Bait-shops in Alpena, Iosco, and Alcona Counties

Alpena Michigan has great inland fishing on Long Lake, Hubbard Lake, and the Thunder Bay River. The Target fish on these lake is Walleye, Perch, Smallmouth Bass, and North ern Pike. Thunder Bay and Rockport have excellent Big Lake fishery, with King Salmon, Lake Trout, Brown Trout, and Steelhead. The Thunder Bay River has good runs of big lake fish in the spring and fall below the dam, with Lunker (HOGS) Walleye in the early spring and late fall. Call Clems Bait to get an update of river fishing as he is on the river by the ninth street bridge. The Flechers Flood Waters by Hillman is a World Class fishery for Pike and Panfish in the winter. First ice in late december or January or late ice in the spring are the best time to fish. Please call for latest updates.

3506 Indian Lk. Rd. National City,mi 48748

They have a full line of live bait and tackle

8501 US. 23 North Alpena, Mi 49707

They have a full line of live Bait and Tackle

Dam Store
1870 East River Road Oscoda Mi

They have a full line of live bait and tackle

910 S State St, Au Sable Charter Twp, MI 48750
(989) 739-1342

Has a full line of bait and tackle. Party store and smoked fish


Open today · 6AM–10PM
Fellows Marina & Tackle Shop
440 S.State Oscoda, Mi 48750

Has a full line of bait and tackle

Side Door Bait & Tackle

3585 Woodlawn Dr, Spruce, MI 48762

(989) 736-6418 

Has full line of bait and tackle

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Two Bucks

The guy came again and clean me out again this morning ... See MoreSee Less

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No way!

What is he taking?

Probably taking drugs judging from how he looks

Cleaned out of what?

Best I can do

Does he not know he's on camera?

Painter look at his pants

Kinda looks like the guy that lives behind me

Way he’s pulled in he’s coming from benzie area. Won’t be long and you will get his worthless ass. This one needs to be prosecuted

What is he taking .if its bait go cruse the fishing holes

Home boy needs an ass whopping

What a prick!

Stake out

Why is your stuff out in the open?

This is terrible, and sad! I can't ever fathem how people can do this. True sportsmen would not take! I love buying bait from here, best stuff around! Not to mention it's cheaper than most places...

It’s an honor system put the money in the STEEL BOX!

Stupid a hole looks directly into camera...

He must pull forward to leave. Post that video. It should be pretty easy to zoom in a get a plate picture.

Shared hope the dude has something bad happen to him.

Post some pics of him at the box

I've been painting for 19 years and just did a text blast to some friends. One of them said it looks a lot like a guy named Mike that lived or still lives in mancelona. I'll keep asking around, I hate scum like this guy.

Must be a painter look at his pants sherwinn Williams pants

Who do I message if I think I found the guy? I don't want to put pictures up if it's not him.

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Does anybody know who this person is ... See MoreSee Less

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Don’t these idiots realize they’re on camera?


Dirt bag

Yeah a loser 😡

Can you get the license plate as they drive away?

Damn good camera and he’s a douch bag worthless thief. Wow

What's he stealing??

I'll be looking for him. I'm sick of these people stealing from this place!! They don't deserve to fish

People just don't understand how convenient this bait store is! I'll keep my eyes out for this asshole!!

POS. Hope they got his plate on that camera. If not I hope they move or add one that would.

Turn it into the cops

Close up

I hope he is identified and has to pay restitution. This bait stand is very convenient for me and I would hate to lose this service. Bucs deserves better than being taken advantage of. Thank you Bucs for continuing to help fisherman like me that enjoy your convenience stand to get out fishing quickly after working hard all day.

At least you got a great shot of the guy and his car. Criminals that steal fishing stuff from a 24-hr self-serve typically aren't sharpshooters.

nope but hes going fishing


So do you like just leave money in a bucket ? How does this work? My local bait shop has a vending machine. And yes there is no honor these days. POS

Bucs is the only place I go to get my bait! Hope this worthless asshole doesnt ruin it for the rest of us honest people..

What a pos I love this place and for someone to do this really pisses me off, I hope he gets caught

Got him!

You need to hang out there around times he shows up. Watch from inside then walk out and confront him or at least get a plate number.

The camera should get his plate # as he pulls out

He’s from ludington. He introduced himself the other day fishing the boardmen river. He was with his wife and kid and another guy with a huskie

This guy doesn't even know what he grabbed worthless piece of s*** if I knew him I would throw his ass to the dogs.

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