Smelt Fishermen we have Ice

smelt2labelsmallSmelt Fishermen – The Lakes you’ve been waiting for have ICE.
Anglers are reporting catches of smelt on Green Lake.  All reports come from the Karlin Boat Launch with catches throughout the day not just at night.  Music camp side they are catching smelt during the day
Higgins Lake currently has 6 to 8″ of solid ice and permanent shanties are poping up daily.  Want some variety?  The opportunity to catch smelt, white fish, lakers, pike and perch is here. They have been doing good on perch, lakers and pike smelt have not been biting but they are seeing tons of them
Crystal Lake – one to watch!  We weren’t able to ice fish here last year.  We’re told theres fishable ice in town (Beulah) to Rail Road Point.  Popular Lobb Road and Hirdsman Bay are not ready.  Crystal is the last to freeze and the first to go out.
There’s plenty of ice on Lakes Cadillac and Mitchell.  Start your power auger, without one you won’t cut many holes. Snowmobiles, quads and now cars and trucks can be seen on the lakes.