Baitman Super Bowl Fishing report 2/1/2018

The cold front has slowed fishing in most places but some are still having good luck.

Stringers of gills. Dennis and Andrew Gauthier from Shepherd found the gills this weekend on Houghton Lake. Over 20 lbs of gills and crappie. A white teardrop worked the best. They wouldn’t reveal their spot, so we’ll start tracking them now.

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Yup! Lake Missaukee! Good job Stewart!!

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26” Walleye Lake Missaukee

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ICE REPORT: Thursday, 2/1/18
Lake Mitchell & Lake Cadillac

Looks like we should be in good shape for the NASF Fishing Contest and the AMA Ice Races. Stop on in and get signed up for the contest while there isn’t much of a line yet!

There is from 1-4″ of fresh snow on the lake, with 1-3″ forecasted for tonight. Lake Mitchell is holding stong with 10-13″ of ice and Lake Cadillac has about the same at 10-12″.

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Dan’s Resort
Final standings:
Congrats to Nick for catching the biggest walleye! And congratulations to all the winners.
Adult walleye division: Nick Rye | 7.61lb
Kids walleye division: Hayden Taylor | 5.85lb
Kids Perch: Lila Muska: 1.01lb
Kids Pike: Aspen Cottle | 8.58lb
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Lake Missaukee

Newest ice report off of Green road 12-15” The walleye have started to bite .Opening at 7am. Fish on! Call Miller’s Corner @ 231-839-0440 for latest info

White Lake has good ice and one of the best perch bites in years with minnows and spikes working best. PERCH is calling your name!!!!
Fishing the Montague side now for perch Heard from different ones that they had their limits in a little more than an hr. Nice size too.
Call Armstrong’s on White Lake (231) 894-6753 or Johnson’s Outdoors for the latest fishing info @ 231-893-6688


Around Traverse City Green fishing smelt on Green off the state park access also some nice perch being caught also. Guys out on Long Lake catching walleye, pike and perch. Some nice perch out of long lake on wiggler in 28-30 of water. Spider Lake, Arbutus, Ellis Lake, Lake Dubonnet(mud Lake) also have 8 to 10 inches Call roys for latest info @ 231-946-5633

Lake Skegemog has ice from 10 to15  inches guys were heading catching perch the last few day lots of sorting . we got 4 5 inches of snow today. and the lake is in great shape, Manistee lake is 10 to 12 inches with fishing fair.. Bear and Guernsey Lake have a great  trout bite.  call Jack’s Sport@ 231-258-8892

Fife Lake is froze and pike have been biting on the smaller lakes  call Kathy’s Lakeside Party Store 231-879-3341 for latest info

Ice report for the week. Upper Hamlin Lake has anywhere from 8 to 10 inches inches on it.Marquette lake has 6-7 inches in most spots. Just use caution out by the shipping lane. Pentwater lake also has 8-10 inches and has cooled off the last couple days and smaller perch also. Call  Captain Chucks@ 231-843-4458 or Lower Hamlin Grocery @ (231) 425-4420

They are fishing little glen and some are fishing big Glen and  they are catching the big perch,. Lake Leelanau has turned slowed the last few days Call   Empire Outdoors@ (231) 326-5433 or Roadside minnows 231-944-5229

Portage Lake has been fair on perch and ciscoes, walleye and pike fishing has been slow this week.Call Osborn’s @ 231-889-3775 or Dewey @ Don’s Sport Shop 231-735-5028  Manistee Lake is froze and catching pike, and perch.

Otsego Lake has 15 to 18 inches and good perch and walleye some are fishing Chub lake also has great bite this week on trout, perch and pike. Call Northern Sports @ 989-448-2014 Brian Derminer’s Party Store 989-705-7051 Tony @ Otsego Corner Store 989-7321-8664 for latest info

Higgins Lake good ice over the entire lake, with some areas coming in at 12 inches….no snow on top of ice…..lots of little perch, but they are catching smelt this year, some during the day also ciscoes are biting also.Lake trout are ok and a few pike being caught.. Call Sports Barn @ 989-821-9511 or Higgins Lake Hardware Call Brian @ 989-821-6677   Evergreen Park  @ 989-821-5425.

Lake St. Helen has 10 to 15  inches and pike, walleye, and panfish have been biting. Call Mike @ Saint Helen Bait Shop 989-808-1814

Lake Margarethe is froze with 10  to 12 inches and  lots of guys have been fishing with good pike and walleye. perch fishing has picked up. Call Skip’s Sport Shop @ 989-348-7111

Crystal Lake is froze lots of little perch. Call Stapleton’s Corner for latest info 790 Michigan Ave, Benzonia, MI 49616 Phone:(231) 882-4342

Lewiston Report that west Twin has 10to 12 inches. Call Midlakes Party @ (989) 786-3227 for latest info

Fletcher Floodwater has ice 12 to 16 inches Call A1 Party Store for the latest info @ (989) 742-4112

Grand Lake has good ice. Call Adrian’s Sport for the latest ice update @ (989) 734-2303

Long Lake and Grand Lake has ice call Buck’s Bait and Tackle @ (989) 595-2121 for latest ice info

Black Lake is froze and lots of guys fishing the lake this year. pike walleye and perch are being caught Call Parrots Outpost@ (989) 733-2472 Address: 20628 State St, Onaway, MI 49765

Burt Lake: Ice anglers were taking a decent number of perch from Maple Bay which is on the west side of the lake. Try live minnows.

Mullett Lake: Anglers were taking a few perch in front of Aloha State Park and in Scotts Bay.

Hesperia Sport reports that the smaller lakes have ice lots of guys heading out with good gill and pike bite. 8 to 10inches of ice on most lakes. call 231-854-3965

Harrison Has ice and good perch bite on Budd Lake call Ken’s Landing@ (989) 539-3700 and  Mike’s Quick Stop@  (989) 539-1435 Sharps Market (989) 539-9862

Baldwin area some of the guys are getting out but the ice is 7 -9 inches

Wixom, Sanford, Sugar Springs, wiggins, Pratt Lake and Secord have great ice  and the bite has been good for pike and panfish. call Sanford Sport @ 989-687-5161  Chappel Dam Grocery (989) 426-7503   Big R’s Party  (989) 435-2517

Saginaw Bay: Ice conditions around the Bay are not good as they are changing all the time. Reports are coming in of snowmobiles and ATV’s going through the ice at the pressure cracks. Perch and walleye fishing were pretty good along the west side from White’s Beach south to the Bay City State Park. Perch fishing was pretty good from White’s Beach in 6 feet all the way to Linwood. Most of the perch were coming from 4 to 6 feet off Pinconning, Newman Road, Erickson Road, Coggins Road, and Linwood Road when using minnows or jack-hooks baited with a red plastic bead. Some limits were also reported. Walleye anglers were going to the Black Hole and out around the Spark Plug and getting fish on jigging spoons or a blue and silver jigging rapala tipped with a minnow. Off Bay City State Park, walleye anglers were fishing in the old shipping channel and over the dumping grounds in 20 feet. There was up to 6 inches of water on top of the ice in places near the second pressure crack off Linwood. No one is fishing out near Spoils Island due to poor ice conditions. Most of the activity was at Sunset Bay Marina with walleye anglers going out to mid-bay and also the Slot but watch out for the pressure crack! It would be good to avoid the area off Finn Road and Callahan Road as the Hot Pond discharge seriously weakened the ice in that area. Fishing up the east side from Sebewaing to Caseville was terrible as perch fishing was just plain poor. Mud Creek was also slow but a few were doing a little bit better there. Slow fishing at Caseville because of muddy water in the river and marinas.

Saginaw River: Ice conditions were BAD on the entire river and no one was out fishing. A few were in the marinas near the mouth but nobody was really doing any good. Colder weather this weekend may improve ice conditions.

Tittabawassee River: Had open water from Dow Dam downstream to about Mapleton. One boat went out of Gordonville Road and there were several shore anglers from Mapleton to north of the Gordonville Road ramp, but nobody was catching anything.

Northwest Lower Peninsula Fishing Report

Ice fishing is still going strong in this part of the state. Lots of anglers have been out targeting pike, walleye, and panfish.

Manistee Lake: In Kalkaska County was producing some crappie for those using a jig tipped with a minnow. Those spearing pike can be found in the southeast corner.

Fife Lake: In Grand Traverse County was producing a fair number of pike just east of the boat launch. A few smaller perch were caught in 15 to 30 feet.

Portage Lake: Perch fishing continues but anglers were still sorting through a lot of small ones. Those fishing in deeper water were still taking some lake herring when using a Hali jig.

Lake Missuakee: Anglers have caught bluegills and crappie. A couple walleye were taken by those jigging near the drop-offs.

Lakes Cadillac and Mitchell: The ice was slippery with not much snow on top. Be sure to bring some cleats. Those using tip-ups have caught some decent pike. The crappie fishing was very good with limit catches reported. A good number of bluegills and sunfish have been caught on both lakes.

Manistee River: Steelhead were caught during the warm spell but as we head back into a deep freeze, fishing might not be all that great by the weekend. Most were using spawn, jig and wax worm, beads and flies.

Pere Marquette River: Anglers were steelhead fishing after the rain and warmer temperatures. The shelf ice upriver cleared out so anglers were able to throw small eggs and nymphs.


Northeast Lower Peninsula Fishing Report

Burt Lake: Walleye fishing was decent for those using tip-ups or jigging in 15 to 20 feet.

Black Lake: Fishing pressure picked up with many anglers getting ready for sturgeon season which begins Saturday February 3rd. Walleye anglers have caught 18 to 21 inch fish in 6 to 15 feet when using blues. Early morning or dusk was best. Anglers were catching perch averaging 6 inches in 10 to 18 feet. A few 28 to 32 inch pike were caught but many were undersize. Anglers need to use caution near the river mouths and the large pressure crack on the southeast side of the lake.

Higgins Lake: The lake is slippery with only a dusting of snow on top so anglers might want to bring ice cleats for easier travel. Caution should still be used near the creek mouths. The bite slowed some but anglers were still taking a few whitefish. Perch were caught but anglers were doing a lot of sorting to get a few keepers. Smelt were caught along the drop-off in 30 to 60 feet in the evening however the bite was not consistent. Those spearing or using tip-ups with large minnows have taken some pike.

Houghton Lake: The DNR launch ramp on the east side of the lake is temporarily inaccessible as the cement planks have buckled. Anglers can still walk out from the access site but will not be able to take vehicles out at this site. Anglers should be aware of a pressure crack in the East Bay and at the entrance to the North Bay. The lake had about an inch of snow on top but anglers may still want to bring cleats for easier travel. Anglers are getting lots of pike. The bass became active and the bluegill bite was decent in the morning. For walleye, the better bite was between 4pm and sundown. Anglers are using jigging spoons and rapalas tipped with blues. Orange and glow were the hot colors. Some were also using shiners or sucker minnows on tip-ups.

Tawas: Walleye fishing was kind of slow over the last week. One group fishing over the artificial reef off Jerry’s Marina caught a few walleye and some lake trout while another group out near the tip of Tawas Point did not do quite as well. Several pike were speared in Tawas Bay but the perch fishing was slow.

Au Gres: A few anglers fishing north of the breakwall were seeing walleye but none were caught. Those fishing south of the breakwall caught some perch and walleye. The area near the Pine River mouth had muddy water and poor fishing after the thaw but the bite did pick up so walleye were perch were found in 8 feet. Anglers need to beware of the pressure crack out there and avoid it as most were not crossing it.

Upper Peninsula Fishing Report

Keweenaw Bay: Strong winds broke up the ice which left many areas unsafe. Anglers were found at the head of the Bay and out in front of the Falls River in L’Anse. A couple anglers went through the ice on the Baraga side when walking out to the whitefish hole. With snow in the forecast, always check the ice with a spud as you walk out. Fishing for splake and brown trout was fair in 20 to 50 feet when jigging shiners or using tip-ups. Spawn was also productive.

Little Bay De Noc: Ice conditions worsened a bit with the warmer temperatures. Drifting snow made for difficult travel in some areas. Pressure cracks also presented problems so please use caution in those areas. Those fishing off Portage Point caught some walleye but the area was considered dangerous and extreme caution must be used. Out from the Terrace Bay Inn and south to the Escanaba River was also good for walleye when using tip-ups or rapalas in 30 to 35 feet. Perch anglers reported fewer catches with the best area in the Kipling Flats with wigglers in 28 to 35 feet or near Brach’s Cabins in 18 to 27 feet. Whitefish anglers reported fair catches off Sand Point with spawn or minnows in 80 feet. Northern pike have been active throughout and most catches were reported by walleye or perch anglers. If you like to spear pike good areas to try would be near Butler Island, the Day’s River mouth, off the coal piles in Kipling and the Escanaba Yacht Harbor.

Cedarville and Hessel: Near Hessel, the ice is black and clear but there has been a lot of movement along the west side of Hessel Bay. Be cautious of pressure cracks, moving ice and areas with currents. Perch fishing picked up around the Les Cheneaux Islands. Many are still catching lots of small ones but a few 7 to 11 inches have also been caught when using wax worms, spikes, wigglers and minnows. Anglers have spotted some pike and splake but no harvest reports yet.