on both Lakes Mitchell and Cadillac are very inconsistent. Some places that I was yesterday now have some dark spots bleeding through the snow. If you were planning on coming up from out of town you would be better off waiting until we have more consistent conditions. Everybody be safe this weekend.

Checked a couple places on Lake Mitchell today. South side of lake over by Thirstie’s gas station there is just over 4 1/2″ of ice. West side of lake off Camp Torenta there is about 4″ of ice. Lake Cadillac is a couple of days behind Mitchell, I’ll start checking there tomorrow. Consider all areas uncharted territory before heading out even if you see the tracks of others, use your spud and your head…

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Has a full supply of live bait and Fishing was slow today for the most part. But the ice conditions on upper Hamlin are looking good. Most spots have a solid 6″ of ice. 
Indian Pete bayou has a 5 to 6″ of ice, there is a few spots around the edges that are questionable but for the most part it is good solid ice. 
Fishing should improve after this front has moved through.


Lower Hamlin Grocery has new owners
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Lower Hamlin Grocery has winter bait and reports a few guys heading out this week


We currently have 3 inches of ice at the end of our docks and we are starting to see people fishing in front of the old Wesley’s Marina. Just a reminder that we are open 5:30am – 5:30pm, Friday- Sunday, 7:00am – 5:30pm Tuesday – Thursday.


Northeast Lower Peninsula Fishing Report

Most of the inland lakes in this region did not have safe ice. Those anxious to head out would be wise to fish in shallow waters only. With the deep snow cover and strong winds, ice formation will not be uniform. Many of the inland lakes in this region are being reported as too early for safe ice especially with the amount of snow cover over the last week.

Grand Lake: A few anglers were testing the ice however the DNR cannot stress enough the importance of ice safety and ask anglers to be very cautious.

Higgins Lake: Was all open water except for a little ice around the shoreline.

Houghton Lake: Has ice but it is not uniform by any means especially with 6 to 8 inches of snow on top. The better ice was close to shore in the shallows. A few pike have been taken on tip-ups with blues or golden shiners.

Northwest Lower Peninsula Fishing Report

Ice is forming on the inland lakes however areas in the snow-belt have received quite a bit of snow. That snow will insulate the ice and slow the freezing process. Those heading out were fishing in shallow waters only. Be careful near inlets and outlets. Some limits of panfish were reported by those fishing in shallow water.

Lake Cadillac: Had a few anglers out on the west end of the lake. It might be a good idea to avoid the deeper waters at this time.

Lake Mitchell: A few ice anglers were targeting bluegill and crappie in Big Cove.

Lake Missaukee: Had a few ice anglers fishing in shallow waters.

Upper Peninsula Fishing Report

Thin ice cover was reported in some of the sheltered bays and along the shoreline of Lake Superior. Inland lakes in the western end had ice starting to form but caution is advised. On the east end, lakes were ice and snow covered. Many have tracks where anglers have tested the ice. Some have ventured out on a few of the larger lakes such as Manistique and Brevoort Lake but caution needs to be used. A few pike have been caught. Recent snowfall has made foot travel on the ice more challenging.


Southeast Lower Peninsula Fishing Report

Lake Erie: A few ice anglers were jigging for walleye in 16 to 18 feet in Brest Bay. Use extreme caution. Those fishing near the mouth of the Huron River caught bluegills and one steelhead in Lake Point Marina. Ice anglers in the Metro Park Marina caught yellow perch on minnows.

Huron River: Was still giving up the occasional steelhead.

Detroit River: Had a few anglers ice fishing in Airport Bay.

Lake St. Clair: Anglers hitting the canals and marinas had mixed results for panfish and yellow perch however a few nice catches of large yellow perch and crappie were reported. Those fishing the marinas in St. Clair Shores had success. Ice has begun to form in the main lake however conditions are day-to-day and are very unpredictable with the recent high winds and current.

Saginaw Bay: Had a few anglers fishing from shore ice only off the Pinconning Park, a couple roads south of there and off the end of Linwood Road. These anglers are perch fishing in just a couple feet of water. Shore anglers were targeting perch in Sebewaing but most of the fish were small. Many anglers will fish in a pair of neoprene waders this time of year so if they fall through in shallow water they don’t get wet.

Pine River: Largemouth bass and black crappie were caught in Alma and St. Louis. Most were using stick baits and surface lures.

Southwest Lower Peninsula Fishing Report

Kalamazoo River: Steelhead anglers did well trolling silver and green Hot-n-Tots.

Hutchins Lake: In Allegan County had a few ice anglers. Some did well with demon glows and spikes near the channel.

Thornapple Lake: In Barry County was producing some fish for ice anglers however caution needs to be used.

Branch County: Anglers were taking limit catches of bluegill at Cemetery Lake. Tip-ups were showing up on Messenger Lake. Please use caution.

Muskegon River: Continues to produce some steelhead. Water temperatures were in the mid 30’s. Skim ice was found along the shoreline.


Snow is Hampering Safe Ice


Ice on Missaukee

Ice sample taken off Missaukee yesterday 4pm. As you can see, there is a solid 3″. Anyone that chances this, PLEASE be careful. The ice on Missaukee is patchy.


Houghton Lake Ice Report. 12.16.16. On the main body of the lake, ice thickness is 4″ to 6″ very close to shore, but it thins out quickly to about 1″ in as little as 100yds out. The more wind/wave sheltered areas of the lake like the canals, parts of east bay and boat launches have 4″ to 5″. A few anglers are starting to go out, but they aren’t venturing too far from shore and they are using a spud frequently to test the thickness as they go. We have a storm on its way with heavy snow fall predicted, which could weaken the ice, so we are still recommending people wait a few more days.

Shallow Lakes are starting to Form Ice in Northern Michigan





We are starting to get ice with a few venturing out but a few have fallen though. Most are now waiting for ice fishing to get started. North of M-72 we have gotten over 2 feet of in the snow belt areas. The weather has been brutal the last few days but we will be ice fishing on safe ice after Christmas. A few will try this weekend so be safe and we are stocking the bait shops with fresh live bait as they are ready when we get safe ice.


Arctic temperatures this week will help with the freezing process but a blanket of snow will insulate and slow the process. If you have not done so, this would be a good time to get the ice fishing gear ready to go.