Walleye have started Biting This Week

They have been catching lots of nice walleye on body baits and leeches off the Manistee pier and Oneckama pier also trolling in both places.

Houghton Lake: The bite was moderate as the waters continue to warm. Walleye were caught by those jigging leeches in 9 to 12 feet along the drop-offs or in 6 feet along the weed beds. Shore anglers fishing near the inlets after dark caught walleye on orange crank baits. Crappies were still hitting on minnows in the canals. Bass were hitting on a variety of baits and lures.

Portage Lake: Was producing good catches of walleye at night when trolling the shoreline. Perch anglers reported moderate catches at the mouth but many were small.

Manistee: Surface water temperatures were about 46 degrees. Lake trout were caught in 40 to 60 feet. Chinook are starting to show up and a few over 20 pounds were caught in 40 to 100 feet. Walleye were caught at night off the south pier and in the channel.

White Lake: Anglers caught northern pike in 5 to 15 feet when casting body baits. Walleye were caught in 20 to 30 feet when trolling a crawler harness or jigging. Those targeting bluegills and sunfish did well in 3 to 12 feet with red worms or wax worms.

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Lyman’s On The Lake Reports
With 3 more keepers, media-hog, Clare Gee now has 10 times more walleye than his chief rival (and photo-bomber), Dave. These were found in 9 to 12′ using leeches on jigs.

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Dan from jacks sport shop and Fred fields from coachs charters caught these nice lake trout and whitefish out of elk rapids on east grand traverse bay on fish bones 1 oz.slim line rattle jig yesterday

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Buc’s Bait will cooperate with DNR to stop the spread of VHSv

VHSv gizzard shad
VHSv gizzard shad

Buc’s Bait will be suspending the sale of all wild harvest emeralds and spot tails till fall as received this today from the DNR to stop the spread of VHSv. We will switch to Hatchery fatheads, suckers and golden for the rest of the summer.

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources confirmed Monday that test results on remains collected from the ongoing Lake St. Clair fish kill indicated viral hemorrhagic septicemia virus (VHSv) as the cause.

As most of you likely know, there is a large fish kill that has VHSv confirmed to be involved in it. Based on public and DNR staff reports, this fish kill is known to extend from the Marine City area to the Ohio border. It has likely killed 10,000s of fish ranging from gizzard shad (largest number) to panfish to smallmouth bass to muskies. We are also investigating some suspect baitfish in the bait supply in this area. Water temperatures are still in the optimal range for VHSv replication and will likely be until the end of the month.

Given this information, we are asking the bait industry to refrain from harvesting bait from Port Huron to the Ohio border until further notice. If you have minnows from this area in your facilities, only sell these fish to baitshops within 5 miles of the shoreline of the St. Clair River to the Ohio stateline on Lake Erie. We are looking for your assistance to prevent the movement of any potentially infected fish to inland waters or other Great Lakes waters.

We appreciate the bait industry wholesaler’s cooperation on this matter and would appreciate it if you would spread the word to others


It was a Slow Opener


coachs charters, fred fields whitefish, lake trout,
coachs charters, fred fields whitefish, lake trout,
coachs charters, fred fields whitefish, lake trout,
coachs charters, fred fields whitefish, lake trout,


Dan and Dave went out with Fred Fields from Coach’s Charters on East Grand Traverse Bay out of Elk Rapids and caught this nice mess of fish Wednesday.

The cold rainy weather has fishing season off to a slow start, as many places are flooded or lakes have had so much runoff , but sunshine will get the fish biting again. Houghton Lake reports that big crappie are in the canals the last few days but very few are fishing. Trout fishing has been slow with all the rain.

Lake Charlevoix has been good for perch off of Ironton.

Manistee and Portage Lake has been slow with all the rain and runoff.

Long Lake by Traverse has been fair for walleye and perch


Northwest Lower Peninsula Fishing Report

Harbor Springs: The dock at the public launch is not in yet and no anglers were out.

Petoskey: Had light boat activity but those that have been out picked up a few lake trout on spoons. A couple brown trout were also taken close to shore. The mouth of the river and the D Pier were slow. A few pike were caught inside the breakwall.

Bear River: Water levels were high. A good number of steelhead were at the dam but anglers had a hard time catching them when drifting spawn bags, wax worms and flies. There are quite a few suckers between the mouth and the dam.

Charlevoix: Had few anglers and no boats were out. A couple anglers were fishing the channel but had no luck. There is a small launch near Medusa Weir that had new pads installed last fall. The launch is only sufficient for small boats. The township has put in a small dock.

Traverse City: Those trolling in deep water off Elk Rapids caught lake trout and some good size lake herring. Plenty of lake herring along with a few lake trout were taken north of the M-37 launch. The Elk River was slow with only a couple steelhead caught in the early morning. A couple boats braving the cold and rain were fishing along the east side of the West Bay but no fish were recorded.

Boardman River: Fishing was very slow. A few were lucky to get a couple small rainbows or brown trout.

Leland: Dredging at the harbor mouth is done and the ramp is in so anglers can now launch their boats. Most of the steelhead have left the river and the harbor. Pike and smallmouth bass are in the harbor at this time.

Platte Bay: Smaller boats should have no problem launching from the mouth of the Platte River. Most of the steelhead in the river are done spawning and heading back out into Lake Michigan. Anglers may still find steelhead or a resident brown trout.

Frankfort: Brown trout were caught by those trolling body baits around the break wall and in 15 to 20 feet along the shoreline. Early morning was best. Pier anglers caught brown trout off the south pier. Use fresh spawn in the early morning.

Portage Lake: Perch fishing slowed however some bluegills were starting to hit in shallow waters. Cool water temperatures have slowed the bite. Bass anglers have seen very few fish.

Lakes Cadillac and Mitchell: Both lakes had good catch and release bass fishing. A fair number of pike were also caught. Walleye anglers were trolling in 10 to 15 feet during the day and fishing from shore at night. The panfish bite was still slow.

Manistee: Surface temperatures were up near 52 degrees. The restrooms and the fish cleaning station are now open. Lake trout fishing continues to heat up. Those trolling caught a couple chinook or brown trout. Pier fishing was slow.

Ludington: The fish cleaning station and the restrooms were still closed. Many were still working hard to clean up all the debris around Big Sable Point. Boat anglers will still need to use caution when trolling in this area. Lake trout were still hitting off the projects. A few chinook were starting to trickle in and a couple brown trout were caught by those trolling along the shoreline. Pier fishing was slow.

Pentwater: Lake trout and the odd chinook were caught by those trolling in 30 to 60 feet. Brown trout fishing was good in 8 to 20 feet with orange or gold body baits.

Pentwater Lake: Yellow perch were caught on dropper rigs tipped with wax worms or cut bait in 10 to 25 feet.



Northeast Lower Peninsula Fishing Report

Cheboygan River: Boat anglers did struggle against a strong current as several gates at the dam remained open. Walleye catch rates were variable for boat anglers with some taking a decent number of 15 to 20 inch fish while others were lucky to get one or two. Most were casting or jigging weighted baits tipped with minnows. Shore anglers concentrated at the “bowl” just below the dam and lock had a difficult time. Those targeting steelhead had no luck but white suckers were taken on crawlers.

Rogers City: When the weather improves, try trolling in waters 60 feet and deeper for lake trout with cowbells and spin-glo’s. For Atlantic salmon, try bright colored spoons up high. Shore anglers can try casting spoons and body baits off the breakwall. Good colors would be orange, silver or chartreuse.

Rockport: Those able to get out caught lake trout between the shallows and 60 feet with cowbells, spin-glo’s and spoons. Most were fishing around Middle Island and running their lines from top to bottom. Atlantic salmon were taken off the breakwall

Alpena: Those fishing in the bay near the mouth of the river caught walleye and smallmouth bass with jigs tipped with twister tails or minnows. Those casting crank baits caught walleye and pike.

Thunder Bay River: Steelhead and suckers where caught when drifting spawn and orange beads. Steelhead fishing actually picked up some. Those fishing further downstream caught walleye when jigging or casting crank baits. A couple carp were taken in the harbor at night when still-fishing with crawlers.

Oscoda: Those casting spoons and body baits from the pier caught Atlantic salmon and lake trout. Walleye were taken on jigs tipped with flukes and twister tails. Pike were hitting on jigs and crank baits. Those out trolling caught a couple walleye on crank baits in 10 to 20 feet.

Au Sable River: Walleye were caught by those trolling crawler harnesses below the US-23 Bridge. Shore anglers in Oscoda caught smallmouth bass and carp on crawlers. The majority of steelhead were found upstream by anglers fishing egg flies, beads, and spawn sacs near Foote Dam, Rea Road, the Au Sable Overlook, and Whirlpool Access Site. White suckers are also being caught by anglers targeting steelhead. The North Branch had a Hendrickson fly hatch and some brook trout hitting the surface. The warmest part of the day was best.

Tawas: Boat anglers heading down near Alabaster, the Singing Bridge and Whitestone Point and trolling body baits in 15 to 20 feet caught a few walleye. Atlantic salmon were following minnows in and out of the harbor. Pier anglers caught walleye and pike.

Tawas River: The lower river provided a mix of large and smallmouth bass for catch and release along with the odd walleye, pike, carp, suckers, and steelhead. Those casting lures caught the bass, pike, and walleye while those using worms caught carp and suckers. Those drifting spawn found a couple steelhead.

Au Gres: Those trolling caught walleye on body baits and crawler harnesses in 15 to 20 feet off Whitestone Point, Point Lookout, Pointe Au Gres and off the river mouth.

Au Gres River: Shore anglers fishing the lower river caught freshwater drum, bullhead and a few pike.

Upper Peninsula Fishing Report

Marquette: Coho are still being caught in both harbors especially in the morning but catch rates did slow. The few heading out for lake trout were getting limit catches almost every time. Some coho and brown trout were also caught.

Menominee River: The dam at Hattie Street had four gates wide open making it very difficult to fish.

Little Bay De Noc: Perch anglers reported fair catches between the Day’s River and the Third Reef with crawlers and wigglers in 26 to 35 feet. The “Narrows” also produced fair catches using the same in 30 to 38 feet. Angler participation for pre-season smallmouth bass in the Ford River picked up and many reported good catches mainly around the mouth when casting spinners or plastics from the shore. Boat anglers also did well. This is a great time to catch and immediately release some big bass.

Manistique River: Had a few boat anglers targeting steelhead but most were shore anglers fishing the fast water below the dam. They reported good catches even though the peak of the run is pretty much over. Fly anglers used beads while others used spawn and yarn. The sucker run was starting to taper off.

Au Train: The Brownstone launch was still closed. A few anglers fishing off the rocks around the launch caught a couple coho and splake. Those launching small boats from shore have also caught a good number of coho.

Munising: Had good catches of coho with some reporting limit catches. Most were trolling spoons and stick baits in less than 50 feet. Hot colors were orange and gold. Catch rates for splake slowed. Shore and pier anglers had mixed results with good catches one day and slow the next. Water temperatures remain in the 30’s.

Grand Marais: When they could get out, boat anglers were taking a good number of coho. Pier anglers reported slow whitefish action. Of the fish caught, most were small about 12 inches and were hitting on a single egg. The odd coho was also caught.

Two Hearted River: Water levels were high and steelhead fishing was slow.

Detour: Windy conditions have kept anglers off the water.

Cedarville and Hessel: The perch bite slowed but a few were taken straight out from the launch behind Cedarville Marine were all the flags are. Those fishing around the docks did manage to catch a few 8 to 11 inch perch on minnows and leeches. At Hessel, splake continued to bite both inside and outside the marina pier. Those casting crank baits or fishing smelt on the bottom in 8 feet caught Atlantic salmon, splake and the odd lake trout. Splake anglers were using a three way swivel with a 5/8 ounce sinker while jigging or still-fishing smelt under a bobber.

St. Ignace: Fishing was slow and the weather has kept boats off the Great Lakes. The ramp on the Pine River was not in yet. The Carp River had a few anglers taking white suckers but no steelhead.


Southeast Lower Peninsula Fishing Report

Lake Erie: Fishing activity was much slower. Walleye were caught when trolling crawler harnesses in 12 to 16 feet in Brest Bay and off Stony Point. A large number of white bass have also been caught in these areas. Yellow perch were few and far between with total catches less than five fish.

Wamplers Lake: Had very little activity due to the weather. On Sand Lake, largemouth bass were caught around the orange buoy and along the east side of the lake in waters up to 8 feet deep when casting chatter baits, jerk baits and swim jigs.

Detroit River: Fishing pressure was high but catch rates for walleye were variable.

Lake St. Clair: Preseason bass anglers found fish along the Mile Roads with crank baits, jerk baits and tube baits in 6 to 10 feet. Smallmouth bass were caught with jigs and swim grubs in 4 feet in Muscamoot Bay. Perch and other panfish were slow.

St. Clair River: Walleye fishing continues to improve throughout the entire river. Good catches are being reported by those jigging during the day or whipping at night.

Lexington to Port Sanilac: Those trolling were taking mostly lake trout with a mix of the occasional chinook, coho, steelhead, Atlantic salmon and walleye. They are trolling planer boards, dipsey divers and downriggers with body baits in 20 to 30 feet. Pier fishing was slow due to muddy water.

Harbor Beach: Boat anglers were getting a fair to good number of lake trout along with the odd chinook and coho. Pier fishing was poor as the waters near shore were still very muddy after all the rain.

Saginaw Bay: Fishing on the inner bay was slow as the water is still muddy. When they could get out, boat anglers found a few walleye around Spoils Island when vertical jigging or trolling northeast of the island. Bass anglers were fishing around Bay Port and in the Pigeon River but catch rates were very slow. Walleye fishing in the Quanicassee River was slow.

Saginaw River: Boat anglers out of Smith Park caught and released a good number of freshwater drum, catfish, white bass and carp but very few walleye.

Tittabawassee River: Walleye fishing was harder this year as it appears heavy rain in April flushed a lot of walleyes down the river and back into the bay before the season opened. Just about everyone caught fish but limit catches were rare. Fishing was poor up near Dow Dam, but better from Immerman Park down to M-46 and beyond when targeting the deeper holes near the bridges. Anglers were trolling purple, fire-tiger and chartreuse shad raps or vertical jigging with jigs tipped with crawlers, minnows or plastic bodies in orange, fire-tiger and chartreuse. Water temperatures were a bit over 60 degrees and the white bass run is underway which is about two weeks early. A good number of walleye got over the Dow Dam during the high water levels and provided good fishing between Emerson Park and the Sanford Dam. With the water levels rising and muddy, the river will be hard to fish for the rest of this week.

Southwest Lower Peninsula Fishing Report

St. Joseph: Those targeting salmon reported slow fishing. The few caught seemed to have moved and were found inside 100 feet. Perch and pier fishing were slow.

South Haven: Boat anglers caught a decent number of lake trout in 50 to 90 feet with cowbells and spin-glo’s. A couple chinook salmon were taken on small spoons. Pier fishing for salmon was very slow but a few freshwater drum were taken. Perch fishing was also slow. Road construction continues in the area but the boat launch is open.

Grand Haven: Those targeting coho did well in 170 to 260 feet with orange or green spoons in the top 80 feet. A few brown trout were caught when trolling along the shoreline. Perch fishing was still hit-or-miss. Try minnows and wigglers.

Grand River near Lansing: Had good smallmouth action. Anglers have done well near the North Lansing Dam, the Portland Dam as well as Fitzgerald Park in Grand Ledge. The fish are hitting on a variety of lures. With the strong current, use bright colors and heavy weight.

Muskegon: Boats targeting coho found a few in 180 to 240 feet with orange, green or blue spoons in the top 75 feet. Pier fishing for brown trout was slow.

Muskegon River: Still had a decent number of steelhead however the quality of the fish is deteriorating. Anglers were starting to catch a few bass and pike.

Whitehall: Anglers trolling in 20 to 50 feet caught lake trout and chinook salmon. Brown trout were caught along the shoreline in 8 to 20 feet. Pier fishing for brown trout and steelhead was slow. Pier anglers targeting walleye caught a few on deep-diving body baits and plastic swimbaits.

White Lake: Those trolling crawler harnesses caught walleye in 20 to 30 feet. Northern pike fishing was good in 8 to 15 feet while trolling or casting body baits. Yellow perch and crappie were caught on dropper rigs or slip bobbers and jigs tipped with minnows and wax worms.


Water Logged Fishing Report

Now this is a catfish!!!!!
Frank Tingley stopped in yesterday to have a fish weighed and measured for master angler. We had no idea it was a monster of a fish until he opened his cooler. This fish weighed in at 35.8 lbs and measured 40 3/4 inches.
The current state record is 40lbs set back in 1964 and tied a record set in 1960. Congratulations Frank on a monster of a fish!

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The rain from the last two days has flooded many rivers and lake levels are high. Houghton Lake has been good for crappie and bluegill. The steelhead fishing has slowed down with a few fish being caught. Suckers are running in many rivers and  worms and crawlers working best.

Perch fishing has been ok but wind has made it hard to fish the last few days. Manistee lake and PM lake seem to be ok for perch.

Next week the fishing season opens and we will have our baitshops fully stocked.



Northwest Lower Peninsula Fishing Report

Harbor Springs: The ice is gone however the dock was not in at the public launch.

Petoskey: The ice is gone but the marina did not have the docks in yet. The breakwall has seen a good number of anglers but catch rates were hit-or-miss for steelhead and coho. Rumor has it a couple brown trout caught on spawn bags.

Bear River: Had higher water levels and quite a few steelhead and some suckers below the dam. Anglers are drifting spawn bags, a single egg and flies. Anglers have reported suckers up at the dam as well.

Lake Charlevoix: The Ferry Beach launch was open and had a couple docks in.

Traverse City: In the East Bay, lake trout were caught in deep water south of Yuba Creek. Steelhead were caught on spawn, wigglers and wax worms in the Elk River. In the West Bay, lake trout were caught when trolling and those jigging found lake herring. The perch bite was slow.

Boardman River: Anglers have caught steelhead below the dam and down from Union Street Bridge. There are lots of suckers at the dam.

Leland: Dredging at the harbor mouth continues and the dock is still not in at the ramp. No boats have been out but a few anglers were steelhead fishing in the harbor and in the river. Catch rates were slow but a few fish were taken on spawn.

Platte Bay: Had light fishing pressure. A few anglers were fishing near the mouth of the river but had little success. There are steelhead in the lower Platte River and anglers are picking up a few. Water levels at the mouth are currently shallow and boats over 16 feet will most likely not be able to get in and out.

Frankfort: Those trolling along the piers and shoreline caught brown trout on black and silver body baits. Pier anglers caught steelhead and browns on spawn or body baits.

Onekama: Casting off the north breakwall was slow but will improve with the warmer temperatures. Surface water temperature was 46 degrees.

Portage Lake: Bass anglers casting in the shallows and around docks caught fish in the afternoon. Perch are still hitting but anglers are searching for them and sifting through the small ones.

Manistee: Surface temperatures reached 44 degrees. The restrooms will open the first week in May. A good number of perch were caught from the north pier when using minnows in the morning hours. A couple steelhead and brown trout were taken on spawn. Those trolling the shoreline caught steelhead, brown trout and lake trout.

Manistee River: Continues to have good steelhead fishing although by next weekend, it should start winding down.

Ludington: Surface water temperatures were about 44 degrees. The restrooms are still closed. Those trolling the shoreline continue to catch coho, lake trout and brown trout. Pier anglers caught very few steelhead and brown trout.

Pere Marquette River: Still had good steelhead fishing. Anglers have about a week or so before the fishery slows down.

Pentwater: Boats trolling in 5 to 20 feet caught brown trout, the occasional chinook or lake trout. Pier anglers caught brown trout with spawn near the bottom.

Pentwater Lake: Those fishing on Longbridge Road caught bullhead, suckers, and the occasional channel cat on crawlers or spawn near the bottom. Boats fishing in 15 to 25 feet caught perch using perch rigs tipped with wax worms.

Pentwater River: Had good steelhead fishing that should continue through next weekend.


Northeast Lower Peninsula Fishing Report

Cheboygan: All the docks are in at the marinas. The water levels were high and the current was strong at the Lock and dam. Steelhead were caught on spawn and wax worms at the Lock. Suckers were caught on crawlers.

Cheboygan River: Shore anglers at the dam caught steelhead on spawn.

Rogers City: Water temperatures were about 38 degrees. All the docks are in but nothing is open in the marina. When boats can get out, try trolling the shoreline for lake trout and Atlantic salmon. For trout, try near the bottom in 30 to 50 feet with big flashers and cowbells with spin-glo’s and flies. For salmon try bright colored body baits.

Rockport: Lake trout are being caught near the bottom in 30 to 60 feet near Middle Island on flashers with flies or cowbells and spin-glo’s. Water temperatures were still cold. Those trying for Atlantic salmon had no luck.

Alpena: A few walleye and smallmouth bass were caught in Thunder Bay when trolling crank baits near the mouth of the river. Walleye were caught by pier anglers casting crank baits in the waters of Lake Huron after dark.

Thunder Bay River: Those drifting or floating spawn and beads caught a couple steelhead and some white suckers up near the 9th Street Dam.

Oscoda: Those fishing from the pier at Au Sable River Park have caught Atlantic salmon, lake trout, and a couple steelhead when casting spoons or drifting spawn and minnows.

Au Sable River: Atlantic salmon were caught by those drifting spawn or casting spoons as far upstream as the US-23 Bridge. Those targeting steelhead did best when drifting spawn, nymph eggs or black stonefly patterns between the whirlpool access and Foote Dam. White suckers were caught on spawn and worms. Those casting spoons have caught and released a few smallmouth bass near the mouth.

Houghton Lake: Continues to produce crappie and bluegills in the canals. Anglers are using minnows about a foot under a bobber. There has not been anyone fishing the rest of the lake.

Tawas: Those trolling in the bay were getting a few Atlantic salmon, brown trout and walleye with body baits off planer boards in 10 to 25 feet. Those heading south to Whitestone Point were getting a few more walleye. Pier anglers fishing outside the wall at the state dock caught a couple of Atlantic salmon and walleye while those fishing inside the floating docks took a couple small perch.

Tawas River: Shore anglers in the lower river caught and released a few bass. A couple Atlantic salmon, several suckers, catfish and carp were also caught.

Au Gres: Those trolling caught walleye off Point Lookout and Pointe Au Gres when trolling body baits. Those surfcasting at night were targeting walleye with crank baits.

Au Gres River: Did not have much activity near the Singing Bridge.


Upper Peninsula Fishing Report

Marquette: Coho fishing slowed in the harbors. Those doing best were fishing the “bubblers” and taking 3 or 4 fish per trip. A couple coho and brown trout were caught when trolling near the mouth of the Chocolay River and the Carp River. Steelhead fishing in the rivers was slow.

Menominee River: Anglers had to deal with some very high and fast water which kept catch rates low. Boat anglers fishing just off the mouth in the big lake caught some nice brown trout, a few walleye and a couple pike.

Little Bay De Noc: All the launches are open. Perch anglers reported catches near Kipling with minnows and crawlers in 30 to 35 feet or near Hunters Point in 22 to 30 feet. The rivers are high and flowing fast. Steelhead were caught in the Day’s River from Kipling Road, north across US-2 and to the golf course. Fish were caught near the 1st Dam in the Escanaba River when fly fishing with beads or casting yarn and spawn.

Manistique River: Steelhead anglers were few but catch rates were good especially in “big bass hole” which is south of the Cedar Street Bridge when fly fishing with beads, yarn and spawn. The water was high and fast so bring waders and use caution. White suckers were running and catch rates were good. Smelt anglers have just started reporting runs in the area including Black Creek and Southtown Creek.

Au Train: The Brownstone launch is still unusable and the Hiawatha Forest Service has put up a fence to prevent the public from using it.

Munising: Water temperatures remain cold in the mid 30’s but boat anglers have taken good catches of coho and even a few limit catches when combined with splake and brown trout when trolling spoons and stick baits. The coho averaged 16 inches. Few rainbows have been caught and no kings were observed. Pier and shore anglers report both good and bad days with a mix of coho and splake caught on spawn bags or when casting spoons or jigs.

Grand Marais: Boat anglers report good action for coho with a few limit catches taken. Belly contents show they are eating smelt. A few brown trout were also caught. A chinook just over 6 pounds was caught. Pier anglers caught a few coho and the occasional steelhead ranging 18 to 25 inches. They have also reported good catches of lake whitefish on certain days with fish running 12 to 20 inches. Menominee were running 7 to 12 inches. Try spawn sacs or a single egg. The ice cap is still present on the west end of the pier but the east side of the pier is ice free all the way to the end and is fishable. The water was turbid because of gusty winds. The Sucker River is quite high due to recent rains. Shore anglers still report slow action on the Sucker River and Carpenter Creek with only a couple steelhead caught. The fish caught were not spawned out so it is possible a small run may be coming in from the lake. A few coho and lake trout were caught on spawn sacs.

Two Hearted River: Has steelhead. Try spawn or wax worms.

Tahquamenon River: Had a fair to good smelt run but was beginning to slow down. Anglers may still find a few fish. Other streams off Whitefish Bay have been productive as well but in much smaller numbers.

Detour: All the ice is gone at Detour Passage and the docks are in. For Atlantic salmon, try trolling or long-lining with chrome crank baits along the shorelines. Small smelt runs were reported in Albany Creek off M-134 but the action will not last long. At Drummond Island, the docks are in at the DNR launch. In Maxton Bay, the Monahan Dock which is at the end of Tourist Road is open for perch fishing.

Cedarville and Hessel: Some good perch catches were reported in Cedarville Bay just south of the boat launch off Meridian Street. Some 8 to 11 inch fish were caught on small minnows in 4 to 6 feet off the weed beds and around the docks. Splake were caught off the pier at the Hessel Marina. Try frozen smelt just off the bottom in 6 to 8 feet.

St. Ignace: There is one dock in at the public marina however the dock is not in at the Pine River. Water levels on the Carp and Pine Rivers were high and fast. No word on smelt in the Carp River.


Southeast Lower Peninsula Fishing Report

Lake Erie: Anglers are still trolling and jigging for walleye in Brest Bay. Most are trolling stick baits or jigging bucktail jigs with minnows and twister tails.

Huron River: Is starting to produce some white bass at the dam.

Wamplers Lake: Anglers were catching and releasing largemouth bass on the east end in less than 8 feet, on the south end in 1 to 5 feet and near the boat launch when casting jerk baits, chatter baits, swim jigs or top water lures. Water temperatures have warmed to 54 degrees. Those next door on Sand Lake have caught bluegills and crappie in the canals on the west end in 4 feet with a white curly tail jig and black fly. Largemouth bass were caught and released on the west end in 6 to 8 feet.

Detroit River: Anglers are taking walleye including some limit catches. Most are using a jig and minnow or twister tail. Dark colors like black and purple seemed to work best. Perch fishing has slowed. Panfish anglers have taken a few crappie in the canals.

Lake St. Clair: Water temperatures are beginning to warm and clarity was improving. Crappie, bluegill and pumpkinseed are in the canals and marinas. Smallmouth bass have been caught in deeper water off from spring time spawning areas when using blade baits and soft plastics. Shore anglers have caught largemouth bass. The boat launch at the Clinton River Cut-Off has been cleared out allowing vessels to launch.

St. Clair River: Walleye anglers were jigging and whipping mid-river and in the North Channel. The action was not fast, but there were some walleye to be caught.

Lexington to Port Sanilac: Boat anglers trolling in 15 to 20 feet have caught steelhead and coho. Lake trout were found just off the bottom in 40 feet. Pier anglers casting outside the walls caught a few coho on worms, minnows and Little Cleo’s.

Harbor Beach: Boats are starting to head out and have caught coho and steelhead in 15 to 18 feet or lake trout in 40 feet. Night anglers fishing the north gap caught walleye.

Saginaw Bay: It appears that the spring perch runs are just about over for this year. Rivers in the area are coming down and clearing up. Much of the bay remains turbid due to runoff and high winds. Boat anglers are getting walleye off Spoils Island and off the mouth of the Kawkawlin River when vertical jigging, which still seems to be more effective than trolling. A “blue-ice” plastic minnow on a jig head seems to be the best color right now. Up the east side, trollers out of Sunset Bay Marina trying for walleye had limited success. Shore anglers fishing the Quanicassee and Sebewaing Rivers were catching carp, suckers, white bass, bowfin, and anything else that will hit a worm. Perch anglers at Bay Port and Mud Creek were getting a few but had to sort through a lot of small ones to get a couple keepers. A few sunfish were caught from the Thomas Cut when using worms and a couple crappie were caught on minnows.

Saginaw River: Catfish anglers were getting a few when using shrimp in the lower river at Smith Park.

Southwest Lower Peninsula Fishing Report

Inland lakes in the region are producing crappie and bluegills in shallow waters. Crappies are hitting on minnows and the bluegills are hitting on red worms and wax worms. The perch bite is just about done.

St. Joseph: Fishing pressure has been low. Most boat anglers reported inconsistent catch rates but a few managed to find a decent number of coho. The fish were very deep, well past 150 feet and were hitting on small spoons. Pier fishing was slow for coho and brown trout with only a few taken on spawn.

St. Joseph River: Had some fresh steelhead using the Berrien Springs ladder. Water levels were high but were coming back down and clearing up.

South Haven: Boat anglers caught a few trout and salmon in 50 feet when trolling spoons. Anglers will have to deal with some construction in South Haven and should follow the detour signs. The road to the north pier is under construction however the boat launch is open.

Kalamazoo River: Water levels are coming down but water temperatures are on the rise. Cooler water up near the Allegan Dam is producing steelhead but as the water temperatures rise, that fishery will not last much longer.

Grand Haven: Pier anglers caught a few brown trout when still-fishing with minnows or casting spoons. Those trolling the shoreline reported slow catch rates. Those targeting perch reported catch rates that were hit-or-miss.

Grand River at Grand Rapids: Water levels are still high which makes fishing difficult. Steelhead are still being caught in the Rogue River.

Grand River at Lansing: Has had very few anglers due to the high and muddy water.

Muskegon: Pier and shore anglers reported slow catch rates for brown trout but a few were taken by those trolling bright colored spoons and body baits along the shoreline.

Muskegon River: Fishing was a bit harder but anglers have managed to catch some nice steelhead when drifting spawn, casting small spoons or fly fishing.

Whitehall: Pier anglers caught brown trout and steelhead on spawn near the bottom.

White Lake: Perch were caught in 15 to 30 feet on dropper rigs tipped with spikes or wax worms.

White River: Steelhead fishing is still going on and could last through next weekend.

Easter Fishing Report 2017


PM Lake at Ludington has a perch bite the last 3 days with wigglers working best. Captain Chucks has been really busy with guys heading out using wigglers and perch shiners.



PM  lake perch
PM lake perch



Crystal, Portage, Manistee, Big Glen, Lake Charlevoix, Green Lake, are reporting a decent perch bite.


Sheldon from Hesperia Sport Shop has had a great spring for Steelhead on the White River below the Hesperia Dam

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was just at Pappy’s Bait in Wellston and a guy brought in at 18 1/2 pound male steelhead

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Houghton Lake the Crappies are in


Crappie are in! Jacob Chipman from Frederick found the gills and crappie in the canals…including a 14″, master angler crappie. He said to use minnows under a pink, purple or fire tiger jig for the crappie and leaf or wax worms for the gills. They’re both hitting about 18″ from the surface.

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These nice Detroit Walleye fell victim to the Fish Bones Slim Line Rattle Jigs yesterday thanks for the pic guys

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Northwest Lower Peninsula Fishing Report

Harbor Springs: This side of the Bay was mainly ice free but the dock at the launch was not in yet. The other side of the Bay still had a lot of loose ice, so depending on wind direction it could blow back over.

Petoskey: Little Traverse Bay still had quite a bit of loose ice which makes boat fishing a slim possibility. The launch at the marina does not have the dock in yet. The breakwall ice and snow is melting and anglers were fishing inside the breakwall when there was no floating ice. Catch rates were hit-or-miss but a couple steelhead and coho were caught.

Bear River: Water levels were still moderately high. A fair number of steelhead were hooked between the dam and the mouth when drifting spawn bags and flies. Anglers are reminded that brown trout season is closed until the last Saturday in April.

Traverse City: Most of the boating action was on the West Bay where anglers were catching plenty of perch northeast of Clinch Park when using minnows and wigglers. Though many were small, some did manage to catch fish 8 inches or larger. Lake herring were caught north of Bryant Park and off the M-22 launch when jigging. A couple nice trout were caught at the south end of the East Bay near Acme. Those targeting steelhead in Elk Rapids caught some fish below the dam on spawn and wax worms.

Boardman River: Was slow but a couple steelhead and the occasional brown trout were still caught.

Leland: A few were fishing in the harbor and the river for steelhead but only a couple were landed. Dredging at the harbor mouth was to start this week. It would be challenging to try and get a larger boat out at this point.

Platte Bay: Had mainly shore anglers that were surfcasting but few fish were caught. Springtime water levels at the mouth of the Platte River are currently low, so it would be difficult for anglers to get out into Platte Bay with boats larger than 16 feet. The lower river has some steelhead.

Frankfort: Pier anglers were getting the occasional steelhead or brown trout on spawn, spoons or body baits. Most of the steelhead are chrome colored. Those trolling the harbor caught brown trout when casting body baits.

Betsie River: Had a lot of anglers as steelhead fishing continues.

Portage Lake: Perch anglers were fishing several locations but catch rates were hit-or-miss. Minnows, worms and wrigglers were used.

Manistee: Surface temperatures were about 41 degrees. All the docks are in at the launches however the restrooms and fish cleaning station were still closed. Perch were caught off the north pier when using minnows and a couple steelhead were taken when using spawn bags. Those trolling along the shoreline were getting some brown trout.

Ludington: Surface temperatures made it up to 42 degrees. The restrooms and the fish cleaning station were still closed. A small number of brown trout were caught by pier anglers using spawn bags or those trolling the shoreline. Some perch were caught in Pere Marquette Lake.

Pentwater: Adverse weather limited boat anglers. The water around the piers was cloudy and those fishing reported slow catch rates.

Pentwater Lake: Those trolling caught the occasional steelhead or brown trout. Perch fishing was good in 10 to 30 feet using perch rigs tipped with white spikes and wax worms. Those fishing Longbridge Road caught suckers and bullhead on crawlers.



Northeast Lower Peninsula Fishing Report

Cheboygan: The city launch and marina at the mouth of the river have the docks in.

Cheboygan River: Shore anglers had some luck with steelhead at the dam and downstream when using spawn. Those that tried crank baits and spinners had no luck.

Rogers City: The ice is gone and there is one dock in at the launch. When boats can get out, Atlantic salmon and lake trout should be available. Try trolling in stained waters less than 40 feet deep. In Swan Bay, bright spoons or body baits should produce some fish. Boat anglers were targeting lake trout near the bottom inside 50 feet. Try big flashers with flies or spin-glo’s. A few anglers were casting for Atlantic salmon off the wall. Try orange or chartreuse.

Rockport: Anglers were casting for Atlantic salmon from the wall. The fish should show up any day now. A few boats were getting lake trout just off the bottom in 60 feet. Try big flashers with flies or spin-glo’s.

Alpena: A few boat anglers were out in Thunder Bay. Those trolling for walleye have caught and released a few smallmouth bass.

Thunder Bay River: Waters levels were elevated but anglers still caught a couple steelhead when drifting spawn near the 9th Street Dam or Hot-n-Tots from the bridges.

Oscoda: Pier anglers caught lake trout when drifting or still-fishing with spawn and minnows or when casting spoons.

Au Sable River: Water levels were high and turbid. Those fishing the lower river in Oscoda caught a couple steelhead on spawn but more fish were caught up near Foote Dam. Carp and freshwater drum were caught on worms.

Houghton Lake: Crappie anglers are fishing the canals. Sucker fishing is starting to pick up on the Cut River near the mouth of Houghton Lake.

Tawas: Pier anglers are catching brown trout, steelhead and smallmouth bass when still-fishing with minnows or casting lures. A few smaller perch were caught inside the pier. Those trolling were starting to catch walleye off Tawas Point, Alabaster and Whitestone Point. The fish were caught on body baits in 10 to 25 feet. Lake trout were caught near the reef.

Tawas River: Was still producing suckers.

Au Gres: Anglers caught several lake trout while fishing for walleye.

Rifle River: At Greenwood Road was producing suckers.



Upper Peninsula Fishing Report

Marquette: Both the Upper and Lower Harbors are producing coho along with a few brown trout and splake. Those jigging at the “bubblers” did best with pink or white jig heads with a white twisty tail. Those trolling also caught fish with Hot-n-Tots, shad raps and small spoons for coho. Steelhead are being caught on the Carp and Chocolay Rivers.

Menominee River: Anglers fishing the Turn Basin and were jigging plastics, live baits and zip lures. Brown trout were caught north and south of the mouth when trolling spoons and stick baits. Fishing pressure has been extremely heavy below the Hattie Street Dam.

Little Bay De Noc: All rivers are open and flowing with water levels down some. The Bay is open but still had pack ice stacked on various shorelines. The launches that are ready for use are Rapid River, Gladstone and North Shore. The dock on the Ford River should be in this week. This should be a good week for perch anglers to try their luck. Several anglers have started steelhead fishing in the Day’s, Escanaba and Ford Rivers. Best catches were reported were in the Day’s River across US-2 and when fly fishing the Escanaba River up near the 1st Dam. Most used spawn, beads or yarn.

Manistique River: The public launch is open and several boat and shore anglers have started fishing the mouth for steelhead. Fair to good catches were reported from the dam to “big bass hole” which is just south of the Cedar Street Bridge. Anglers are fly fishing with beads and yarn or casting spawn and yarn. Water temperatures were between 38 and 44 degrees.

Au Train: The brownstone launch was currently not usable. A piece of cement slab at the launch pad was moved by the ice and is blocking access. Only a couple steelhead were caught in the Rock River.

Munising: The ice is gone and the docks are in at the public launch. Anglers reported good catches of coho when casting or trolling with spoons. Shore and boat anglers were taking a few splake. Steelhead fishing was slow off the Anna River.

Grand Marais: Good catches of coho and some nice steelhead 25 to 30 inches were reported by boat anglers. Most of the steelhead were dark, about 50% spent and appeared to be fish coming down the river. Shore anglers did poorly with very few hits off the Sucker River and Carpenter Creek area. River levels are high due to recent rains so if you are planning on fishing the mouth of the Sucker River you will want to bring waders.

Two Hearted River: Had high water levels. Steelhead were spotty at best. Most roads in the area are now open.

Detour: To the north, the ice is gone from the Raber Bay boat launch and the Lime Island Dock but the docks are not in yet. Look for spawning perch in 4 to 6 feet in and around old cattails and weeds with small minnows or wigglers. At Detour Village, the ice is gone at both boat launches. This is the time to start fishing for Atlantic salmon which are close to shore and chasing smelt. Try long-lining with hard crank baits that simulate smelt in 6 to 10 feet. A few anglers were targeting steelhead in Albany Creek which is about ten miles west of Detour Village under M-134 but no catches were reported.

Cedarville and Hessel: The public launch at Lake Side Road has open water. Launching here allows anglers to fish for perch at the mouth of McKay Creek, and McKay Bay. The Cedarville launch off Meridian Street in town has open water. A few reports of perch have come from Cedarville Bay, south of the boat launch and around the cattails in 6 to 8 feet. Anglers were using small minnows. East winds blew the ice out of the Hessel Marina and finger docks. Splake fishing was good with small minnows and frozen smelt 20 inches off the bottom in 6 to 8 feet outside the steel breakwall.

St. Ignace: Had no angler activity. There is one dock in at the public launch. The Pine River is slow and the docks are not in yet. Anglers are targeting steelhead on the Carp River using spawn but no smelt run as of yet.

Black River: In Mackinac County has steelhead running and catch rates were moderate.



Southeast Lower Peninsula Fishing Report

Lake Erie: Walleye fishing in Brest Bay slowed but should pick back up. Anglers were trolling crank baits, reef runners and husky jerks.

Huron River: Was still producing some steelhead for those using spawn, wax worms or flies.

Wamplers Lake: In Lenawee County had anglers taking panfish near the drop-offs with limited success. Anglers were marking a number of fish that were suspended in 24 to 25 feet on the west end but could not get them to bite. They were using worms, minnows and artificial baits. Water temperatures were in the mid to high 40’s. Sand Lake which is next to Wamplers was also producing a few panfish.

Detroit River: The walleye bite is improving. Anglers are using ¾ to 1 ounce jigs with minnows anywhere from 12 to 18 inches off the bottom. The cuts and canals are producing panfish.

Lake St. Clair: Water temperatures have remained in the mid 40’s, but were starting to increase. Clarity still remains below average due to excessive runoff. Most species are still lethargic, but some anglers were able to catch smallmouth bass and perch. Those targeting bass did well in 3 to 5 feet when casting crank baits. Perch were caught in the canals and were hitting on minnows but worms were also working at times. Crappie and bluegills were caught in the canals and marinas when using wax worms and crawlers just off the bottom. The Clinton River was turbid and muddy and perch fishing slowed in the spillway.

St. Clair River: Anglers are catching salmon off the wall at Port Huron. Smelt numbers are sparse but a couple anglers were taking a few. Anglers were beginning to catch limits of walleye in the North Channel however many fish were undersize.

Lexington to Port Sanilac: Those out trolling were marking fish in 18 to 40 feet but were not catching any. Those fishing inside the harbor at Lexington managed to catch a couple coho, steelhead and perch with a crawler or minnow under a bobber.

Saginaw Bay: Walleye anglers off Linwood were marking fish but had no success catching them. A few walleye were caught off the north end of Spoils Island when jigging minnows in 8 to 10 feet. Water levels near the river and the inner bay were high and muddy. A few catfish were caught at the Hot Ponds. Quanicassee to Sebewaing had poor fishing with only small fish taken. Those fishing the day use area on the Pinnebog River were taking suckers but heavy sinkers were needed due to the increased flow.

Saginaw River: Water levels were high and muddy.

Southwest Lower Peninsula Fishing Report

St. Joseph: Fishing pressure was low. The few boats that have made it out struggled to find fish because the lake was churned up after the storms and strong winds. Most were slow trolling just outside the piers and along the shoreline. Pier anglers struggled as well but some did manage to catch a few whitefish and the occasional brown trout when using spawn.

South Haven: Fishing pressure was low as few boats were able to get out. Those that did get out reported slow coho and brown trout fishing.

Kalamazoo River: Has high water levels which is limiting fishing. The river still has a good number of steelhead. The closed tributaries also have more fish than usual because of the high water levels.

Rabbit River: Has a good number of steelhead.

Grand Haven: After all the rain, the water along the shoreline was muddy. Pier anglers caught a few brown trout on live minnows but the action was slow. A couple menominee whitefish were caught on wax worms or skein.

Grand River at Grand Rapids: Steelhead are still being caught here and in the Rogue River however high water levels have made fishing a challenge. Use caution.

Jackson County: Panfish including perch are being caught in various lakes.

Muskegon: Pier and shore anglers reported slower catch rates for steelhead and brown trout. When the weather allows, boat anglers caught a few brown trout when trolling orange or green body baits along the shoreline.

Muskegon River: Continues to have a good number of steelhead and some walleye but that season does not open until the last Saturday in April. In Mecosta County, there was good panfish action near Rogers Heights.

Whitehall: Pier anglers caught brown trout and steelhead when still-fishing with spawn. Whitefish were also caught using wax worms or a single egg.

White Lake: Anglers caught perch in 20 to 30 feet using perch rigs with wax worms.

White River: Had fresh fish coming from the lake.

Fishing is Finally Changing Seasons

Black Crappie
Black Crappie

Ice finally went out of most lakes north of M-72 the last few days. Higgins Lake the ice was all the way piles up on the south and south west shore. They are catching  some rainbows off of big creek.

Hesperia below the dam reports a great steelhead run with waxworms working best. Tippy Dam has been spotty with a better bite in the afternoon.

Houghton Lake the crappie are in the canals the last few days, also bluegill  have showed up with worms working best also crappie biting on fatheads or small emeralds.

Lake City the crappies are biting on Lake Missaukee in the lagoon, also in the canals.

East Grand Traverse Bay is producing perch, lake trout and ciscoes.

They are still catching atlantic  salmon on Torch Lake off the mouth of the clam river trolling or bobber fishing with blues.

The are catching some nice perch on the Muskegon River by Freemont and Between Cronton and Hardy Dam.

Northwest Lower Peninsula Fishing Report

Harbor Springs: The harbor was still iced in so no docks are in yet.

Petoskey: Little Traverse Bay still had some ice. The boat launch at the marina does not have the docks in yet. Use caution if fishing the breakwall as the walkway was still snow and ice covered. Overall, steelhead fishing has been slow. Anglers should find coho, brown trout and steelhead as the waters warm up.

Bear River: Water levels were fairly high. A couple fish were seen jumping at the dam. Anglers were drifting spawn bags or flies.

Boardman River: Should have good steelhead fishing by the weekend.

Frankfort: Had little activity. Betsie Bay is clear of ice and the boat ramp is open.

Betsie River: Look for good steelhead action into next week.

Manistee: Had few anglers. Surface water temperatures were about 40 degrees. Docks are in at the boat launch but the restrooms and the fishing cleaning station are still closed.

Manistee River: Steelhead fishing is in full swing and the run should peak sometime in the next week. The warm up this weekend should be prime time.

Ludington: Surface water temperatures were near 41 degrees. The docks are in at the city marina but the restrooms and the fish cleaning station are still closed. Angler activity was low but those trolling along the shoreline caught a few brown trout.

Pere Marquette River: Should have good steelhead fishing by the weekend and into next week as run peaks.

Pentwater River: Should have good steelhead fishing by the weekend.


Ocqueoc River: Anglers continue to target steelhead. Try drifting spawn and beads in the deeper holes.

Rogers City: The marina and launch ramp were still ice covered.

Rockport: Was ice free and boat anglers were trolling for Atlantic salmon and lake trout in shallow waters. Shore anglers were targeting fish off the wall.

Oscoda: Pier anglers have caught a few Atlantic salmon and some lake trout.

Au Sable River: Water levels were up and running fast which will make fishing more difficult. The steelhead bite should pick back up by the weekend.

Houghton Lake: Is ice free and the dock is in at the launch on the south end. Anglers are starting to get crappie in and near the canals with fathead minnows. Bluegills are also starting to bite and were hitting on leaf worms. Try pink and purple jigs.

Tawas: A few perch were caught near the floating docks inside the harbor but anglers were sorting to get some keepers. Outside the wall, anglers caught lake trout, brown trout, a couple pike and the odd walleye on live minnows or when casting spoons and body baits. Those trolling inside Tawas Bay were also taking fish with body baits.

Tawas River: A lot of suckers were caught on worms in the lower river.

Au Gres: When they can get out, boat anglers were fishing around the various points in 10 to 25 feet. Those trolling body baits were catching more lake trout than walleye. Those surf-casting with body baits were targeting walleye at night.

Au Gres River: Shore anglers fishing the cuts and marina basins along the river were getting a mix of perch, crappies and bluegills. On the East Branch, shore and surf anglers were getting some steelhead when drifting spawn bags or wax worms down at the Singing Bridge.

Rifle River: The sucker runs continue at Omer but water levels were high and fast.


Upper Peninsula Fishing Report

Keweenaw Bay: The bay still has ice floating around but hopefully some wind will open it up to boating. A few coho were caught by those casting spoons from shore. The Falls River has been slow but a couple steelhead were caught. Water temperatures were about 36 degrees. We need some warm days to get the temperatures up and get a smelt run started.

Marquette: Coho fishing slowed some but a few anglers were still getting the occasional limit catch when jigging at the “Bubblers”. A couple splake were caught off the breakwall in the Lower Harbor when the ice was not there. Those targeting steelhead in the Carp and Chocolay Rivers reported slower catch rates. A few small brown trout were caught in the Chocolay River with spawn, leaf worms and wax worms.

Menominee River: Anglers have caught walleye and brown trout when casting jigs and stick baits below the dam at Hattie Street. The walleye bite remains slow but should pick up soon.

Little Bay De Noc: The ice is breaking up fast and most of the Bay is now open water. Anglers are still not able to launch boats but hopefully soon. Shore fishing is available in many areas. The rivers are pretty much open and flowing fast. Steelhead anglers are just getting started on the Day’s River.

Manistique River: Is open but no launches were up and running yet. Water levels are up and the flow is fast. A good number of shore anglers were fishing near the dam. A couple steelhead were caught but it is still early. Suckers have started running.

Au Train: Still had ice in the bay and the boat launch was not accessible. There were no reports from either the Rock or the Au Train River.

Munising: Ice has started to leave the shoreline and the following areas were open a few hundred yards from shore with some floating ice: Bay Furnace, Christmas along M-28, the Grand Island Ferry access, and Sand Point. Anglers are pushing boats over the ice to open water near the Anna River and Sand Point. Anglers have caught coho and splake when jigging spoons and Swedish pimples or using cut bait. Steelhead reports were slow. Anglers can try off the Anna River dock as there is open water.

Grand Marais: Had few anglers. Water levels were low in Carpenter Creek and the Sucker River. There was quite a bit of shore ice on the Sucker River and substantial amounts of snow in the woods in this area. As far as pier activity it will be at least two weeks maybe longer before anglers will be able to fish the pier as there are large ice caps covering most of the pier at this time. There was no ice in the harbor though and the boat launch was ice free.

Two Hearted River: Has had no reports as of yet. Anglers should keep in mind that access may be challenging due to snow pack on area roads. Ice is still on the shoreline of Lake Superior so that may keep some fish out of the river for a while yet.

Tahquamenon River: Had reports of a few smelt taken over the last couple days.

Munuscong: Ice conditions are getting very dangerous. Most areas were slushy with not much hard ice underneath.

Cedarville and Hessel: There is a lot of open water and any remaining ice is dangerous.

Carp River: In Mackinac County had some angling activity and a couple steelhead were caught.

Southeast Lower Peninsula Fishing Report

Lake Erie: Boat anglers were getting some bigger walleye in Brest Bay. Most were using large crank baits, reef runners and husky jerks in 14 to 20 feet.

Huron River: Steelhead anglers have taken fish on spawn, wax worms or flies.

Detroit River: Had good walleye fishing in the lower river for those jigging and drifting plastics and shiners. The fish averaged 15 to 19 inches and a few limit catches were reported. Perch were caught in shallow waters. Try the canals and marinas with small shiners under a slip bobber.

Lake St. Clair: Conditions have not been ideal so not many anglers were out. The wind and rain have muddied the water in the canals, marinas and near shore. Perch and panfish had been caught before the weather changed.

St. Clair River: There is no more ice coming down the river. Anglers were trying for walleye but the action was very slow. Shore anglers at Port Huron were getting salmon, walleye and even a few smelt off the wall.

Port Austin: The marina is ice free but the docks at the boat launch were not in yet.

Saginaw Bay: Perch anglers inside Eagle Bay Marina and also at the end of Palmer Road were still catching fish, but sorting through a lot of small ones for every keeper. The rain and snow will not help the perch fishing. Those trolling were trying to find walleye between Linwood and the mouth of the Saginaw River but were not having much luck. A few perch were caught inside the Linwood Beach Marina but rain shut the bite down again. A few small perch were found in the lower Kawkawlin River, the drain at the end of Finn Road, and the Quanicassee River but no big numbers by any means. Some bigger perch were caught in the marina at Sebewaing and in Mud Creek mainly early and late in the day. Keepers were 7 to 9 inches. Perch fishing at Caseville was slow.

Saginaw River: Had excellent perch fishing down near the mouth before the heavy rain and snow.

Southwest Lower Peninsula Fishing Report

St. Joseph: Pier fishing is very slow for salmon and steelhead. Those targeting salmon did catch a couple catfish. When they can get out, boat anglers found salmon and lake trout when trolling small crank baits along the shoreline in 40 feet or less.

St. Joseph River: Still has a good number of steelhead throughout the system including Berrien Springs, Buchanan and Niles.

South Haven: Had no report as strong winds have kept boats off the big lake. The boat launch is open however there is a lot of construction in the area.

Kalamazoo River: Continues to produce some nice steelhead even with the higher water levels.

Grand Haven: The South Pier is still closed and will be until late summer because of construction. A “No-Trespassing” sign has been posted so anglers need to stay off the pier because of safety concerns. The launch on Harbor Island has two docks in. Those trolling the shoreline reported slow catch rates for brown trout.

Grand River at Grand Rapids: Had very high water levels and was under a flood warning. Steelhead can still be found but fishing conditions will be difficult until the water levels come back down.

Muskegon: The South Pier is still closed to the public due to construction in the area. There is a “No-Trespassing” sign and anglers need to stay off the pier because of safety concerns. Pier fishing is slow for steelhead and brown trout. When they can get out, boat anglers caught a few lake trout and brown trout on body baits.

Muskegon River: Has had good steelhead fishing all the way up to Croton Dam. Some have caught the occasional brown trout. Water levels were up and stained.

Whitehall: When they can get out, pier anglers have caught steelhead, brown trout and the occasional whitefish with spawn near the bottom.


Last Chance Fishing Derby on Munuscong bay

Dan’s Resort  on the shore of Munuscong bay

Blustery is not a descriptive enough adjective to describe the weather we had for this derby. Despite the weather, over 130 people fished the tournament and survived the wind and whiteout. Thank you to everyone that came out and fished and supported our local clubs and businesses! 

Congratulations to Ken Wilkie for catching the biggest fish at 6.3lbs! And congrats to our own Kristie for winning the women’s division!Dan’s Resort


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Ice is not safe in Northern Michigan


 Dan’s Resort Last Chance Walleye Derby

MIller’s Corner Reports

So, we do have a few “dare devils” that have reached out to us that are still fishing. The nights have been cold, however recently again we have lost the ice around the shore area. We have also lost the ice in the Redman Island area. Earlier this week the ice was looking black and very spotty, as if the water was going to start breaking through. The guys still fishing, are only walking out. We have a couple people out checking on the ice conditions for us at this time. Again, at this time, we don’t consider the ice to be safe. If you choose to go, please take a buddy and use the proper safety precautions. As for tomorrow (Friday 3/10) through the weekend we will continue to open at 7am. We will report to you as we receive information.

Lake Skegemog is mostly open after the rain and high winds. Sanford Sport reports a good walleye bite on the Titabawassee River from Sanford Dam below Dow Dam. call 989-687-5161 for latest info.

Pappy’s Bait at Wellston is reporting the river is in good shape below Tippy Dam and many fish are being caught- Call Rob @ 231-848-4142

At Hesperia Sport the fishing has been great on the White river for Trout this week call Terry or Jim@ 231-854-3965



Northwest Lower Peninsula Fishing Report

A few were still ice fishing however it is not recommended. Shoreline ice is deteriorating and much of the lake ice is honeycombed. Anglers would be wise to switch to river fishing or wait for open water.

Boardman River: Anglers were still finding some steelhead fishing between the mouth and Sabin Dam.

Betsie River: Steelhead anglers are out and taking some fish. Try spawn, flies and wax worms.

Lake Cadillac: Still had ice but the quality varies greatly. The ice is honeycombed which is not quality ice. First ice and last ice are the most dangerous. Some are still going out but extreme caution needs to be used.

Lake Mitchell: Has the same ice conditions as Cadillac. Anglers will need to use extreme caution. If you are not sure, fish in shallow waters only.

Manistee River: Had steelhead anglers all the way up to Tippy Dam. The bite was good during the warm spell but will surely decrease as cold temperatures move back in.

Little Manistee River: Anglers are reminded that the river from a point 300 feet upstream of the DNR weir to Spencer’s Bridge and a point from 300 feet below the DNR weir to Manistee Lake remains closed to fishing until April 1st.

Pere Marquette River: Steelhead fishing was on especially with the rain and warmer temperatures. Anglers were taking fish on spawn and wax worms.


Northeast Lower Peninsula Fishing Report

Mullett Lake: Still had ice throughout but anglers will need to use caution in Pigeon River Bay, near Dodge Point, and near the Indian River. Fishing pressure was extremely light. The few that did go out only managed a couple perch.

Thunder Bay River: Is ice free but there is one gate fully open at the Ninth St. Dam and as a result the river is moving pretty fast. A few anglers were targeting steelhead in the slack water along the bank. Fishing should pick up as the flow slows down and more steelhead move in. Conditions could be good by the weekend unless the area gets more rain. Spawn is usually the bait of choice.

Fletchers Pond: Had pretty good fishing for bluegill, pumpkinseed and crappie. The rare brown trout has also been caught. The ice was variable throughout so use caution.

Oscoda: Boat and pier anglers were still getting some lake trout when trolling spoons, body baits and rapalas near the mouth. Pier anglers casting spoons have also caught some lake trout off the end of the pier.

Au Sable River: Had good steelhead fishing with limit catches reported. Anglers have done well with spawn and wax worms between the mouth and Foote Dam. With colder air moving in by the weekend, try the deeper holes.

Higgins Lake: Still had ice however the shoreline ice has opened up. No anglers were out because of the strong winds.

Houghton Lake: Still has ice however anglers cannot get out to it. Strong winds have blown the ice out anywhere from 50 to 100 feet or more along the shoreline.

Tawas: Did not have much happening.

Au Gres: Had some decent catches of perch from Eagle Bay Marina and the mouth of the Pine River.

Au Gres River: At last report, the mouth of Whitney Drain at the Singing Bridge was packed with floe ice and unfishable.



Upper Peninsula Fishing Report

This area of the state still had ice however recent rain and 40 degree temperatures did make conditions a bit more challenging. The ice was deteriorating in places so anglers will need to use caution.

Marquette: The only ice is in the marinas which is making it difficult for boats to launch. There has been no fishing activity in the marinas. Anglers have been fishing the Chocolay River and the Carp River with spinners, spawn and crawlers. The Carp River was best for steelhead when using spinners and spawn. Rumor has it anglers were doing well on the Chocolay River for brown trout and steelhead with spawn and crawlers.

Little Bay De Noc: Ice remained fishable in the northern Bay but anglers are using caution when traveling. All anglers should avoid the area around Butler Island as many have broken through the ice. The southern part of the Bay has open water and is not safe. Only a handful of anglers have been targeting walleye and catch rates were fair at best. Most were using jigs or tip-ups in 25 to 35 feet between the Second and Third Reefs. Perch anglers did better with minnows or wigglers in 27 to 35 feet near Kipling.

Au Trail: Had no fishable ice in the bay. There have been no reports for the Au Train River. The boat launch is not accessible due to ice buildup.

Munising: Had slow fishing as most anglers had few hits for several hours of effort. Only a few small splake and whitefish were caught. Anglers tried jigging Swedish pimples and other small jigging rapalas with eggs, cut bait, mousies and minnows. Anglers observed large schools of small lake herring. No reports on coho or steelhead. Cold temperatures did help with the freezing process however warm temperatures, rain and windy conditions will not help. Pay close attention to ice conditions.

Newberry: Inland lakes in the area still had ice but use caution. The walleye and pike fishing were good on the Manistique Lakes. Minnows on tip-ups worked best.

Munuscong: The Bay had lots of anglers catching mostly walleye, perch and pike. Most were fishing out near Grassy Island. They are jigging, using tip-ups or still-fishing with a minnow under a bobber. Many sub-legal walleye and perch have also been caught so anglers are sorting out the small ones.

Cedarville and Hessel: Those targeting perch in Muskie Bay reported mixed catch rates for perch as some days were better than others. The fish ranged 7 to 12 inches which included a fair number of throwbacks. Most were jigging a combination of natural and artificial baits in 15 feet. Minnows and wigglers worked well. Pike fishing was slow. Anglers should avoid the Middle Channel because of open water. The ice was holding in Hessel Bay; however, the ice has disappeared along the shoreline around some of the islands. Use caution in all areas!


Southeast Lower Peninsula Fishing Report

Huron River: Was producing some steelhead and the occasional walleye but the bite will slow once again with the colder weather.

Detroit River: Boat anglers continue to take some nice perch especially around the islands. Fish have also been caught in the marinas and at the mouth. Most are using perch rigs and minnows.

Lake St. Clair: Conditions have not been ideal this week and not many anglers were out. Water clarity has been impacted by all the wind.

Clinton River: The steelhead run was just getting started. Warming temperatures are needed to get the fish moving. Only a few have been caught in the deeper holes. There were no fish on the gravel yet.

St. Clair River: Some were targeting walleye and steelhead but catch rates were low.

Saginaw Bay: Had very little to report as the ice has broken up and it has been too windy for boats to get out. The only boat launch open along the west side was the DNR ramp at the mouth of the Saginaw River (Patterson Road). The few boats able to get out were having a hard time finding clean water to fish in. Perch fishing was hit-or-miss but worth pursuing in a variety of ditches and rivers along the south end and the east side including Finn Road, the Quanicassee River, Garner Road, Kirk Road and Thomas Road. Perch were taken on perch rigs and minnows or tiny tube jigs cast and retrieved under a small bobber, similar to crappie fishing. Perch were also caught from the Sebewaing River, the access site at Bay Port, the basin at Bayshore Marina, and Mud Creek. The bigger fish might run into one creek today and another one tomorrow, so a good strategy for this type of fishing is to hit a spot for no more than a half hour, then move on to the next spot if the first one doesn’t produce fish.

Saginaw River: Fishing over the last week has been poor. The river was high, fast and muddy. Conditions are improving if we don’t get more rain.

Tittabawassee River: Shore anglers caught a few walleye in the south end of Midland near Gerace Construction. Catch rates further downriver were very slow.

Southwest Lower Peninsula Fishing Report

St. Joseph: Pier anglers are catching some coho, brown trout and steelhead. When the weather permits, boat anglers willing to go out to 200 feet have taken limit catches of coho when trolling orange plugs and spoons 50 to 80 feet down.

St. Joseph River: Steelhead are still moving up into the river but the water is high and dirty in most locations making fishing more difficult. There was a good push of steelhead and lots of fish were using the ladder a Berrien Springs.

South Haven: When the weather allows, boat anglers here were also taking limit catches of coho when trolling 50 to 80 feet down in 200 feet. Most were using spoons or plugs. Orange was the hot color.

Kalamazoo River: Steelhead are still being caught but the water is high and dirty making it much more difficult.

Grand Haven: Boat anglers trolling in deeper water were finding coho and steelhead. Shore anglers also caught fish off the end of the pier.

Grand River at Grand Rapids: Anglers are still finding steelhead but the high and stained water makes fishing more difficult. Most fish have been caught up near the 6th Street Dam.

Grand River near Lansing: Anglers caught a couple nice pike, a few walleye and the odd bass near the North Lansing Dam during the warm spell. The bite should rebound when it warms back up.

Muskegon River: Still had a good number of steelhead but the higher water levels made fishing a bit more difficult. With colder air moving into the state, anglers will want to target the deeper holes.

Miller’s Corner 5th Annual Fishing Tournament

Miller’s Corner 5th Annual Fishing Tournament
Mar 4 – Mar 5 · Millers Corner · Lake City

8″-10″ of ice on the lake!! The edge is a little weak about two feet out but after two days of zero they should be great!!! Tournament is ready for all of you anglers. Happy fishing!!

Cost: $12 per adult, $2 per kid 12 & under
Categories paid out for largest Walleye, Pike, Perch, Blue Gill & Crappie. Walleye & Pike will only pay out 1st and 2nd places. All panfish will pay out 1st – 3rd places. Fish will be measured and weighed.
Starts: 7am March 4th – 2:00pm March 5th
You may fish on Lake Missaukee ONLY.

We will hold a fish dinner with awards at the Town Pump in downtown Lake CIty, which will start at 4pm on Sunday March 5th. Your entry fee will include the fish dinner. 

Throughout the tournament, you may watch our facebook page for updates. 

Questions? Please call us 231-839-0440.

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