Cheboygan and Presque County

Cheboygan is the Tip of the Mitt. The main Lakes in Cheboygan County are Mullet, Burt, and the North end of Black Lake. These lakes are legendary for walleye, perch, and the sturgeon reaching 6 feet in legnth. Douglas Lake has very good population of aggressive northern pike. Presque County main lakes are Grand, Long and Black Lake for walleye and perch. The king salmon fishing off of Roger City and Presque Island Harbor are the best on Lake Huron and may’be in the world. It also has a great deer herd in its very large swamps.

Adrians Sport Shop
335 N. Bradley Rogers City, MI

Has a full line of live bait and tackle

Twin Lake Grocery
7045 Twin Lakes Rd, Cheboygan, MI 49721

has a full line of bait and tackle

Parrots Outpost
20628 State St, Onaway, MI 49765

has a full line of bait and tackle

Northland Sports Company


Has full line of bait and tackle

Mullett Lake General Store & Pizza

6947 N Straits Hwy
Mullett Lake, MI 49761

(231) 627-4644

has a full line of bait and tackle

Topinabee Market
1541 Straits Hwy., Topinabee MI 49791

has a full line of bait and tackle

Pat & Gary’s Party Store

3758 S. Straits Hwy., Indian River MI 49749

has a full line of bait and tackle

Aloha Camp Store, Inc.

1303 Main Street,

Cheboygan  Mi

(231) 625-2552


Not opened in the winter

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Photos from NWMI Fishing Club’s post See MoreSee Less

Photos from NWMI Fishing Club’s post See MoreSee Less

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By looking at the background that looks like the boardmen river in traverse city..

Why does tragic city need a plant?

Photos from NWMI Fishing Club’s post See MoreSee Less

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Curious…Why not wait a day or two? Current meteorological forecasts make the wind very predictable. Seems better than wasting a precious amount of time and money.

Could have picked a better day

Why not dump after dark?

Seems like if that's the case maybe plant them after dark!

Why they do it like this I’ll never understand just light lighting money on fire with a match

Why night stocking isn't done…

What's wrong with the night time fish planting?

Bummer! I know "you guys" have been doing a great job. Sometimes mother nature throws you a curve ball. Keep up your great work!

They need to be held in a floating pen for awhile in the river they are wanting them to return to then transport the pen out past the mouth of the rivers at night and realease them to give them a better return

Then people wonder where they went. Hmmmmm

Do they have to pump them into the shallows for a certain reason? If not take em a mile or so off shore where they at least have some deeper water to dive it.

I’m sure I’ve seen them planted with airplanes. That would spread them out. Do they have to be concentrated in rivers so they have a “home” to spawn too?

"Hey Fred, looks like the weather is pushing the fish into that swarm of seagulls, maybe we should wait until another day?" Fred with his hand on the nozzle: "not my problem".

How outdated and undependable are the tankers used to stock fish? It sounds like they need to be followed by a tow truck, repair truck, and an ambulance! Why is it so much more dangerous to stock fish at night. Do the trucks not have working lights? And why is overtime such a big concern. Don’t work all day then work all night as well. Take daylight hours off and start in the evening. And why can’t you spread the process out by using boats or even planes. Do you have to put out a fish “buffet” by only planting at boat launches in shallow water? In all the years that planting has taken place has nothing been learned? I’ve seen historical displays showing fish being transported by train cars in milk cans. I’m assuming methods have improved!

I'm sure the dnr is doing best with what they have. But some pretty solid suggestions here. Just saying for friend,

Waste of our money typical

Do it at night…… DUH !!!!

What a waste lol why didn’t you wait 🤦‍♂️ F for effort

Good try tho 🤷🏼‍♂️………..

Seagull season

We have been dealing with these issues for many years. We put the browns in under the old Ferry boat in deep water. It takes a day or 2 for the gulls and worse the cormorants to find them. When they do its a massacre. We need to be able to shoot these birds, or at the very least shoot blanks or something to scare them off. Its true we have major predation from other fish but we cant do anything about that, we can do something about the birds. We need to bug our senators and congress to get funds alotted to take care of this. Squeaky wheel gets the grease. Make some phone calls.

Mother Nature.

Wow what a bunch of clueless insults in here. It’s obvious none of you have loaded, hauled, or stocked fish before. Once things are in motion, you can’t just park the truck and say oh well, let’s go tomorrow.

The further upstream they plant them, the more that make it. There is zero doubt to this.

you guys are missing the key issue of the problem.the city and the trout bums dont want the fish in the upper river where they would flourish and be better protected so they dump them right at the launch 100ft from the bay where the birds are a waitin.There is a reason salmon and steelhead travel 100s of miles to spawn,it offers better chance for the survival of their offspring but no lets just stock it like we would a farm pond.Genius!

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1 month ago
Buc's Northern Michigan Fishing Report

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Yuk , is right !

Photos from NWMI Fishing Club’s post See MoreSee Less

Image attachmentImage attachment

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lake trout and duck lake?

Photos from NWMI Fishing Club’s post See MoreSee Less

Photos from NWMI Fishing Club’s post See MoreSee Less

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Great job guys


Dan Minzey Jr.