Bait-shops in Roscommon, Alger, and Ogemaw County

Roscommon County has the Largest inland lake in Michigan Houghton Lake. This lake is one of the best producers of panfish in the state of Michigan. It also has a good population of walleye and pike. Higgins Lake is the King for ice fishing when it freezes in the middle of January. The target fish are perch and smelt which they catch by the bucket on Hali’s. This lake has a huge population of lake, brown, and rainbow trout, it is the place to be in the late winter when the shallow lakes are not producing. Ogemaw County Main lakes are Peach, Sage, Clear, Lake George, Rifle, and Hardwood lake. Lots of fisherman head to Lake St. Helen which is just across the line in Roscommon as it produces lots of fish in the winter.

6560 W Houghton Lake Dr. Houghton Lake Mi 48629

Full line of live bait and tackle

H&H Fireworks 

  7511 West Houghton Lake Drive, Houghton Lake, MI 48629 

(989) 366-0126

Full line of live bait and tackle

Sports Barn
East Higgins Lake Dr. Roscommon, Mi 48653

Full line of bait and tackle

Angelo’s Party Store
2506 N. Old 27 N. Houghton Lake Mi 48629

Full line of bait and tackle

PaPa’s Bait

127 Windemere, Houghton Lake, MI

(989) 429-5780 

full line of bait some tackle

Higgins Lake Hardware
 4521 West Higgins Lake
Dr.Roscommon, MI 48653

Full line of bait and tackle

Evergreen Party Store

9961 N Higgins Lake Dr, Roscommon, MI 48653

(989) 821-5425


Full line of bait and tackle

Saint Helen Bait and Tackle

1727 North St. Helen Road


Full line of bait and tackle

Dean’s Bait & Tackle
2260 M-33 Alger, Mi 48610

Full line of bait and tackle

Look what 8 yr old Kobe Kurtzhal,son of Ron caught.Niw this is a hog PIKE and it must have been a ball for a young person to catch.Alot of older fisherman would love to catch that pike.
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